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Free Tai Chi Lee style daily class

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Free Zoom online Lee style Tai Chi classes, open to everyone Suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced students

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We are offering free Zoom online classes. Yes, the classes are free of charge. If you are interested in joining the program please fill in the form and leave us some details. You will need a laptop, tablet, or smartphone and an internet connection, and some space for your training.

We have intermediate and advanced level classes for you every week day during the lockdown, morning and evening. If you are on lockdown, or working from home, or even if you are no longer on lockdown you are still welcome to join the course. The classes are free but if you wish you can make a donation, we recommend £8 per week or £28 if you book for 4 weeks and £48 if you book for eight weeks. You can train once a week or every day, or whenever you like, each class is one hour.

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We are a group of teachers of Lee style Tai Chi based in the United Kingdom.

Lee style Tai Chi is an excellent way to build up your internal energy and protect you against the coronavirus.

The Lee style came to the West in 1930 when Chan Lee emiggrated to London from Shandong and brought the Taoist Arts with him, the first school in the West located in Holborn, London.

What to expect in the class

Each class is one hour, there are two classes a day, one at midday and one at 8pm (London UK time).

The class starts with warming up exercises, deep breathing or Tao Yin, and Kai Men Qigong which opens the energy channels. This takes about twenty minutes, then we have twenty minutes of Tai Chi dance. Then we do the Tai Chi forms which is a series of sequences, we will usually have more than one teacher on hand to assist with the class so you can join a group of students appropriate to your level fo training. For example, if you know more form you can join the advanced students for this and still practice the beginners' level of the dance, or vice versa. In fact, you are also welcome to join the beginners' class if you want to brush up on the early sequences and this class also has graded sections according to your level of experience.

During the class we may also work on partner exercises if you have a partner available at home to work with, or we may look in-depth at a Kai Men or Tao Yin exercise.

We finish every class with the five lotus blossoms breathing exercise which brings the Qi back to the centre where we store it until it is needed next. Building a big store of energy is important but you have to also learn not to spend it so that accumulates in your body, think about a torch, you turn it off when it's not being used or when you really need it the battery is depleted and you're left in the dark.

All the classes have supporting materials such as books you can buy from our online book store and Youtube videos you can use to work outside the class. Every class is run by experienced and professionally trained teachers who all have their own classes.

Health benefits

At this time of great uncwertainty there is no better way to stay healthy and focused and build up your resistance to disease.

Lee style Tai Chi has been practiced in China for thousands of years due to the incredible health benefits. Preventative medicine is mentioned in the Yellow Emperor's classic the Nei Ching written in 2600 BC where it says

"There's no point sharpening your knife on the way into battle",


"When you're thirsty don't start digging a well".

The key to strong health and the ability to fight off diseases like the coronavirus is to take steps before you get infected. Tai Chi works on three levels, boosting the intake of Lung Qi by maximizing deep breathing and increasing lung capacity, it also works on accessing the inherited energy of the body or Jing, a store of fuel you can tap into all throughout your life, and it also works on absorbing natural energies that are all around us and naturally flow through the body without us even realizing it.

All this sounds amazing but you will really be able to feel the effects for yourself by doing the exercises, some people can feel it right away, for some people whose life force has become depleted through stress or illness it could take longer. This is not some kooky therapy cooked up by hippies in the sixties, it has a sound empirical history in one of the world's most ancient and advanced cultures dating back thousands of years when we Westerners were still living in mud huts, and it's based on the natural philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine or Taoism.

Start now

Do you want to get sick or do you want to be strong and healthy, why waste any more time start now and book a course with us today, it's free, what do you have to lose?

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Organiser Chris Simpson

Organiser of Free Tai Chi Lee style daily class

Director of the Taoist Cultural Arts Association

Studied Tai Chi and Qigong with Chee Soo for twelve years

Training and teaching the Taoist Arts continuously since 1982

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