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Forgiving others: Taking the journey towards peace and freedom

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'I'd already lived most of my life with hatred for my dad. I didn't want it anymore. Forgiving him was such a big release. I'll never forget what he did-but forgiving has brought me peace inside.' Natalia Aggiano.

Part of our human experience involves being hurt by other's words and actions.

As we go through life we learn how to manage our experiences, but sometimes we become stuck: Burdened by the pain of what has happened, weighed down with anger and bitterness, feeling victimised and tied to the past and unable to move forward.

Many undertake a forgiveness journey when carrying the weight and pain of the past becomes too heavy to bear.

Many undertake the journey alone, navigating the territory without a map, and oftentimes without support.

'Forgiving others: Taking the journey towards peace and freedom' is a truly unusual and unique invitation to travel with a small group of courageous others into the territory of forgiveness.

It runs over eight evening sessions, and ends with one full day session together. Each week we will cover a different theme linked to forgiveness. The sessions will be a mix of discussion, hearing and learning from 'inspirational others' who have undertaken the journey into forgiveness, creative activities, reflection, and practical tools that support the forgiveness journey.

What is your approach to forgiveness?

For many people forgiveness holds religious connotations. This group / forgiveness approach does not follow a religious format. People with no faith, and people of faith are welcome. The approach to forgiveness comes from a peace perspective. The course facilitator comes from a psychotherapeutic background and began researching forgiveness in 2008, when studying international conflict resolution. Intrigued by the lack of interest into the psychology of why people took violent action, or how people heal after violence, she began studying people who had experienced some of the most terrible things in life, and began mapping the journey of how they moved from a place of rage, pain, and a sense of victimhood, through to healing,empowerment and release of anger and resentment.

What are the dates for the group?:

Tuesday January 29 6.45-9 p.m Introduction evening.

Tuesdays February 5,12,26, March 5 12 19, 26 all 6.45-9 p.m

Saturday 6th of April 10-4.30p.m

Is this group right for me?

This shared group is for you if you want to experience the journey of forgiving others in a structured, facilitated and held environment, being supported by, and giving support to others. The tools and experience may be applied to your personal, and professional life.

How do I join the group?

If you are interested in joining the group please firstly chose the free expression of interest ticket option or email me at helen@helentanner.com. I will then e-mail you a brief application form. We will then have a chat to make sure the group is right for you at this time. If it is, you can go ahead and purchase a ticket for the group-which costs £250 earlybird or £285 standard fee.

Do you have any other forgiveness events I could come to?

Before attending the group you come to either the talk: 'Forgiveness is Fierce' or the one day workshop called: 'Exploring Forgiveness'. These will help to give you the background and context to the approach of forgiveness followed in the group. Dates for these can be found on the website: www.helentanner.com/events/

Where is the group being held?

The group sessions will take place in Truro. Details will be shared in due course.

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