Galleries of Justice Ghost Hunt, Nottingham - Saturday 19th November 2022

Galleries of Justice Ghost Hunt, Nottingham - Saturday 19th November 2022

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National Justice Museum

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A ghost hunt experience at the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham with Haunted Houses Events - Saturday 19th November 2022

About this event

Galleries of Justice in Nottingham has everything you would ever want for an active ghost hunt; however prepare yourself for a creepy night. This highly prized location is an investigators dream, and it has seen ghost hunters from all over the world successfully search its many levels for ghostly activity. This location is huge, and each area gives its own macabre stories as you enter. Dark, Cold, and great at making you lose your senses. Here you will go underground into caves below Nottingham, and also find yourself wandering the cells the held the prisoners of the past.

On your ghost hunt with Haunted Houses you will have exclusive night time access to the building during. Here you will learn all about ghost hunting and the many techniques used to encourage your own paranormal activity to witness. You will have a whole host of scientific ghost hunt equipment for you to use to aid communication with the spirits.

You can take part in Ouija boards, glass divination and table tipping; plus the more traditional ghost hunt techniques. Some like to just simply sit in the dark and ask for the spirits to interact with them, and you can try this too! Lone vigils (ghost hunting alone) will also be offered where possible. You will be split into smaller groups during your evening to get the best out of your experience. If you are new to ghost hunting we warn you now – by the end of the night you may just become addicted to the fascinating and intriguing world of ghost hunting.

This is a real ghost hunt experience, there is no fakery, tricks or actors jumping out at you. Can you do time in the Galleries of Justice or will you pray for an early release? What are you waiting for? Book your places today!


Execution by hanging took place on the steps of the Galleries and this was the only place you could be tried, sentenced and punished under one roof. The entrance hall is supposedly haunted by 4 ghosts;

The courtroom has been reported to have knockings, groans, footsteps and the sound of the gavel hitting the judge’s desk has been known to sound throughout the room. The smells of rotting corpses and dark shadows have been experienced in the viewing gallery.

In the Cells and corridors there are the sounds of footsteps, cell doors banging and the sound of keys jangling, as well as the apparition of a man. Could this be one of the guards making sure the prisoners are still incarcerated within their cells? Feelings of depression have also been experienced within this area.

Children’s cries have been heard throughout the laundry room and also the sound of female voices. Doors are known to slam in this area and in a certain room there has been many reporting’s of females feeling a discomfort in their stomach, as though they are in the late pregnancy. This is supposedly from a worker in the laundry who was murdered whilst she was in the late stages of pregnancy and died within this room. It is here that you could be overcome with emotion as many visitors have reported this.

The most haunted part of the galleries however is in the very depths of this building. In the chapel crosses are known to be thrown and growls are heard, as well as voices. In the caves, remains of animal bones and artifacts have been found, which suggest suffering; this may explain why the Victorians felt the need to close the building down.

Visitors have reported feelings of being watched and of becoming overcome with sickness and dizziness. The most disturbing evidence of this amazing building being haunted is the reports of scratching and stones being thrown accompanied by the presence of dark shadows that torment your very soul.

A Victorian gentleman, a Soldier, a lady in a long gown and the fourth spirit is known to be responsible for cold spots. The spirit is a little girl who is seen on the stairs and the grand jury room.

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