FREE Digital Marketing Training For Black Businesses To Get Profits Online

FREE Digital Marketing Training For Black Businesses To Get Profits Online

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Empowering Black/African online businesses to thrive with digital marketing

About this event

Do you own a black business?

Or are looking to start one?But is struggling to reach your target consumer?

Or even worse, not making any sales?

Well look no further!We at bmoor believes the Black/African community needs to be equipped with the tools of economic self-sufficiency.

Which is why every week, we will be running FREE digital marketing workshops where you’ll get to…

  • Discover the secret online sales system all successful businesses use REGARDLESS of price, product or size… Allowing your online business to generate profit like clockwork
  • Discover the easiest way to know if a market is red hot, or not? … BEFORE you even set up your website or build out your product/service
  • [IMPORTANT] - How to get people who’ve ALREADY shown interest in your product/service, and drive them to your website… Allowing you to generate sales almost immediately! (98% of online success is down to this one point ALONE)
  • How to skilfully scale out performance so you can increase profits multiple times over• Discover the bulletproof pricing strategy which allows you to drive BIG profits over a small volume of sales
  • Avoid the deadly mistake 97% of people make before they even start a business… So you don’t lose ALL your money and have to start over
  • Leave understanding what “positioning” is… and how it allows you to eliminate 95% of the competition and prevent them from taking your customers
  • Discover the (small) marketing budget you should start off with… So you can reduce risk and give your online business the best opportunity to drive a profit
  • Learn why getting money ISN’T the most important thing when it comes to building an online business… And the “never mentioned” thing which is…
  • Discover the winning structure which all successful and profitable websites follow… And why if you don’t follow it too, your web visitors will leave within 2 seconds of arriving
  • Discover how to make irresistible offers which almost forces your customers to buy
  • Discover the three different types of customer… And the one type you must AVOID at ALL COSTS
  • The secret way of recording every web visitor who lands on your site both LEGALLY & FREE… Allowing you to optimise your site more effectively, and removing all guesswork from what they do once they land

Each session is limited to just 30 people so to make sure you don’t miss out, REGISTER FOR FREE NOW!

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