"Get Blissed Your Way" - DeStress Made Easy Designing Your Life on Purpose
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"Get Blissed Your Way" - DeStress Made Easy Designing Your Life on Purpose

"Get Blissed Your Way" - DeStress Made Easy Designing Your Life on Purpose

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Natasha Aylott and Diana Dentinger, both award winning and best selling authors, with over 50 years combined experience as successful entrepreneurs and personal development trainers (while raising 2 & 4 children) are joining their proprietary methodologies to bring you this life changing Workshop.


Are you tired, frustrated or overwhelmed?

Do you get pulled in too many directions and just need “me time”?

Want a way to unwind after a long work week? 

How about solutions to being stressed out and “uncertain” abut life’s obstacles? 

Then for sure it’s time you take a weekend away from it all to just focus on yourself!
No matter the situation, giving yourself some breathing room and some focus always helps. Discover how to center yourself, energize yourself and reach heightened levels of personal and professional satisfaction.

Get Ready to Discover How to Live Your Life on Your Terms with endless Bliss in this 2 Day, Life Changing, Leading Edge Workshop with these 2 Internationally acclaimed Coaches, Speakers and Authors.



Stress is one of the biggest problems of the 21st Century. The style of modern life, long working days, constant distractions and global crisis cause your mind and body to suffer irritability that makes your life hard!

The way to dissolve stress is simple!*

When you feel stressed you are deprived of your ability to focus, relax, sleep well and have fun. It affects your overall well being, the quality of your relationships and productivity in your career. And the primary cause of stress, on the deepest level, is a disconnection to yourself.

*This is the most advanced training workshop in the world because it is based on both ancient and 21st Century research focused on you stepping into the Real You. There are no "cookie cutter" or generic exercises for your self discovery and development. You are guided along a path that fits who you really are, different from any of the other delegate. You will feel rejuvenated and refreshed after the first hours!

Diana Dentinger & Natasha Aylott Books_



Natasha Aylott, award winning author of “Get Blissed - Sever the Ties & Liberate Yourself”. 

Natasha is the granddaughter of a Russian immigrant and was born in Blackpool. She spent 8 years in catering developing people skills, management and focusing on hard work. Shortly afterwards under taking a degree in dispensing optics whilst setting up a business.

At the same time travelling the UK selling Italian spectacle frames Natasha sourced and designed in the Italian factories, "accessoreyes" was formed and has been successfully trading for the last 15 years. During this time Natasha ran a company, raised a family, developed a property portfolio, undertaken marketing and personal development courses, attended numerous seminars and written her first book.

Natasha feels passionate about helping others and supports several charities through swimming, running and cycling events and works voluntarily for Mentorlink. Natasha lives in North Worcestershire with her husband and two children.

NATASHA’S ROLE in this Workshop is to deepen your self love with healthy daily self care habits,  releasing fear and empowering your mindset with gratitude.

Natasha Aylott with Jack Campbell_


Diana Dentinger is the best selling author of “Modus Vivendi - Your Life Your Way” and has been an Entrepreneur, Corporate Team Building Specialist and International Speaker for over 30 years. 

Her claim to fame is the Personality & Needs Profile™ and Modus Vivendi Coaching Programs, based on years of rigorous and scientific brain research, studying as a neurobiology therapist specialized in psychosomatic illnesses. She reverse engineered the mindset and emotions of "people with diseases" to create a coaching methodology that empowers people with productive thoughts and emotions aligned to their unique unique talents, qualities and gifts so they travel a path of happiness, health and fulfillment. 

Applying biological principles of the brain and advanced knowledge about human programming, she found the key to unlock the secrets to a meaningful life. Diana is specialized in etymology, key word coding and symbology. 

American born in Chicago, Illinois, Diana has lived in Europe since 1984 raising her 4 children in northern Italy. She loves to travel, dance, study and have fun. 

DIANA’S ROLE in this Workshop is to align you with your 3 inner most personality traits (of the 12 total traits) that form the core of who you are and why you are here. This allows you to break free from the pressure to be someone else, break free from having to fit in and break free from doing what you don’t enjoy. With this leading edge methodology, you will leave feeling incredibly passionate about yourself. 

Diana Dentinger trainer since 1989_

Both Natasha & Diana have learned how important it is to make themselves and their well being a priority. So many women leave themselves at the bottom on the pile! So many men burn out striving for acheivement. 

Together, Natasha & Diana show you it is possible and necessary to take time out for yourself and redesign your life to fit who you really are. Their work has touched thousands of people who are living healthier, more satisfying and more blissful lives!




You will leave this workshop with a CRYSTAL CLEAR MINDSET that allows you

- to improve your concentration and positivity;

- to access inspiration in the present moment;

- to work with more effective focus.

with UNSTOPPABLE MOTIVATION that allows you

- to gain greater self confidence and inner control;

- to boost your performace for personal growth and emotional balance;

- to save time while achieving goals with more ease and grace.

with RECHARGED ENERGY that allows you

- to feel fantastic and even look more radiant;

- to release stress and enhance relaxation;

- to reduce anxiety and tension for a long lasting blissful mood!

YOU GET ALL THESE TAKEAWAYS AND MORE because you become fully aware of your core personality, your potential & your life purpose! 

Whether you are stuggling in a relationship, work or with personal wellness issues, dedicate these 2 days to yourself. 

Most women, for years, put all their energy and attention on their families or their careers, that leaves them feeling tied up. They are worried about “fitting in” so they adapt and sacrifice themselves to mold to other people’s expectations. Then one day, they realize they aren’t really happy! One day they decide to think about themselves.

Most men spend their time on making money, climbing the ladder to success driven by a need to be respected. Some find, after years, that that ladder wasn’t even the right one! Then one day, they too realize there is much more to life!

Maybe you feel this way too. And you have reached a point in your life that you want personal growth, fulfillment and peace. If you are feeling that now, or want to prevent the predictable roller coaster of dissatisfaction, sign up now. 

You can choose one of the 3 tickets: Standard, VIP and Elite.

Early bird tickets are availble from September 1st to September 16th with up to 35% discount.

When you sign up for the amazing ELITE package, you can bring a loved one or friend for an additional 15% off. Get the tools to energize each other with a renewed understanding of each other’s true Purpose. Learn how to support each other living blissfully in your unique ways!  Contact the organizers for the second ticket coupon.



DAY 1 October 15th

9 am  Registration 9 am

9.30 am  Introduction with Natasha & Diana

10 - 11.30  Your Unique 3 Personality Needs


11.45 - 12.30  Name It & Create It


14.00 - 15  Master Your Self Talk 


15.30 - 17  Design a Blissful Day

17.15 - 18  Question & Answers

18 - 19  Book signings and pictures

*Elite Package Members enjoy a complimentary lunch together with Natasha & Diana from 12.30 - 14.00 

DAY 2 October 16th 

9.00  Recap of the first day

9.30 - 11.00  Find Your Unique Purpose 


11.30 - 12.30  Show & Tell


14 - 15  Step into Solutions


15.30 - 16  Question & Answers

16 - 18  Book signings and photos

Natasha Aylott & Diana Dentinger are instinctive and intuitive coaches. They have seen an increased need for soul level fulfillment in people’s lives. They combine their wisdom from ancient studies and powerful modern methodologies to help people access more self love, lightness and laughter in their lives.

Diana Dentinger's core message_


As tough as it might sound, your relationships reflect your relationship with yourself. Sometimes you want from others what they can’t give or you demand things from them just to overcome your sense of personal dissatisfaction. Sometimes you ask them to be a certain way or give you certain things so they "make you happy". 

This only leads to power struggles in relationships and increases the tension between you both, basically distancing you from those you care about the most.

You might be passionate about your family, friends and even colleagues and are simply searching for a way to deepen your connection. This workshop offers profound tools for this reason too. Remember, it all starts with you!

Make a difference in your and your loved one’s lives by registering to “Get Blissed Your Way” 2 Day Workshop today. 



To create professional success without burnout, you need to increase your focus and access your intrinsic motivation. This workshop helps you get crystal clear on your innate set of talents. Without this specific information you find yourself overworking, feeling inadequate or wasting time and money on useless training that get you no where.

Today is the day you can start creating more success. Register now!



Most people have issues around self love, acceptance and lonliness! These issues cause them to attach themselves to other people, fads or things thinking this will lessen their fears. 

Now the vast majority of people find it difficult to switch off. With that they relax by filling up their free time with  time wasting distractions. The key to a blissful life is to unlock more life force energy, attained through a coherent alignment with who you really are. That way your use the most valuable thing, your time, to the fullest to feel full!

After this 2 Day Workshop, you will watch your life shift into a blissful experience that finally reflects the Real You. You will have the tools to consciously create more and more. At the end of the day, it's about living consciously, with more fulfillment and with more inner peace. You will be taken through very practical, down to earth tools and exercises.



Thinking positive is not enough!
Having your PERSONALZED, proactive and positive MINDSET and an ACTION PLAN to do what you innately desire is! This is how you finally live long lasting happiness, joy and bliss! 

This Workshop is personalized for you and tailored to your needs! 

Once you register, you are asked to fill out a Questionnaire so Natasha & Diana are fully aware of the outcomes you desire, your current challenges and primary focus for these 2 Days.

Once again, this workshop revolves around your Personality & Needs Profile™ elaborated by Diana Dentinger with your Questionnaire information. This Workshop is really all about you! You will learn how to live “Your Unique Way". This is not a seminar in which you are taught to follow “generic recipe” or our way of life!

This vital asset is what differentiates this Workshop from all the others!**



- How to attract opportunities to be more of who you really are;

- How to create happiness on your terms, without giving up on your dreams or hurting others;

- How to reach success without damaging other areas of your life;

- How to consciously choose to do what is most aligned with your needs!

In these 2 Days you imprint the Real You into your conscious mind. 

Whether you practice yoga, meditation, mindfulness or breathing to feel balanced and energized, you still need the answer to the existential question “Who Am I”. With the leading edge tools used in this Workshop, that answer is finally availble to you. Get it by registering now!

Natasha Aylott with Energy_

Modern science now recognizes what ancient mystics had been saying that “Everything is Energy!”  Everything is in a constant state of vibration. Your words, including the nagging ones you say to yourself inside your head, as well as your emotions, create a vibration that either empowers you or drains you.

The Real You has it’s own “optimum rate” of vibration called resonance. When you are in resonance to the Real You and your Purpose, then you live balanced and in harmony. You can say “no” to people and situations that are “out of alignment” with what you should be doing with your life, therefore opening the doors to more opportunities and “yeses” that put you on a path of prosperity.

Your emotions and mental state have their own optimum resonance as well as every organ and cell. With Diana & Natasha's help, you learn how to “nourish” your whole being - body, mind and soul - with specific words and emotions that optimize your functioning. 


Do you feel like you can be so much more and can achieve so much more?

Whatever that “more” is and whatever you wish to achieve, it starts with the clarity of who you really are!

“Get Blissed Your Way" a life changing 2 Day Workshop.

Register now for one of the three delegate packages: Silver, Gold or Platinum. Early bird tickets are availble from September 1st to September 16th with up to 30% discount.



If you can’t wait to get started or have a specific urgency to solve, you can work privately with Natasha & Diana in their 3 month Elite Coaching Program. CLICK THIS LINK to fill out and submit a Discovery Session Questionnaire. You will be contacted within 48 hours to set up a 30 minute call with them personally.  https://dianadentinger.clickfunnels.com/nine-week-questionnaire



“Diana, you have blown me away with what you knew! It was so impressive and accurate. You have surprised me so many times with your insights and your amazingly accurate perceptions... and also your generosity! You are so talented and intuitive. Everyone will be very impressed with what they learn about themselves and their dear ones in life.”   Lorie Marrero, USA, Best Selling Author of The Clutter Diet


"What Natasha wants you to experience is turning your undivided attention not to the person sitting next to you,
but to the amazing person sitting inside you. Loving yourself, is something that most of us never have the chance to experience. Natasha is not only teaching a very profound course on self confidence, but she is giving you the key to your own heart. The essence of Get Blissed is the discovery journey you could start before is too late.
You are given permission to date and love the only person you never met yet: yourself."  Marina Nani, Award Winning Author, Away from Home Book Series


“The day after my 3 hour VIP session with Diana, a professional issue magically resolved itself saving me over $30,000.  I know it happened because of the instant clarity and new perspective I gained working with Diana.”  Costanza T., Italy, Art Curator


“Diana represents the change that I so desperately needed. Before coaching with Diana I was very confused about who I really was, sad and with no enthusiasm for life, doing everything “robotically”, even the things that I once loved doing. She helped me rediscover myself. Amazingly she knew so much more about me than I actually ever did. She went deep. Diana showed me the reasons why I’m not living life to the fullest. Then she gave me guidance on how to learn, and relearn who I truly was. The shift happened and I gained so much awareness that I was a new person feeling happier, more productive and it got better and better. So now I have the changes, the impact, better business, better relationships, all thanks to the clarity, tips, suggestions, connection with myself and my needs that I got from her. Thank you Diana. You truly know how to transform lives and I’m so thankful I was one of them.”  Vitoria Castro, USA, Video Marketing Strategist 


“I met Diana at an Energise for Life Conference and what struck me me most about her was a real sense intuitiveness.  She seemed to know me without having met me before.  To give Diana justice is difficult to put into words, but suffice to say she came into my life at time when I was looking for something more and Diana has truly helped me in this respect.  She has allowed me to create a better understanding of myself and my needs and the net benefits of these have been to manage my mindset, work and relationship with a truly different but superior perspective. Knowing my predictable weaknesses, I was able to transform myself into being light and energised, with a sense of purpose and productivity.  Diana will always remain a good friend.”  Dr. Ahilan Pathmanathan MBChB FRCA, England, Consultant Anaesthetist


“I feel sorry for the people that don’t do coaching with Diana. They really miss out on learning how to be themselves!"  Maria F., Portugal, Media Creation


“Diana used the Personality & Needs Profile™ to help our Team reach Results this year. Before knowing this method, we were still having petty disagreements and not moving forward. With her annual Corporate Program, we finally became aware of each other's talents, and the traits that made us all amazing people. Now we leverage our differences to win in our competitive industry.”  Walter Liotta, Italy, CEO

Get Blissed Your Way

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