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Functional Assessment of the Knee

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Are you ready to take your knowledge of the knee to the next level?

In this 7 hour course we will ensure you are confident in assessing, treating, rehabilitating and training the knee area. Whether you are a therapist or a trainer you will come away understanding how the joints, bones and muscles interact to affect function.

You will explore the bomechanics of the lower body and how the muscles around the knee affect this. We will talk about how training principles affect the knee and how to ensure your client remains injury free.

Whether a personal trainer, needing to understand how to train this area effectively, or a therapist needing to use clinical reasoning to treat knee problems, this fully accredited one day course will help you understand the functional anatomy and physiology of the knee.

Event dates:

30th September 2018 - Bristol

27th October 2018 - Warwickshire

6th October 2019 - Bristol

Course Content:


  • Overview of the knee.

  • Patello-Femoral joint structure , anatomy, function and injury implications.

  • Muscles affecting the Patello-Femoral joint, anatomy , function and injury implications​.

  • Femoral -Tibial Joint structure and function.

  • Injury of cartilage, ligaments and capsular structures.

  • Muscles affecting Femoral-Tibial joint, anatomy, function and injury implications.

  • Superior Tibiofibular joint: Appreciation of Clinical significance and injury implications.

  • Muscles attaching to the tibiofibular joint.

  • Nerves affecting the knee.

  • Nerve involvement / injury replicating mechanical symptoms.

  • Foot, hip, pelvis: Appreciation of relationship and influence on the biomechanical forces produced at and affecting the knee.


  • Palpating bony landmarks.

  • Assessments of Patello-Femoral joint.

  • Muscle tests and rehabilitation of Patello-Femoral joint / muscles.

  • Assessment of Cartilage, ligaments, capsular structures

  • Muscle tests and rehabilitation of Femoral-Tibial joint and muscles.

  • Locating and palpation of Tibiofibular joint.

  • Nerve Testing, lower limb tension tests in relation to knee pain, Neurodynamics

  • Case studies. Assess, treat and rehabilitate:

  1. Patello-Femoral joint

  2. Femoral-Tibial joint

  3. Nerve presentation

  • Photo case studies

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Multiple Locations

Multiple Dates

United Kingdom

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