FREE for ALL Artists and Enthousiasts Art models Auditions

FREE for ALL Artists and Enthousiasts Art models Auditions

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Free for Artists and enthousiasts to Draw and always Free to Life models.

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Life models or those wanting to become Life models have an interest for the Arts and Artists, but their first interest is in Paying their rent and bills. Fashion models can afford Model agencies but when you cannot find work with them, the option is now "Life modeling". Some also decide to volunteer for Arts sake but all need to audition so the they and we know if it can work.

In 2005 we trippled life models wage in London UK and from about 20 of them it grew to 20K in a matter of months, while we were creating Art classes everywhere to save the Art from full to near extinction, like what happened to the Film in Photography. Some life models who saw the situation change who were previously volunteering/helping other models decided to charge all other 20K life models to be allowed to work anywhere in the UK, also charging artists at auditions. Whoever competed or tried to change things ended up in trouble, so it is vital to keep on helping them at no cost to them, globally, so none of that happens again. We'll make it very simple for schools, Artists and unis to find their models with new tricks and ideas to help everyone using common sense.

The sooner we'll find enough Artists who enjoy our other services /classes with silly affordable memberships the quicker we will be able to help thousands of models globally and obviously help millions of Artists globally create their physical and Digital Art. Christmas is around the corner so you might want to check our prices page with a Black Friday deal ending on the 10th of January, no matter where you are.

This class is only for Practice once a week with the risk of only drawing one out of 2 or sometime none at all models as depending on many factors models do change their mind, get scared, find another job, get asked to not do it, etc so in about 40% of audition get cancelled and we then spend a good part of Sunday and Monday trying to find a replacement. To thank us for our efforts you can buy occasional tickets to tutored classes where you may learn or remember something or use the Happy donation button on our Home page to donate £5 to £10.

All donations given during or after this event go 100% to the Life models and split between them unless you say who it is for. Those who do also mean that they'd like to draw him/her again at classes or/and privately online. DOnations at other classes are split 50/50 between the teacher and model, which is rather fair.

The cost for our other classes is one cost for the Live class and about double to receive the class recording but still the same as what others normally charge. So Free to £5 for Portraiture and £5 to £10 for a guided/tutored class on a Sunday. Other non-tutored as well as lectured classes will appear in 2022 but won't be discounted unless you become a Monthly member. We are now also building a database of images you can draw/paint from as a full member...

Ideally in 2022 I'll get help I'll pay for, thanks to our members, so I can like all of you have more time to create stunning Art :)...

Please tell your friends, family, colleagues, employees, your16+ kids, Parents looking for a hobby and those who really need help in their quality of Life. We all need to support each other...

Tony Picano (Fb Creative Friends group), founder of the Life Drawing Network, previously the Life Drawing Society, as seen on TV, Radio, Press, Youtube and anywhere where no one has draw befooore.

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