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Geospatial Mastery™

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Central London

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United Kingdom

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Question - Do you...

  • Want to get your work noticed by your colleagues, Senior Mangers and Directors?

  • Need to broaden and sharpen your organisational understanding for delivering Geospatial solutions?

  • Need to communicate the VALUE of Geospatial and don't know where to start?

If so, join us to....

  • Understanding YOUR 'As-Is' and 'To-Be' roadmap for Geospatial and Geomatics development

  • Define your workflows and processes to enabled a whole-life Information Management (IM) approach to Geospatial amd Geomatics Information

  • Learn how to align YOUR vision with the real needs of your organisation

  • Kick-start your Digital Transformation journey with us

  • Who is this for? This course is for existing Geospatial and Geomatics Professionals - such as practitioners or mangers in the following: GIS, CAD, remote sensing, survey / geomatics engineering - who wants to learn more about understanding business and organisational needs and communicating the VALUE of joined-up Geospatial Information to a wider audience.

  • This course is about how to start your Geospatially-Enabled Digital Transformation journey.

  • Your experience Level: Novice to Advanced in Geospatial / Geomatics. Novice in all other aspects of course, such as business-wide Communications skills, making a business case, change management, wider information management and other topics in course (show below as 'Topics covered include')

  • Course Style: Classroom Seminar (tutor taught with interactive sessions) and Post-course online Consultation. This course is not a hands-on technical training session.

  • Course Location: This course is held in Central London (full details upon sign-up)

  • Exclusive Session: Places are limited to ensure best learning outcomes with a small group.

  • Lunch included: This course includes a buffet lunch and tea & coffee throughout the day.

Testimonials for GeoEnable:

TRAINING: "GeoEnable provides very impressive BIM training. The tutor was extremely knowledgeable and shows real expertise and experience in BIM field, and he is willing to help at all times even after the course. Very pleased with the service and will fully recommend." Carol Han - DDC Engineering Solutions Limited

“...It is very important to identify where this sharing can be free and where it should be tightly controlled. GeoEnable, helped us with reviewing our existing information systems and helped us align it with all business processes. This was absolutely critical. GeoEnable assisted us with the improvement of information governance and formal processes which in return significantly enhanced access to Argent’s GIS and other information resources.” Lilia Wydra, GIS Manager – Argent (Property Development) Services LLP

... I am now able to confidently set up map services for clients and also introduce them to many of the features available in Wed GIS and BIM. GeoEnable guided me through the process involved and has provided ongoing support." Jeremy Murfitt, Director - Everything is Somewhere Ltd

About GeoEnable:

At GeoEnable we are focused on democratising the power of better information management and integrated insight into everyday business decision-making. GeoEnable is a leading Information Management and Geospatial consultancy. Read more at

On-site and Bespoke Training:

If your organisation has specific learning and development objectives, we can tailor this programme to suit your needs. To discuss the tailored training options available to you with one of our training account managers, please use contact us.

This is not a hands-on technical training course. This is a seminar-based training course, using tutor-led presentations, case studies and real world examples. The opportunity for group participation / discussion is throughout the day.

This course focuses on improving communication and business awareness skills for Geospatial professionals in such a fast-paced and competitive environment. Follow-up calls are provided to help embed learning outcomes.

360Geo Framework - The basis of our course is our 360Geo Framework which we use with clients. It takes more than technology alone to 'Geo-Enable' your data and organisation or business - this understanding is core to our business. We want to share this insight with you.

Topics covered include:

Session 1 - Context 'Geospatial Mastery'

  • Introduction to the course

  • Introduction to GeoEnable’s 360Geo Framework™

  • Purpose, People, Process, Platform (enabling technologies)

  • The importance of Presentation (cartography, BI and more)

  • Why we need great, quality content for great decision-making

  • Overview to Digital Transformations

Session 2 - Purpose, People & Strategy - always understand the 'WHY'!

  • Understanding the purpose of your organisation (what is needed)

  • Understanding the purpose (‘why’) and business value of 'Geo first'

  • Understanding the 'As-Is' and 'To-Be' - aligning with vision with activities

  • How to get the attention of Senior Managers / Directors

  • Understanding business-led data-driven, 'geo-enabled' decision-making

  • Making the business case for 'Geospatial' (inc. CAD & survey, not only GIS)

  • Examining the changing role of GIS, CAD and survey professionals

  • BIM / Digital Engineering: Data-Driven Decision-making - Geospatial and BIM

Session 3 - Process and People - Process Improvement Opportunities

  • Mapping and understanding processes

  • Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma

  • Understanding stakeholders (an overview)

  • Time is money

  • Where to focus to add value

  • Embedding a Digital Transformation

Session 4 - Platform and People - Technology Developments

  • Transformative technologies

  • Web GIS and portals - understanding what is now possible (ArcGIS Online used as an example)

  • High-Accuracy Field Data Collection - integrated workflows (ZenoCollector used as an example)

  • Understanding how workflows for data capture are critical

  • 3D and 4D as standard in GIS

  • Integration of information systems

  • BIM / Digital Engineering: SDIs and aligment with a Common Data Environment (CDE)

Session 5 - Content and People - Information Management (IM)

  • Overview to Information Management (IM)

  • Processes vs procedures vs standards vs protocols vs policies - what's in a name?

  • Developing business processes / integrated workflows - for geospatial data

  • Metadata - how do we embed this? What happens is we don't?

  • Data and systems integration - geospatial and asset management

  • Continual improvement for IM

  • BIM / Digital Engineering: Overview to BIM Level 2 standards and processes

Session 6 - Presentation and People - Creating Understanding

  • What information products do you need?

  • Cartographic basics

  • Understanding dashboards - Business Intelligence (BI), Analytics and Insight

  • Real time Geospatial

  • Integration of information products

  • Continual improvement for information presentation

  • Explaining Digital Transformations

Session 7 – Course Review

  • Summary of day

  • Follow-up opportunities

Post course – Follow-up calls

LUNCH INCLUDED: This course includes a buffet lunch and tea & coffee throughout the day.

This is not a hands-on technical training course. This is a seminar-based day with follow-up calls to help you embed and use what you learn.

This Masterclass learning solution help close the gap between your current level of technical achievement and your next level of business excellence.

An ongoing challenge to technical experts is the ability to fully understand how technical solutions fit in the wider context of the business challenges of an organisation and how to communicate this business value. This is what we are experienced in.

We show you how to demonstrate the value add of using your solutions. It may be with Return on Investment (RoI), but typically communicating the value is not the straight forward – it’s about understating your organisational challenges, targets and your colleagues’ skills and mind-set.

We help you understand and communicate the value add that spatial analysis, Web GIS and critically the integration of these into business processes / integrated workflows gives your organisation.

Field Data Capture - we will look at High-Accuracy Data Collection for field-to-office data management & workflow - using the ZenoCollector as a real-world example.

We will make you think: Purpose, People, Process, Information & Enabling Technologies. Technologies is always the last things we look at. Purpose is the ‘why’ do we (and your clients - this could be internal users and stakeholders) need these technologies in the first place – we need to establish this clearly and on multi-levels.

Using relevant demonstrations and examples to your stakeholders via an informal 'Show and tell' and understand their real needs – we make you think about quick demonstration sessions and to engage with colleagues and clients in their language and tackling their business challenges - with no jargon.

Course Outcomes:

You will appreciate the it’s not technology alone that will make a difference, but only these:
Communication, Understanding, Storytelling, Sharing, Collaboration, Community Engagement and constant improvement - that keep you ahead of the game as a Geospatial Professional.

You will also understand the opportunities around 'BIM' and understating other non-geospatial ICT terms.


We provide discounted fees for individuals who are members of any industry body that is a members of the UKGEOForum. The UKGEOForum is a group of societies and associations that represent the core interests that encompass geography, mapping and the geospatial information handling industry.

We also provide discounts to members of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), BRE or BuildingSMART as well as those who work in the Public Sector and Charity Sector.

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Date and Time


Central London

(full details on sign-up)


United Kingdom

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