Family Healing: Father Healing

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Columbia Hotel

95-99 Lancaster Gate


W2 3NS

United Kingdom

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Our early years are some of the most informative where energies, belief patterns, emotional impact and wounds are created and seated in our energetic systems. In this series we will look at these energies and use powerful tools to clear these old systems and create healthy containers for new and enlightened experiences.

In this workshop, we will be looking at the influences of the father energy and create strong and healthy masculine energy in your systems based on the fatherly presence.

This is the first of a five part series where we explore and heal the core wounds that were formed in our childhoods using powerful healing techniques and energy transmission.

Whether you have had a fatherly figure in your life or not, the intention of this workshop is to is to heal any energy or wounds related to the quality or lack of fatherly energies in our lives


The father wound is centred around those masculine presences in our lives that we have looked up to hold us and protect us. They are our teachers in life and have shown us how to behave, laugh, play, create and look after ourselves. It is important for all of us both male and female to have a masculine fatherly presence in our lives, especially in our informative years.

There are times in our lives either short periods or long absences where our father figures have either not been present or not present enough to give us the tools and experiences we asked for. This is rarely done intentionally and the people in our lives are simply living out their own karmic wounds and emotional blocks, however we are left with core wounds where the father experience we lacked cause a ripple affect going right through to our adult lives.

You may have grown up with your birth father, a step father, foster father or any combination of the father energy in your life. Maybe you had a single mother in your childhood years who substituted that father energy as much as she could or never had that energy come to you at all. However this manifested in your life, certain energy patterns and belief systems will be installed in your own energy systems which may still be with you today. In this space we will look at where these patterns are and assist you in clearing them to resonate to your adult experience.


We have all been raised in different environments, a mixture of adults, peers and youngsters.

Our interactions, observations, conscious and unconscious memories and all other factors at one of our most informative times of our lives have shaped and created the people we are today.

Our brains at these young ages have taken those experiences and created the filters and belief systems we use to this day.

Our emotional systems have taken those experiences and created our emotional response patterns and feeling centres

Our energy systems have taken on sometimes intense energies and stored these energetic occurrences deep within our systems sometimes causing tears and wounds or creating stuck energy patterns.

All of these together have shaped not only the people we are today but also the way our lives have been shaped and constructed around us. Our jobs, where we live, the people we surround ourselves with, possessions hobbies even the names we give our pets have been shaped and created by the environment we’ve grown up in.


We will be using deep energy transmissions and healing light to work on the energetic system. All of the experiences including trauma, emotional conflict, joy and peace we have in our lives are stored in the energy field which then vibrate out to the other non physical centres and eventually the physical world. By starting at the root of our experiential manifestations, we can heal at the start which will slowly and gently bring about new experiences which will in turn heal the other aspects of our physical, and non-physical structures.

In the series, we will be looking at different aspects and manifestations of the family we’ve grown up in and we will be healing the stresses and traumas we’ve held in our energetic and emotional fields


The evening will start with a short talk followed by a sound release with crystal bowls and an hour long guided meditation infused with energy healing and waves of transmission energy. We will finish off with some more healing from the crystal bowls and some integration and grounding exercises including some movement work.

Doors open at 6:30PM and the event will start promptly at 7PM.

Doors will close at 7:30PM as once the energy work starts, we will not be able to admit any more attendees.

You will have a choice of lying down on a yoga mat (limited spaces) or sitting in a chair. If you choose to lie down, you may want to bring something soft for your head to rest on.

Although the room will be heated, some find the temperature can drop during the energy work, you may want to bring some extra socks and a blanket

There will be an element of teaching in the evening and you may want to bring a notebook to take some notes


Refunds are available up to seven days before the start of the event.

Tickets may be tranferred to another event hosted by Himesh up to 24 hours before the event.

After this time, no refunds or transfers are available.

Himesh has developed a structured and grounded spiritual practice which he has a passion to share with the community. He loves talking about how to develop powerful spiritual structures and helping others find their own unique gifts.

Himesh specialises in clearing energetic blocks, emotional trauma and mental obstacles in an all round energetic cleansing therapy. Heís a master of energy flow and intuitively directs energy with a skill developed from a study of both Eastern and Western spiritual practices.

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Date and Time


Columbia Hotel

95-99 Lancaster Gate


W2 3NS

United Kingdom

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