'Food Freedom' Online Group Coaching with My Body Positive

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The 'My Body Positive Online group coaching course' will help you:

  • Understand why you have 'failed' at dieting (clue: you haven't!)
  • Stop feeling guilty around food and obsessing over your food choices
  • Learn to eat in a way that nourishes your body, using hunger and fullness cues as your guide
  • Find balance, peace and enjoyment around food
  • Change your mindset around exercise from one focused on calorie burning to feeling good
  • Become more accepting of your body
  • Feel "like a weight has been lifted" from your shoulders

This is honestly what my clients say!

And it's how I felt too, when I started to work on my thought processes around food/weight.
This is how it works:

  • 8 pre-recorded modules delivered week by week via my secret Facebook group...giving you the content and the strategies to shift your mindset....and it's powerful stuff!
  • A weekly accompanying worksheet so you can do the work whilst watching the video (and afterwards too)
  • A weekly Facebook live session open to course participants (only) where you can share discoveries, make connections and ask questions. This will be recorded and posted in the online Facebook group for those that can't attend live.
  • An exclusive, 'secret' Facebook group where you will get more or less, daily access to me and your fellow participants.
  • I always strive for as personal an experience as possible, so I will be there with you as much as I can. I know that a lot of the learning comes from sharing experiences so this is a definite focus
  • Option to carry on working with me 121 if you'd like to after the end of the 8 weeks.

The first online video will be published on Monday 14th January 2019 and the facebook live later in the week.
We run for 8 weeks with a week off for half term week (commencing 18th February).

This is what the current ONLINE participants are saying:

"Wow! Everything you say makes perfect sense. I've had so many AHA moments watching the videos and doing the journalling...I especially like the idea that we enjoy food so much more when we are hungry, as I hadn't thought about it like that before!" Francesca, Bristol.

"This has been a very enlightening journey on learning how to be gentler and kinder to myself and learn skills in how to eat intuitively....I already feel freer and lighter within myself." Claire, Co Down, Northern Ireland.

"I have a much greater understanding of how I am using food to meet needs that it was never designed to meet. I am in a much better place to start meeting these needs properly and let food be food." Kelly, Bristol.

"Understanding how and why food has been a "problem' in my life has been incredibly eye opening.....It's time to feel good about food and more importantly about myself." Rhona, Bristol

"After all these years, I am finding peace with my appearance, feeling far more confident. At last! Thank you Lisa." Jenny, Lytham St Annes, Lancashire.

Date and Time

Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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