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ForU World Networking: London Blackfriars

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Rudds Bar

148 Queen Victoria Street



United Kingdom

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At ForU World your success is our success. We have built a pioneering loyalty and reward based community that rewards you financially for what you do naturally. Simply attend one of our groups and enjoy the company of like minded people and participate in activities that you love.

For more details read below or come along and join us!

ForU World has been set up for you to stay in touch with friends and business associates you have met in your life that you'd like to stay in touch with and build relationships with either friendship or business but don't always have the time or life gets in the way.

You are designed to connect, and find fulfillment in your life. The world has never been more connected electronically than it is today. Yet, it appears that we are not always feeling as connected as we would like to be.

ForU World is a community who connect and help each other. We meet each other regularly with the intention to be present in each other’s company (yes, we turn our phones off for an hour!), with the objective to connect, and work out how we can best help each other. When you surround yourself with the people who you feel the most affinity, you can effortlessly and more happily enjoy a more meaningful and fulfilling life. With fun as our focus, we learn to enjoy each other’s company, and enrich the quality of the lives of those around us. Form there we arrange to do things together that we love.

We are here to connect people together emotionally, and financially rewarding those who help each other for the good and well-being of all. In life we all meet a lot of people who could potentially be friends, yet life sends us on our separate paths and we never get to explore how we can stay in touch and nurture these relationships. When you help others and that helps you, it is possible to be happier, and make sense of life’s chaos in the other areas of our lives. Add meaningful connection and fun to the mix and you have ForU World.

Whether you are looking for more business, more friendships, or more fun; we provide the surroundings and people to make it happen. If you’re ready to expand your business or social networks in a fun way, there is a place ForU with us. We invite you to do the things that you love, with the people you like, and earn money doing it.

Cost of attendance free for first time guests. From then on we operate a monthly or annual membership or a drop in charge for non members who have visited previously.

Please note, that by attending this event you are agreeing to the terms below. Please read through these carefully!

First time visitors: Free

Monthly Membership: £30 per month

Annual Membership: £300

Non members £20 per visit

Every person that you invite that becomes a member we will pay you £5 per month for the duration of their membership.

This group is for individuals to meet others who provide a reward-based sales force, and a network of friends. Adding the right work-life balance and building quality relationships is our aim.

To summarise what this group is and how it can work for you:

You will get to meet good people in business in a relaxed and alternative way

We run weekly networking meetings every week in various locations.

Reduced bar rate 1 hour before and 30 mins after the event at some venues.

There is no obligation to attend every week, simply register when you can come

Register and attend any group for no extra cost

There is always an option to stay on after and get to know the members better

Most people offer a commission to other group members for referrals that end in sales

There is a suggested minimum of 10% commission of the profit you make from any business referred, though you are welcome to offer more (unless agreed otherwise in advance!) This is for the lifetime of the introduction

10% of all commissions are payable to ForU World

We organise networking meetings, social activities and training events

It is based on trust and working with people we like

Mixing business with fun is our focus

Phones on silent and put away during the meeting. If you are expecting an important call, please do not attend. We expect you to be present!

Please turn up in time to get yourself a drink before we begin.

Have fun!

We look forward to seeing you there.

All the very best,

The ForU World Team

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Date and Time


Rudds Bar

148 Queen Victoria Street



United Kingdom

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