Finding your life purpose as a Highly Sensitive Person

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Grange Wellington Hotel

71 Vincent Square



United Kingdom

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One of our deepest fears is that we may reach the end of our lives having not contributed our true purpose.

As a highly sensitive person these fears can be amplified and if we are living against our charactersitics as an HSP this can make life even harder.

The highly sensitive trait is present in 1 in 5 people all over the world and even in over 100 animal species. It is not something that is learned but a genetic trait we are born with.

A common way to identify the trait is being easily overwhelmed by sensory input or an increased sensitivity to stimulation. For instance a day out in a busy shopping mall or a day sightseeing will frazzle an HSP if there isn’t some down time to follow.

The trait is also known for a greater awareness of subtleties and processing information in a deeper and more reflective way.

If you feel you are highly sensitive and are still yet to identify yourself as having this wonderful trait there is a self test you can take on Elaine Aron’s website: http://hsperson.com

If you are new to identifiying the trait or you have known for many years this workshop will be invaluable for you.

According to Dr Elaine N. Aron one of the primary researchers of the trait, HSP’s are in fact coded to be extremely successful. We are wired to be 'Royal Advisors' which means this can manifest itself in a whole range life purposes for HSP's.

However it is very common for HSP's to struggle with low self esteem and overwhelm. This is often due to the trait being misunderstood and often rejected in our communities.

Much of the difficulty experienced by HSP’s is due to the negative experiences that have been handed down and are by no means innate.

You are not alone and this does not need to be the case!

As an HSP you have a very unique set of skills that are perfect for the life purpose you were intended for. You have a wonderful gift to bring to humanity.

During this workshop you will be re-aligned to your authentic feeling of happiness.

HSP’s respond incredibly well in group environments with other HSP's. Meaning we quickly and almost magically reframe oursevles and previous experieces into a positive light.

Please don't remain alone feeling unfulfilled and stuck as an HSP!

The seemingly impenetrable wall of fear and feeling ineffectual is not real, it has been learned and it can be taken down.

On this workshop you will learn highly effective techniques to work with low self esteem, self criticism and overwhelming thoughts and feelings.

This workshop is a powerful re-alignment with self love, acceptance and authentic personal reality.

It is designed specifically with the needs of the HSP in mind.

What will I come away with?

You will come away feeling so much happier about yourself and your life. You will understand what you need to do to get yourself moving in the direction of what you really want to do.

It is hugely important for you as an HSP not to isolate. You will become a part of a new community of other HSP's in your local area all with the intention of finding a life of purpose again.

What can I expect during the workshop?

We will learn a series of processes designed specifically to help you work with and understand your needs as an HSP. You will take away the tools you need to begin to excel in your field as an HSP.


The workshop begins with an understanding of the context of purpose. How nature has us hardwired to be rewarded when we are living it. What authentic purpose feels like and how we can identify the feeling for ourselves.


The relationship we are having with ourselves as an HSP is essential to living our purpose. This next step is understanding how our trait is key for the particular contribution we are here to bring to the world. It is a powerful experience of positive acceptance to re-frame our self concept.


This vital part of the process affords us an intimate experience of self love. Using techniques to embrace ourselves as a whole and integral being. An enthusing and visceral experience of our true value and self worth as an HSP.


This fun and motivating part of the workshop introduces a wonderfully effective feeling guide to finding our purpose. The feel good game teaches us how to re-learn what our authentic state of happiness feels like and how we can nurture it.


These are a series of techniques to process the difficult feelings and negative thinking typically suffered by the HSP. They are essential tools for working through the blocks and the wall of false self that inhibits us from living our purpose. We also learn how to cope with overwhelm, feeling worn out and 'analysis paralysis'.


This is where we identify our authentic purpose based on a series of identifying factors. It is designed to align us with our unique contribution on a vibrational level. This is a wonderful re-engagement with the most natural part of ourselves.


Following on from the identification of our purpose we then set to work on an action plan to bring it into reality. Or to enhance your current activity to ensure it is as effective as possible. This section will include various methods to ensure the course of action is bespoke to you and your needs.

If this workshop feels like it is resonating with you but you have questions please find contact details below. Otherwise I am so looking forward to meeting you and helping you re-engage with the life you so deserve!

Willow McIntosh


Money back garuantee

If you feel you are in the wrong place when we reach the mid morning break you can leave with a full refund following you within a few days. There will be no need to provide an explanation.


Please arrive at 09.30am for registration.

How can I contact the organiser?

If you have any questions please send an email to love@findingheart or call Willow directly on +44(0)7486 379 543

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Date and Time


Grange Wellington Hotel

71 Vincent Square



United Kingdom

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event

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