FREE Women's Circle

FREE Women's Circle

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The Women Circles is a sacred and safe space for women to share their wisdom, share their stories, and feel held.

About this event

Welcome to the Women Circle, :)

What is a Women Circle,

Women’s gatherings or circles have happened throughout the ages as a way to strengthen the bonds of sisterhood through conversations and shared experiences. Their value in our modern-day society is becoming more apparent as we long for connection during the pandemic.

There is a sacred and safe space for women to come together, share their wisdom, share their stories, and feel held. In our modern-day society, we very rarely take the time to stop and check -in with ourselves. Many of us feel we are under pressure, too busy, or simply do not have the time to look after our wellbeing or connect in meaningful ways. This linear and fragmented way of life is unsustainable with many of us experiencing mental, emotional, and physical ‘Burnout’.

Attending a Woman’s Circle gives you the permission you need to stop for a moment, take a step back from your ‘to-do list’, breathe deeply, and ask yourself how you are doing. A chance to take the time out of your schedule and honor the sacred within you. A modern tool you can use to nourish, replenish, empower and ‘fill your cup’.

The space is open and inclusive to women of all ages and from all walks of life. It is the shared experience of womanhood that connects and brings us together. The space provides an opportunity to relate and listen to each other without passing judgment or feeling the need to offer unsolicited solutions. A space to be fully heard and fully held.

Women are extremely intuitive creatures yet many of us feel a sense of disconnect with our Self, our spirit, and our inner wisdom. In the space, we are encouraged to reconnect with the sacred within us- to listen to our inner knowing. The women’s circle is an environment where self-love and empowerment are gently encouraged and cultivated. It is a space to grow and learn together.

Gatherings are often quite varied in their structure with some being more ritualistic than others however there is a common red thread that binds all Women’s Circles together. They are a supportive and safe space for intergenerational women to share their experiences. They provide a sense of kinship and community in a non-judgmental environment and a space to replenish and fill your cup.

I would highly recommend for any woman wanting to feel supported to go along with an open mind and participate in one.

Why not get yourself cozy and grab your favourite cuppa and join us :)

Sending you love and light

Dee x

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