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FLUYE, Movement Journey with Cacao - Awaken the life force & inner joy with...

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Reva Yoga

2 Andrews Road


E8 4QL

United Kingdom

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FLUYE, Movement Journey with Cacao***Awaken the life force & inner joy within

Join us on the last FLUYE of 2017!!

Fluye is back bringing another unique experience for you to express your unique flow enhanced by the amazing live music composed and played by Regina Martin and Adam Skinner.

Let this be an immersive journey to awaken the life force and the inner joy that lives within, which is accesible to all while being in the flow state.

Movement is a powerful practice that rebalances the energies, emotions and thoughts, leaving you in an uplifting state of clarity for life lessons to be integrated for personal growth. Take this oportunity to connect to your heart and your own body's inner wisom to get in touch with those feelings and emotions that brings inspiration and motivation into your life.

The session starts with a warming up sequence based on the syncronisation of breath with spinal flow, stretches and sound to unblock and activate our energy points and to awaken every part of our bodies, paving the way for an intuitive movement journey.

Fluye as an active movement meditation, combines powerful elements for activating the life force within:


Spinal flow

Intuitive Stretch

Vocal Sound

Flow movement

Shamanic Shake

Sound journey relaxation


Regina was initiated by the Bri Bri tribe in Costa Rica in their ancient knowledge of Cacao as the Amazonian plant medicine. Better known as the plant of love or food of the Gods, this subtle yet powerful plant works on releasing stress, fears and emotional blockages, opening the heart and bringing you into a space of total freedom for your self-creative expression to be released.

Cacao will also provide you with a pure source of energy that will enhance your experience in a natural way. It will give strength to your body, lightness to your movements and beauty to your expression.

Ceremonially it's used as a way for the group to bond and also to set up the intention that you want to work on during the evening.

What to bring:

Comfortable clothing, dress up or down as you feel



Limited spaces, kindly book your space.


£20 + eventbrite fees

£30 at the door


Regina Martin

Regina is a multi-disciplinary artist who weaves her drumming, singing and dancing to create experiences for people to come together and reach high states of consciousness. This space is designed for transformation to take place, bringing joyful feelings of inspiration and motivation into our daily life.

She's trained in West African traditional drumming and dancing, Afro-American rhythms and dancing and she blends songs from all around the world. Regina brings her percussion, songs and dance to medicine and Kirtan singing circles and plays in concerts along conscious musicians.

She created the concept for FLUYE as a result of her passion for dancing and using this as part of her active meditation. FLUYE was born in the nest of her own home after years of personal practice until it was ready to be shared as a way to bring the transforming power of movement into your daily urban life style. She also composes and plays the music for Fluye with the help of talented composer and producer, Adam Skinner. The music played in each journey is a partially improvised, long evolving piece, which brings you into a state of semi-trance to tap into other states of consciousness. For Regina the music plays an essential part in the unfolding of the journey, which made her decide to create it herself to bring the desired uplifting feeling into the space.

She runs weekly Drumming & Chanting Journeys in the heart of the ancient woodland of Queen's Wood in Highagate. A deep meditation through the grounding power of the drums and the uplifting effect of the chants.

'Monkey' Adam Skinner

Is a multi-disciplinary artist with a passion for music, movement and visual arts.

He will bring the music for the journey to take place woven with Regina's playing. He might also jump on the dance floor for a good "monkey dance" should the moment arise ;)

After graduating from Sir Paul McCartney's Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, Adam's early musical career involved touring and recording with various artists as a session drummer, providing the groove for an eclectic mix of styles ranging from Dixieland jazz to heavy electro rock, playing venues from intimate smokey jazz bars to colossal international arenas.

In 2006, Adam, along with his brother Dan, formed the award winning music composition team "SkinnerBrosMusic" who have since gone on to score many high profile productions throughout the film, tv and moving image world.

Adam's movement background stems back to an early fascination with Chinese martial arts inspired by the films and philosophies of Bruce Lee and the energy and agility of Jackie Chan. This journey led him to study Shaolin Kung Fu, Southern Hung Gar, Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Krav Maga and western boxing, particularly focusing on the grace and flow of each style until ultimately happening upon the art of Freerunning/Parkour. Adam currently trains and assists with his close friend Sebastien Foucan, the founder and pioneer of Freerunning and jumps around in trees and undergrowth with his friend and Natural Movement expert Ben Medder.

When he’s not making noise or jumping on things, Adam also enjoys capturing fragments of life through the lens of his camera.


"Many thanks for creating such an open, comfortable and relaxing environment.
If I'm honest, I wasn't sure what to expect at all and this made me slightly apprehensive and nervous before the session began. However, I wanted to be brave and try something new. I think the way the movement was slowly introduced and guided at the beginning helped me to relax and feel at ease in the beautiful surroundings. I enjoyed being able to move my body in any way I wished and explore movement you wouldn't normally explore on your own or in a yoga-type class.
I enjoyed the way the movement built up to the music, slowed down and built up again. This felt like we were all on the same journey together.
After the workshop I came away feeling calm and very content. This feeling stayed with me over the weekend and this week"
Lara Havelock, London

"I had a beautiful time at Fluye last Friday. It was pure magic to move my body so freely in such a warm and inviting space.
Your energy and the energy of everyone in the room was very comforting and inspiring. I've been going through quite an emotional time in my life recently, lots of big shifts and changes and for those three hours my worries fell away and I lost myself in the music and rhythm.
Thank you so much and I very much look forward to the next one"
Natasha Havelock, London

"Thank you for a wonderful evening of music and movement in such a beautiful space!
It was a very powerful experience for me. In the beginning I felt my body very stiff (I was dealing with huge back pain and a stiff neck) so I was trying to let go into the flow through this place of limitation. After the dance I felt much better, the body released tension, I found home within and felt calm and joyful. The next day things went much deeper. By the end of the day it was as if I had completely disappeared... In the evening I wrote a text, this is a little quote of it:

"today I disappear completely, ashes of me, in a corner of a room. perhaps to be reborn tomorrow, like the Phoenix. Forgetting who I am, forgetting dreams, expectations and memories, embracing the chaos. perhaps there is a secret order in all the disorder around and within.
And one day the dancer will become the dance and will heal the trees and the land, the flow of nature will be restaured and the tired minds will find peace."

I am in a soul journey and possibly in a transition to a next step, so it was a great way to honour this as a rite of passage, let go of old energies and prepare for new beginning"
Claudia Tomaz, London

"Fluye was my first experience with this kind of concept, so I have nothing really to compare it to. But I can say I very much enjoyed it.
I think the house/atmoshpere really added to the experience. I believe when you are in dance studio's, because of their association with cutting edge competitive energy that somewhat characterises the world of dance, it can hinder, close or block some outlets for expression in some people. Or perhaps even bring up insecurities. So I definitely feel like the environment plays a big part in the experience, and definitely something to consider. That space was really appropriate.
The live music of course, was also a huge contribution. I thought it was amazing.
The whole experience felt liberating, as well as fun. I found It's also a great tool to find area's of the body or the mind that might be blocked. So it's a constant learning experience."
Farid Herrera, London

Date and Time


Reva Yoga

2 Andrews Road


E8 4QL

United Kingdom

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