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During Frontend Love Conference Javascript is at the heart of the Conference, join a community eager to learn , connect and have fun!!

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During Frontend Love Conference Javascript is at the heart of the Frontend Developer Love Conference with a variety of topics being covered and with 15+ Speakers giving you the latest insights on the hottest Frontend & Javascript tools on 10th February 2021.

In total Frontend Love is organising 3 conferences of which: Frontend Love, React Live and Vuejs Global.

 Largest and Most Epic Javascript conferences with 50 speakers over 3 conferences with 50,000 viewers and 100+ countries tuning in whilst discussing the latest Javascript Toolings & Techniques.

Be informed on topics like Recoil.js, Redux, React Hooks, State Management, Next.js, A1Y, TheeJS, AWS, Svelte.js, React-Select, XSS, Micro-Frontends, React Native, Vue3, VueCLI, Chakara UI Vue, Vitepress, Vite, Nuxt.js, BootstrapVue, MobX, Ivy, AnuglarIO, E2E Testing, NGRX, Nativescript, Webpack5, ScullyIO, Code Review, CypressIO, i18n on the web, Web components & Design systems and more. 

> Talks by Javascript Authors & Core Contributors

> HD Video Quality

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Frontend Love Conference Speakers

10th February 2021

>> Eli Schutze How to do i18n on the web

>> Anastasiia Dragich Continuous Integration with Playwright

>> Jason Yu The Rule of Least Power #ROLP

>> Alexander Esselink Svelte.js

>> Luca Mezzalira Micro-Frontends

>> Tom Nchinda Code Review All The Things

>> Austin Akers The Cost of a Bad Code and Piplines

>> Negar Jamalifard CSS basics you should know as a Frontend Javascript Developer

>> Daria Caraway Building Considerate React Component APIs with TypeScript

>> Naomi Meyer Emoji Encoding, � Unicode, & Internationalization

>> Shodipo Ayomide Design from the dimension of open-source

>> Tim Benniks A developers guide to low carbon websites

>> Ignacio Anaya Security is not a feature!

>> Mirjam Bauerlein Never too late - Implementing a test suite in an existing Frontend application

All-Conference Speakers

>> Sara Vieira - React Live

Developer at Codesandbox

Frontend Developer from Portugal living in Berlin, Germany. Developer at Codesandbox and Queer Master of QueerJS. We are honored to welcome Sara back on stage. Sara has been the MC of React Live 2019 and spoken before during Vue.js Amsterdam on GraphQL & Apollo.

>> Jemima Abu - React Live

Front End Developer and avid advocate of intersectionality in the tech space and accessibility in web development.

Topic: State management & Middleware for React Applications

Jemima is a self-taught Front End Developer and school-taught Systems Engineer from Lagos, Nigeria, with about three years of experience building websites.

She is an avid advocate of intersectionality in the tech space and accessibility in web development and actively involved in the tech community and likes to speak at conferences.

Jemima writes soft skill articles based on things she learned over the course of her career and in her spare time likes to read manga, watch slice-of-life anime and Bollywood romcoms and hang around the internet.


>> Eric Bishard - React Live 

Sr. Developer Advocate at CouchbaseTopic: Rage against the RestAPI

Senior Developer Advocate at Couchbase in the San Francisco Bay Area. Eric has spoken during React Live 2019 for the first time at our conference in Amsterdam on State Management with React Hooks. Eric also started his own Twitch channel with Live Coding and more under the name @httpJunkie. Don't miss it and check it out ;)

>> Elizabet Oliveira - React Live

Product Designer at Elastic and Creator of React Kawaii

It is an honor to Elizabet speaking again during React Live 2020 Online edition. In 2019 she live animated an SVG cat with React.js. Elizabet is a friendly geek developer from Portugal who loves to design. Nowadays she is employed by Elastic working on Product Design.

>> Nader Dabit - React Live

Senior Developer Advocate at Amazon

Nader specializes in GraphQL, Cross Platfrom, Cloud enabled web & mobile application development. He is the creator of JAMstack CMS, React Native Elements and Author of React Native in Action and Full Stack Serverless. It is always great to have Nader speak which he has done during our other conferences Frontend Love, Vue.js Amsterdam and React Live in Amsterdam on stage.

>> Roy Derks - React Live

Entrepreneur & Tech Speaker on GraphQL, React, TypeScript and Javascript

Roy founded and nowadays you listen to his talks and approach him for prototyping, consultancy & training with GraphQL, React (Native), Javascript, TypeScript and Data analytics. Roy spoke last February during Frontend Love on GraphQL without at Database. We are happy to welcome Roy back on the online stage.

>> Cassidy Williams - React Live

Principal Developer Experience Engineer at Netlify

Cassidy was featured in Glamour magazine as one of the 35 Women Under 35 Who Are Changing the Tech Industry, and she starred in the documentary Big Dream, which focuses on women who are breaking barriers and overcoming personal challenges to follow their passion in science, math, computing & engineering.

Cassidy loves public speaking and has done so at meet-ups, hackathons, and events like the Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing, the National Center for Women & IT Summit, SXSW, TEDxDesMoines, the United Nations, and the U.S. Science and Engineering Festival.


>> Ahmad Awais - React Live

Webperformance with React and Next.js

Ahmad is an Award winning developer advocate and recently listed as #1 JavaScript Developer on GitHub Trending Developers today and #2 overall.


>> Natalia Venditto - AngularNL

Principal Front End Software Engineer & Tech Lead NetcentricNatalia is an AEM Certified Lead Developer - Angular Developer and Frontend Architect. Last April Natalia spoke during the AngularNL Meetup Special about ScullyIO for Angular Static Pre-Rendering. Next to this Natalia is the Chair Woman for Women Techmakers for the Barcelona Chapter.>> Stephen Fluin - AngularNLDeveloper Advocate at GoogleStephen will be giving us insides on performance best practices, he is a Developer Advocate at Google, Executive Technologist, Entrepreneur, and Mobile Expert. Consultant to hundreds of startup, mid-sized, and Fortune 500 companies. Combines a deep understanding of modern technology and business practices to build great software products, strategies, and experiences. Avid fan of wearables and the Internet of Things.

Did you know that Stephen also like Drone Flying, Photography/Videography and Traveling? 

>> Manfred Steyer - AngularNLTrusted Collaborator Angular TeamSpeaker, Trainer, Consultant and Author with focus on Angular. Google Developer Expert (GDE) and Trusted Collaborator in the Angular team. During the AngularNL Meetup Special Manfred spoke about Angular's Future with Ivy. 

>> Lamis Chebbi - AngularNLTechnical Lead & Senior Software Engineer at VERMEGDuring the AngularNL Meetup Special Lamis spoke about how to keep calm en to embrace real-time Angular Components. Lamis is a member of WWCode and has a strong passion for the modern web. Did you know that next to Lamis her enthusiasm for Angular she loves music and traveling. Finally, you can also find Lamis on Medium where she has written several articles on RxJS.>> Stefanos Lignos - AngularNLAngular Athens Community Stefanos will be educating us on the State Machine in Angular - A new development approach. Stefanos is telling us on how to stop trying to make a complex system reliable by testing it, test yourself by trying to rely on simplicity. In this talk, I'm trying to explain the factors that increase the complexity of a web application and I'm trying to propose as a solution to this problem the usage of state machines and a new development approach that comes with it. By the end of the presentation, you'll have some tools in your hands in order to start from the day after the development of your Angular application using state machines.


>> Dave Web - AngularNLTrainer at Angular GermanyDave will be talking about CypressIO, Dave is an Angular consultant and Google Developer Expert who offers support for your Angular applications and projects. He is also part of the AngularJS.DE team. They adapt Angular to your teams that need to find the perfect fit, and get the most out of Angular’s platform. For individual developers or small groups they offer monthly workshops in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Essen. 

>> To be continued ;)  



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