Family Constellation Circle with Liza Martin
£27.14 – £101.48
Family Constellation Circle with Liza Martin

Family Constellation Circle with Liza Martin

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15 Long Lane

London, United Kingdom

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Family Constellations with Liza Martin are back! Last time the event was a huge success and sold out very quickly, so this time we are having a two day event so that more of you have the opportunity to have a constellation done.

Family Constellations is a unique and powerful tool that is recognised by practicing psychologists as one of the easiest and most effective ways to resolve difficult life situations. It allows you to see the situations in your life from the outside, what makes the situation as it is and what are the deep reasons for the existence of the situation. Sometimes, in order to see a situation you need to have a look at the family of your parents and understand the role that you took on yourself as a kid. At other times, an unresolved past relationship is stopping you from creating a new relationship. Sometimes an inability to consistently solve your financial problems is tied with a situation that you haven’t resolved in your childhood. Family Constellations can be used to look at and resolve these and many other situations.

Constellation work is a powerful way of reaching a resolution for most types of issues, including:

  • physical Illness
  • depression
  • anger management issues
  • anxiety
  • couples relationship issues 
  • bereavement and Loss
  • trauma symptoms
  • behavioral problems
  • addiction (alcohol, smoking, overeating)
  • creative blocks
  • stuckness and feelings of powerlessness 
  • problems with money

If you present a situation:

You will work with Liza to put together the Constellation of your situation using representatives and Liza will work with you and guide you to find a deeper understanding of the problem as well as what is required for the resolution. You will be present for the entire day and may be called on as a representitive for someone else's constellation.

As a representitive:

You will be part of the Circle and might get called upon to represent in the Constellation for the problem presented. Often times as a representitive you will be put in a place that you are in in your own life so you get the benefit of being able to work through some of your own issues. You also get to help other people see to the core of their problems in life. It is a powerful expereince that allows you to connect deeply with other human beings and with yourself. You will be present for the entire day and may be called to represent in multiple constellations. If during the workshop you find that you have a situation that you would like to present and if there is space, we will be able to accommodate that. 

The event will be held across two days, Saturday and Sunday. 
The event will run from 10.00am to 19.00pm on both days and there will be breaks for tea and coffee, as well as a larger break for lunch. There are a lot of places for food around the venue and there is a kitchen in the venue if you want to bring you own lunch equipped with a microwave and a fridge. 

We have space for 7-8 constellations on each day. Please book your tickets in advance as there are very limited spaces. 

About Liza:

Family Constellation and Trauma Healing Therapist

The past 20 years of my life were dedicated to learning from some of the most extraordinary teachers and luminaries from all over the world. All those experiences and all that I have received from them , has become the resource that I tap into when working with my clients. I am trained in Family Constellation, Trauma healing ( Somatic experiencing ), Gestalt Therapy, Tantra, Breath and Body work. As a specialist in many healing methods, I can help you to find the most optimum path in addressing the difficult life situations you face. Let my experience help you to face and overcome those challenges. I lived for 2 years in India in Osho commune and am a certified Osho meditations therapist. In addition to that, I have completed the following: - Shiatsu training for three years at the O.D.H.A. School in Italy: - Ito Thermie Healing Art in Japan with Master Kohroghi-san; - Family Constellation training with S. Libermeister, the world renewed author of "Roots of Love" and "Zen Counselling”; - Tantra teacher`s training with Homa and Mukto; - Neo-reichian breath training with A. Dilon.

You can learn more about Liza and her work on her personal website.



What can I expect if I come to have a constellation done?

During the day Liza will call you to present your issue. You will then have to choose representatives that will be placed in constellation. Liza will work with you and the constellation to help you resolve your issue.

What can I expect if I come as a representative?

You will be present when Liza works with other people on their constellation and you may be called upon to represent in a constellation that Liza is working with. Often times when you are called upon to represent you will be placed in a situation that you are currently experiencing in your life.

I am not sure if I have a situation to present, is there room to decide on the day?

Come along as a representative to either of the days. See if the process works for you. If during the day you decide to present an issue and there is time, we can take on your situtation. You will just have to pay the difference on the day.

I don't know anything about this process. Can I still come?

Absolutely! Liza will explain what both the representives have to do and what the person having their constellation done needs to do on the day. No experience neccessary. 

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

The closest station are Barbican and Farringdon.

You can pre-book a parking space nearby from here - 

Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?

For any questions contact Karina Margole on :

  • 07717693425


What is the refund policy?

We will do a full refund if it is requested up to a week before the first day of the workshop


The name on the registration/ticket doesn't match the attendee. Is that okay?

It is ok, as long as you let Karina Margole know in advance by using any of the contact methods above


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Date and Time


15 Long Lane

London, United Kingdom

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