FREE WEBINAR Rediscover The Magic of Parenting Through the Summer Holidays

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How are you feeling about the Summer holidays?

Perhaps you are thinking how nice it will be to finally get some quality time together?

Or are you worrying about how you are going to fill the long days ahead with fun activities?

Or are you already frantically juggling diaries with Grandparents and play centres so you have childcare?

If you want to stop the struggle over Summer you’ve come to the right place

This is the place where happy memories are made and also the place where you can rediscover the Magic of Parenting through the Summer Holidays Smiley style. Nobody said it would be easy this parenting stuff did they? Like all relationships, they require work. Work that I think is definitely worth it. So here’s another question for you:

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Do you want to invest the time separating squabbling children or repetitively shouting to be heard?

Or do you want to invest the time (let’s call it preventative maintenance) using the Summer to rediscover all the great things about family life?

This is my first free webinar so I’d love to ‘see’ you there or meet more of you. If you already hang out on Facebook then you know I have lots to share about how we can see the best in our children and be the best versions of ourselves. I am passionate about giving children what they need to know that they are loved to the moon and back.

What we will be talking about:

  • how to mentally prepare ourselves for the Summer holidays

  • how to connect with your child in a way that means everybody is happy

  • how to feel calm and in control (of yourself – not them because they are not controllable)

  • how to make friends with ‘boredom’

  • how to maximise this precious time together

And I will give you

Some tips and suggestions as to how you can:

  • keep your own sanity

  • lose the overwhelm

  • find time for yourself

  • manage the high expectations which come with 6 weeks (or more for some of you) away from school

  • get an invite to my exclusive private Summer Club with daily online coaching to get you through (it's free)

After the webinar, I will be happy to answer your questions. So have a think about what you would like to ask me.

Let’s make this Summer rock!

Are you in? If you are ready for some Smiley support and coaching, you do not need to buy a ticket. It's free.

Simply, click here to register your name and reserve your spot. We will be in touch to tell you what to do next.

I can’t wait to ‘see' you there and hopefully become your Summer Smiley cheerleader. I want you to feel supported and confident that you can make it to September and still be a happy family. Whoop Whoop!

Love Smiley x

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