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#FoodBankChallenge is back for 2019! Can you survive on an emergency food parcel for five days?

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The #FoodBankChallenge is back! Take part with us…

We have seen a huge increase in demand for our Food Bank in recent years due to rising poverty levels across the country. In the part of London where Sufra is based, a shocking 47% of children now live in poverty.

Last year, we distributed emergency food aid to 9,542 recipients experiencing extreme financial difficulties. Our food parcels provide a life-line during a time of crisis by helping to alleviate hunger – but living on basic food items for a week is not easy.

Do you have what it takes to survive on an emergency food parcel for 5 days? Do your colleagues, friends and family think that you would be able to do it?

Why don’t you find out by taking Sufra’s Food Bank Challenge and raise sponsorship from friends and family to help feed vulnerable people in urgent need of food and basic toiletries?!

The #FoodBankChallange will run during from 4 Nov to 8 Nov 2019, but you can participate earlier or later if it is more convenient. We will provide all the information and support you need to take the challenge – we can even buy you the food!

How to take part:

1. Sign up here!

2. Choose to purchase your food items from the list below,or request a packed food parcel to be delivered to you.

3. Set up an online fundraising page at by clicking on “Start Fundraising”, followed by “Personal Challenge”. Then, complete the details of your challenge and select Sufra NW London as your fundraising charity. (Just give us a call if you need assistance)

4. Promote your challenge online and to everyone in your network.

5. Survive on a food parcel for 5 days using only the ingredients in your parcel!

Oh and remember! Don’t forget you only have ONE toilet roll and ONE bar of soap for all your washing needs!

Tips on promoting your experience:

1. Keep a diary or pictures of your meals and share them with us to post on our social media channels with your fundraising link.

2. Post updates on your social media accounts and use the hashtag #FoodBankChallenge and tag @SufraNWLondon on your posts so we can share it with our network to increase your sponsorship.

We recommend:

1. Taking a picture or video once you receive your parcel.

2. Recording a few of your meals throughout the week and the recipes you’ve used.

3. Sharing your views of the experience once you’ve completed the challenge.

4. Let us know: How did you feel at the end of your experience? Did it change the way you think about Food Banks or people experiencing food poverty in the UK?

Food Parcel Items:

If you choose to purchase your own items, please see the list and quantity of items below which our food parcel contains. In addition to these items you’re allowed to choose 5 individual pieces of fruit or vegetables of your choice and any dried seasoning that you already have in your cupboard. Anything extra and you’d be cheating!

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