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FREE webinar Happy Women in Business: challenges and solutions

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FREE webinar on Friday 26th February at noon

Recently I heard Hal Elrod, best selling author and designer of the Morning Miracle, giving advice to the up and coming generation to focus on ‘becoming’ and not on ‘doing’. He referred to his research amongst the most successful business people to find out what they did to be successful. What they all had in common was that they allocated time in their day for silence. And the time of silence was used for forms of introspection, meditation, visualisation and affirmations.

Whatever busy-ness was going on, they never skipped that part of the day.

We all need to refuel our energy, charge the batteries and feed our thoughts. It makes sense but for those who haven’t made that a habit (yet), it is the one thing that you miss out on. Day after day. You are busy doing and forget the becoming.

To remind you of ‘becoming’ and help you discover how to do that, I am organising a webinar.

In this webinar, I will help you to understand the impact of allocating time to become, explain the obstacles that are holding you back and then take you through 5 strategic steps to create that new habit to benefit you, your business and your life.

The FREE webinar takes place on Friday 25 February, from 12 – 1.

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