Five Mistakes That Are Costing Your Business £1000's

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The Enterprise Park Forres


IV36 2AB

United Kingdom

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Marketing has changed massively in recent years. Indeed, strategies that worked a year or so ago are no longer as effective. If your marketing is based on "we've always done it that way" or "we tried that before and it didn't work" - then this is a MUST attend event. Is "hope" your current strategy?

We're going to share with you FIVE mistakes most businesses are making in their marketing campaigns, mistakes that are costing THOUSANDS in lost sales and missed opportunities.

You'll leave this workshop with the makings of a great plan, the confidence to challenge conventional thinking, and a number of strategies to get you started.

What are these Five Mistakes?

  • Target Market - Too many businesses focus on being a generalist rather than a specialist. Their marketing message is so dilluted that NO ONE hears it. We'll get you thinking TARGET. If your current target market is anyone with a cheque book and a pulse (pulse is optional) then you'll love this.

  • The Message - Once you start thinking target, you'll create the right MESSAGE. There are no "we's and I's" here. This message is all about your customer, NOT what you want or like. Customers do not generally want what you are trying to sell, they want what others have.

  • The Medium Used - This is the bit everyone loves, HOW do you reach out to that target audience? Where do they hang out in their biggest numbers? If your target market is retired couples, then Instagram ain't for you! The focus here will shift to DIGITAL Marketing. The land of magic and mystery where ad spend the size of defence budgets can disappear in days. You'll be guided through that.

  • The Follow Up Process - Over 75% of businesses do not follow up after 2 sales calls. Yet the vast majority of sales are won after the 6th "touch". You're going to get a follow up process that suits your business and improves your conversion rate significantly... if you can park the "we're always done it this way" that is.

  • Customer Service & Referrals - If you don't have a Customer Service score that makes asking for, and receiving, referrals from the vast majority of your customers then you're missing a trick - a trick that's worth £1000's and REDUCES your marketing budget.

  • We said five, and there's more too.

Stuart Mason from ActionCOACH and Paul Harvey from Market That are delivering this fast paced half day workshop that will make sure your Marketing Plan is NAILED.

At the end of the event we'll ask you ONE Question. "Did you get value from today?" - if the answer is NO, we'll refund your ticket price there and then.

Stuart will share with you the simplistic and highly effective "One Page Marketing Plan". You'll receive not only the Planner to use in your business, you'll also receive the book FREE for future reference.

Let's Look At How Marketing Has Changed In Business

1998 Blockbuster Video had 9000 stores across the world, its global value was $4.8billion. In 2000 they were offered Netficks for $50M yet declined. 2002 It declared a $1.3Billion loss. By 2010 declared bankruptcy with just $24million in assets. They saw it coming but did not take it seriously.

The disrupters are everywhere AirB&B, Uber, Netflix to name a few. What's next?

Are you vulnerable? Every business faces challenges in operations and logistics. By far the biggest challenge facing all business is going to be:

Digital disruption and Artificial Intelligence.

Changing Media Channels

Failure To Test and Measure

Reputation Management (Ratings and Reviews)

LACK of Planning and Understanding MARKETING HAS CHANGED

Reliance On Outdated Marketing

The last Yellow Pages were delivered in Brighton on January 19, it represents the end of the physical directory.

The UK ad spend last year was £20.7Billion 60% went to digital media.

Newspapers and magazines are under siege and losing billions to the Tech Giants Google, Facebook, YouTUBE and Amazon. What's next? Who's next?

You cannot fight it, so how are you going to join it? Let's CREATE a Marketing Plan for you.

At this workshop we'll work 1-1 with you or your team - this is 100% participation, and should only be attended by business owners and their team that are serious about growing their business.

Spaces are limited to the first 20 Businesses.

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Date and Time


The Enterprise Park Forres


IV36 2AB

United Kingdom

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