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Columbia Hotel (Viceroy Suite)

95-99 Lancaster Gate


W2 3NS

United Kingdom

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Part 5 - Ancestral Healing

This is the fifth of a five part series where we explore and heal the core wounds that were formed in our childhoods using powerful healing techniques and energy transmission.

Whether or not you have a connection or knowledge of your ancestors, the intention of this workshop is to is to heal any energy or wounds related to the karmic energy and forces of those ancestral energies in our lives

Ancestral Healing


Our Ancestors are those that have come before us. Most of us have very little contact or knowledge of our ancestors but it’s through our ancestors that our energy field, karma, social conditions and even unconscious belief patterns have been shaped, formed and resonate now with us today. Although we have never been in direct touch with our long lines of ancestors, they pass up great amounts of energy and karma which can create wounds and disease in our energetic systems. However, if we work on our own energetic wounds focussing on our karmic wounds from our ancestors, we can not only heal our own energy fields but heal up the line allowing for a resolution for our family lines. Many of us here today are here to heal the family wounds so we can release the ancestral trauma and start create new energy and new ways of being for ourselves.

No matter how much or little we know about our ancestors, the lineage of energy runs strongly through our energy systems and physical DNA. As we grow up, especially in our earlier years, the ancestral energy and karma will form strong energetic connections, wounds and patterns which can cause a ripple effect going right through to our adult lives.

Whatever your connection with your ancestors, certain energy patterns and belief systems will be installed in yourself which may still be with you today.

By healing the energetic wounds and energy patterns in our own energy fields, we can start to assist in healing and releasing the wounds and energy throughout our ancestral line including healing the families you have around you today.


We have all been raised in different environments, a mixture of adults, peers and youngsters.

Our interactions, observations, conscious and unconscious memories and all other factors at one of our most informative times of our lives have shaped and created the people we are today.

Our brains at these young ages have taken those experiences and created the filters and belief systems we use to this day.

Our emotional systems have taken those experiences and created our emotional response patterns and feeling centres

Our energy systems have taken on sometimes intense energies and stored these energetic occurrences deep within our systems sometimes causing tears and wounds or creating stuck energy patterns.

All of these together have shaped not only the people we are today but also the way our lives have been shaped and constructed around us. Our jobs, where we live, the people we surround ourselves with, possessions hobbies even the names we give our pets have been shaped and created by the environment we’ve grown up in.


We will be using deep energy transmissions and healing light to work on the energetic system. All of the experiences including trauma, emotional conflict, joy and peace we have in our lives are stored in the energy field which then vibrate out to the other non physical centres and eventually the physical world. By starting at the root of our experiential manifestations, we can heal at the start which will slowly and gently bring about new experiences which will in turn heal the other aspects of our physical, and non-physical structures.

In the series, we will be looking at different aspects and manifestations of the family we’ve grown up in and we will be healing the stresses and traumas we’ve held in our energetic and emotional fields

Event Outline

The evening will start with a short talk followed by a sound release with crystal bowls and an hour long guided meditation infused with energy healing and waves of transmission energy. We will finish off with some more healing from the crystal bowls and some integration and grounding exercises.

Doors open at 6:30PM and the event will start promptly at 7PM, if you are late, you will miss some of the event.

Doors will close at 7:30PM as once the energy work starts, we will not be able to admit any more attendees.

You will have a choice of lying down on a yoga mat or sitting in a chair. If you choose to lie down, you may want to bring something soft for your head to rest on.

Although the room will be heated, some find the temperature can drop during the energy work, you may want to bring some extra socks and a blanket

There will be an element of teaching in the evening and you may want to bring a notebook to take some notes

Multiple Event Bookings

These events have been designed as a set with each separate event complementing the others. However, none of the individual events rely on another in the set for you to take benefit from the healing. This means you can either book an individual event or multiple events depending on your own schedule.

We have provided an opportunity to book all five events as one set, this is a powerful way to treat this work as you are setting an intention and energy to start a deep healing process. Please contact us at enquiries@lcspirituality.org.uk if you want to book all five sessions as a set.


The full price for this workshop is £35

There are other options available if you book online in advance

Early bird tickets are £25 and will be on sale until Thursday 4th May

Online tickets are £30 and will be available right up until the event starts

A full workshop booking to attend all workshops is £125 and will be available until 20th March

Workshops in this Series

Father Healing - 21st March 2017

The father wound is centred around those masculine presences in our lives that we have looked up to hold us and protect us. They are our teachers in life and have shown us how to behave, laugh, play, create and look after ourselves. It is important for all of us both male and female to have a masculine fatherly presence in our lives, especially in our informative years

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Mother Healing - 5th April 2017

The mother wound is where we have those feminine presences in our lives that we have looked to comfort us, nurture us, and keep us comfortable. They are the teachers of the natural order of things and help us connect to the natural way of life as well as connect us to our inner emotions.

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Sibling Healing - 19th April 2017

When we look at the sibling relationships, we are looking at the energies around companionship, camaraderie, competition and acceptance. Whether older than us or younger, these are our initial peers in life and we pick up a lot of social, karmic and emotional charge from our sibling bonds.

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Grandparent Healing - 3rd May 2017

Our Grandparent connections and energies centre around the feelings of unconditional love, openness, joy and spiritual growth. When we have had interactions with our grandparents, they have been able to foster within us such energies and have shown us how to be carefree and can show us a close representation of the force of love.

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Ancestral Healing - 17th May 2017

Our Ancestors are those that have come before us. Most of us have very little contact or knowledge of our ancestors but it’s through our ancestors that our energy field, karma, social conditions and even unconscious belief patterns have been shaped, formed and resonate now with us today.

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To book the entire series, please email enquiries@lcspirituality.org.uk for full details on how to register and pay

Your Host


Himesh has developed a structured and grounded spiritual practice which he has a passion to share with the community. He loves talking about how to develop powerful spiritual structures and helping others find their own unique gifts.

Himesh specialises in clearing energetic blocks, emotional trauma and mental obstacles in an all round energetic cleansing therapy. He’s a master of energy flow and intuitively directs energy with a skill developed from a study of both Eastern and Western spiritual practices.

Himesh is a senior manager at the London College of Spirituality orchestrating content, structure and energy for the service and enlightenment of mankind.

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Date and Time


Columbia Hotel (Viceroy Suite)

95-99 Lancaster Gate


W2 3NS

United Kingdom

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