Finding the Lemurian Temple within: A journey to the centre of YOU

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Transend Therapies

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Finding the Lemurian Temple within: A journey to the centre of you Transformational Workshop

  • A workshop for women wishing to explore and delve into their Priestess/Goddess calling and lineage, whether Lemurian or otherwise.

I remember a time when we came together in our sacred sister circles. I remember a time when we consciously held the light, when we raised the vibration of our beautiful world, when we honoured and served Mother Earth.

And all of us were linked to the consciousness of our planet ...... and the thread of creation flowed through us, it was in our veins and in our DNA.

We were the priestesses of Gaia, the guardians of the animals, plants, crystals and other worldly kingdoms. We were in service to the Divine as we were the geomancers, alchemists and teachers.

We remembered how infinitely perfect we were, our sacredness, our lineage, as we owned our divine feminine energy, we knew how it felt to be aligned.

And our hearts were fully open ....... they blossomed with such fullness, as did our capacity to receive and offer love.

When we carried the essence of the Priestess, when our voice was strong, when we danced freely to the tune of creation …….. when we were the vibration of Lemuria and other ancient times ..... Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and, Avalonia, we knew we were PEACE.

Deep in our hearts we know this is our birthright, our time and reason for exisitng.

Do you remember dear you feel this within your heart?

It is time for the return of the Priestess .......

As we emerge into a new dawn, a new phase of enlightenment, as our energy and frequency begins to rise, and our old patterns and behaviours begin to lift away, we start to see a glimmer of what is..........and what is possible for us.

When we awaken to the possibilities of creation, when we dance to the tune of our heart, when we awaken the part of us that has been sleeping, we begin to remember……... and our Priestess essence begins to emerge.

And within each and every one of us, lies the power to set ourselves free, so we can awaken our priestess inside us.

As she begins to awaken, she begins to breathe, she begins to be…….

As you hear the calling deep within your heart, as you hear the haunting call of Lemuria and and other ancient times, calling you back to your Priestess origins, your time of great sovereignty, a time of peace, when you were free from the shackles of patriarchy and expectation, when you were aligned to your earthly purpose. When you were LOVE.

Are you feeling the shift taking place inside ....... awakening, activating, remembering?

Do you feel it in your heart sister?

Are YOU longing to return to those times again ……in this lifetime? Are YOU longing to connect with your temple, and your Priestess light ....... are YOU longing to connect with yourself?

What if I told you that it is possible for to claim your birth right and what is yours, and that within you lies a beautiful shining temple filled with light of the highest vibration? ........ YOUR Lemurian Priestess temple.

What if I said, that you could once again access your sacred place to embrace YOUR Priestess essence, so that you can embrace YOU.

What would you say?

If I said that we will go on a journey to the centre of YOU, to bring back and activate the parts of your which you thought you had lost, what would you say?

When we create a loving relationship with ourselves, we create a life full of inspiration, creativity and passion, our soul becomes nourished, our life becomes meaningful, we have purpose, we have PEACE.

When we have the courage to be vulnerable, and to step out of our cave, when we can accept that everything happens for a reason, when we trust and allow ourselves to grow…….. miracles begin to happen.

When we honour our temple within, when we live in alignment with our life’s purpose, when we embrace and nurture the part of us which is precious, we become OUR Lemurian Priestess essence and we become FREE.

Let us embark on a beautiful journey together, where you can find the PEACE within so that you can understand and step into your life’s purpose, so that you can understand that nothing in your life has ever been by chance.

YOU ARE a beautiful being of love, who incarnated on this planet many lifetimes ago, so that YOU could bring your gifts to this world.

If YOU know it is time to access your truth,…...then it is time sister.

There has never been a greater time for you to step out, beautiful Priestess and be the LOVE that YOU ARE.

The world needs YOU!

You will come to learn that you already have the answers and knowledge which YOU seek and you will discover how to bring them into this world.

If you are being called to the embrace of “LOVE”…… then you have come home to the temple within.

Never as there been a greater time to deliver this transformational workshop, to help you to ACCESS the knowledge which lives inside you.

For I am here to support you dear sister, as once I was where you are now.

So let us take this journey together........

I will walk with you, as you take the first steps to discovering who you really are, as we access your sacred knowledge, as we will birth a new dawn, a new way of being, a new energy, so you will know what is possible for you in this moment and in your future.

Let us awaken your Priestess essence together, so that you can reclaim your ancient origins, let us journey to the very HEART of you, so you can expand your consciousness through LOVE, let us once again establish your links to Mother Earth so you can understand and live your life’s PURPOSE.

My work is deeply sacred and supportive, offering women an opportunity to experience transformation and healing on many levels so they can show up in their purpose and truth.

Are YOU ready for the call of the Priestess?

Are YOU ready to be FREE and to have PEACE in your heart?

Are YOU ready to realise your PUPOSE?

Are YOU ready to step into your LIGHT and your origins, whatever they may be?

Then it is time dear sister ...................

YOUR transformation

During this workshop you will be part of and held in a loving and supported sister circle, where we will dig deep, connect and align areas of your life, so you can begin your transformational journey.

Know that at every stage you will be fully supported within our sister circle.

Within the day you will learn what it means to step into your priestess essence, to be free to hold the LOVE within your HEART......... to be PEACE.

Through channelled creative activities, guided meditations, ceremonies/rituals, and manifestation we will look at areas of your life to heal, transform and shift.

With the help of Mother Earth we will ground and nourish our energy, and deepen our connection to all that is.

Through the opening of our hearts we will awaken your Lemurian temple within, to emerge the part of you which is LOVE so you can awaken your sacred Priestess.

Investment is £85 to live the life that you have been dreaming

Early bird discount of £75 if booked before Weds 9th Oct.

If you bring a friend there is a further discount of 10%.

Date of workshop: Sat 19th October 2019

Time: 10.00 - 5.00

Where: Transend Therapies, 222a Monton Road, Eccles M30 9LJ

What's included:


A beautiful gift to remind you of your journey

All teachings and channelings in the workshop etc.

What to bring:

  • Your lunch

  • A blanket and cushion should you need it

  • A notebook and pen

  • A smile :)

  • An open mind

  • Willingness to begin your transformational journey

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me through:

Facebook, my Mobile 07968 789290 or Email:

Wishing you abundant blessings, let us embrace our light and unite once again in our sacred sister circle.

Date and Time


Transend Therapies

222a Monton Rd



M30 9LJ

United Kingdom

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