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Fashion Portrait Or Nude Photography 1-2-1 Training Workshop Master Classes

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Chateau De Clerac

11 Route des Châteaux

17270 Clérac


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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event

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1-2-1 fashion portrait or nude photography training workshops and master classes

So, you have attended just about every fashion, portraits and nudes photography workshop and course that you can find but you still have not found out how to achieve that magic x factor into your images.

It is time to give your fashion, portrait or nudes photography a step up by taking a 1-2-1 fashion or nudes (or a combination of both) photography training workshop and learn the secrets that other photography tutors either can not or do not teach you.

During Bruce's fashion, portrait and nudes photography training workshops, courses and master classes you will learn more than you could possibly imagine in just a few days.

Availability for one 2 one fashion or nudes photography workshops dates

If the dates in the drop down menu do not suite your availability, please send us a message to b.s@mac.com so we can arrange dates that suite you better.

Teaching photography to children in Africa project

Bruce is very much involved in teaching photography to children who would never normally have the opportunity to learn from a professional with his extensive experience.

A percentage of the tuition fees element of what you pay will be donated to Bruce's next trip teaching of under priviledged children photography in Africa.

Fashion portrait and nudes photography lighting and shooting tips and techniques

Read a past 1-2-1 fashion portrait and nudes photography workshop students review

I could have bought all the fashion, portraiture and figure photography books on Amazon, and not learned what I did in a few days with Bruce, which he himself learned from decades of successful work in the industry. In September 2015 I joined Bruce in a chateau near Bordeaux, France for a four-day, one-to-one workshop in ‘sensual fashion.

We had two models, an excellent hair and make-up artist, and a photogenic, characterful location. By the end, without doubt, the course had left an indelible mark on my stylistic development and competency as a photographer, for which I’m very grateful.

Bruce is obviously an accomplished photographer and renowned authority, but he is also an excellent instructor and personable coach—an invaluable combination. Much of what I learned from him was through his selflessly attentive coaching: unique feedback about how I performed in the situations he’d set up with the models, location and brief.

Irreplaceable and empowering, he broke down technical issues in straightforward language, and could immediately see and explain what I was doing and how it could be improved.

I grew a lot as a photographer over just a few days. By the end, he shadowed me on shots that I set up. I decided to take the course with Bruce to explore a part of photography I was interested in, but found very inaccessible looking at the sector from the outside.

Previously, I had started to professionalize my passion for photography, and eventually produced documentary photo essays that were later published.

As a journalistic style, this focused on observation and visual documentation of a social issue but wanting to develop in a different area of photography, to have beautiful images and to eventually become commercially viable, I looked to begin developing in fashion and figure photography.

However, my previous documentary photography skills were mismatched for fashion and figure. Any photographer can take a pleasing photo of a model, but it requires difficult development to much higher levels if you want to break through in the industry.

To generate and capture the life and story of a shot in fashion, lingerie or figure photography, which makes all the difference between strong but mediocre shots and first rate shots which the industry expects, demands different skills from which most photographers have or think about, which are neither innate nor obvious.

So, I wanted to learn directly from an expert. Bruce Smith was my first choice of expert to learn from.


Tailoring your 1-2-1 photography workshop so you achieve your photography objectives

When you have booked your 1-2-1 fashion, portraiture or nudes photography tickets Bruce will get in touch to talk through your objectives for your fashion and or nudes photography training objectives.

If you wish to speak to Bruce about your objectives before you book please message Bruce directly from his wibesite contact page.

The location for your 1-2-1 photography training workshop

Image below is the stunning Chateau De Clerac where your 1-2-1 fashion, portrait or nudes photography training workshop will take place.

Getting there by plane or by train

There are some very good flight and train connections to Bordeaux from most major european cities, we can arrange pick up and drop offs for you.

The new TGV fast trains from Paris to Bordeaux takes c 2 hours and 15 minutes, so if your looking for a lovely train ride you can connect from London using the Euro Star to Paris and jump the fast train here and we will be delighted to pick you up.

Bringing an extra photographer with you on your 1-2-1 photography training workshop to share the cost

If you wish you can share the costs of your 1-2-1 photography training workshop fees by bringing an extra photographer with you.

The fee is to cover the tuition of a second photographer and their full board accommodation either sharing with you in single beds or in a single bedroom. You can divide the total fees together and split them between you.

Bringing a non shooting friend or partner with you to stay at the Chateau

You are welcome to bring your partner or your friend to stay at the chateau with you either in a room of their own or sharing with you.

The fee is to cover your friend or partners full board accommodation sharing a room with you or in a separate single room. You will see the bringing extra people with you ticket options when you begin selecting your tickets.

What photography training fees and non shooting persons costs include

Included in the fees for photography training shooting days and non shooting days fees are: pick up and drop off at Bordeaux airport or railway station or a station near the chateau, St Yzan or Coutras, tuition with Bruce Smith fees, fashion styling fees, hair and make up fees, model fees, accommodation fullboard at the chateau with home and local produced fresh foods and wine, the chateau as the location for the tuition days.

Accommodation is in shared single beds bedroom if your bringing a close friend or another same sex photographer. Accommodation in a private bedroom is subject to availability and may incure an extra cost of £50 per night per person to cover staying in a private room.

If you are sharing with another photographer, add the day 1 fee, the extra shoot days fees and the pre/post production fees together and divide by 2 for the shared 1-2-1 training fee totals per photographer.

The non shooting partner or friend accommodation costs cover pick up and drop off as above at the same time, fullboard accommodation as above in a shared single beds bedroom, a private room can be arranged as per above, the full use of the facilities of the chateau such as swimming pool, tennis courts, table tennis, recreation studio for sports/yoga etc, if not being used for photography training. Plus use of the 10 hectas of grounds including a beautiful lake and forrest.

Booking your 1-2-1 fashion, portraiture and or nudes photography training workshop

Step 1: Click "SELECT A DATE" choose the closest date you wish your 1-2-1 to begin.

This is just an optional start date, you can begin your 1-2-1 photography training on any day before or following the date depending upon the number of days that you wish to book and any bookings that are on either side of your chosen dates. Please message Bruce at b.s@mac.com if you are not 100% clear about this.

Step 2: Click "TICKETS"

Step 3: A box opens showing you the various ticket options to buy:

Re Early Bird discount codes: Place the relevant discount code in the discount code box, it will tell you if the code has expired, in which case book for a different date or use another lesser discount code, see below.

1-2-1..... first shoot day (select 1 day) fee for day 1 £1,375.00

The first days ticket includes expenses for the creative teams travel to Clerac hence the diferrence in price.

1-2-1.......extra shoot days (select 1 to 3 days) fee for each extra shoot day £999.00

1-2-1.......pre and post production days (select 1 to 2 days) fee for each pre or post production day £525

1-2-1.......bringing an extra photographer (select the total number of training days) fee for each day for a second photographer £525

1-2-1.......bringing a none shooting parther or friend with you.(select the total number of staying days) fee for each staying day for none shooting partner/friend £125.00

Step 4: Click "Order Now" this will take you to a paypal payment page, follow the instructions to pay securely online.

You are more or less done, Bruce will get back to you to go over your order and to talk through your 1-2-1 photography training objectives.

Use the following discount codes for "Early Bird" fashion or nudes 1-2-1 photography workshop bookings.

Enter this code EB-20 when booking 90 or more days before the workshop start date, it automatically gives you 20% off.

Enter this code EB-15 when booking 60 or more days before the workshop start date, it automatically gives you 15% off.

Enter this code EB-10when booking 30 or more days before the workshop start date, it automatically gives you 10% off.

If the code you use does not work it meas the expiry date has past, you will need to book a different date to qualify for the relevent discount or use one of the other discount codes that are still current.

Any problems please message fashion, portrait and fine art nudes photographer Bruce Smith at b.s@mac.com

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Chateau De Clerac

11 Route des Châteaux

17270 Clérac


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Refunds up to 30 days before event

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