Get Your Teaching from Good to Exceptional
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Get Your Teaching from Good to Exceptional

Get Your Teaching from Good to Exceptional

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Kingswood Primary School Upper Site

Leadership Centre

188 Gipsy Road

London, United Kingdom

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Teaching is outstanding because staff have very high expectations of what pupils can achieve. They use an exceptionally wide range of imaginative methods to capture pupils’ enthusiasm for learning, and adapt activities to meet their precise needs. Inspirational teaching methods and high expectations motivate pupils to achieve as well as they can.” (OfSTED Extract Reporting on the Quality of Teaching in a Gipsy Hill Federation Primary School)

Facilitators: Senior Leaders and Leading Practitioners from across Gipsy Hill Federation- contact Louize Allen for details

Cost: £499 for twelve twilight sessions, all Thursdays 1630-1800 at Gipsy Hill Federation Leadership Centre

This programme is focused on the art of great teaching. It is designed for teachers whose practice has been identified as good and aims to help them develop securely outstanding practice.

The sessions are designed to:

  • Provide teachers with a digest of the latest thinking on key aspects of pedagogy, giving them the opportunity to consider the practical implications of this for them in their classrooms;

  • Provide opportunities to share good practice, inspiring colleagues with new ideas, fresh thinking and practical strategies that can be easily incorporated into their day-to-day teaching;

  • Give teachers the support they need to try out new pedagogical strategies and integrate them into their practice.

What will it involve?

Teachers receive six pairs of twilight sessions across the year. The sessions are arranged to give teachers time to trial ideas covered in the first session before using a second session to feedback to colleagues and explore the issues in more depth.


29th September 2016
13th October 2016
3rd November 2016
17th November 2016
8th December 2016
5th January 2017
26th January 2017
9th February 2017
23rd February 2017
9th March 2017
23rd March 2017
20th April 2017

Session 1-2: Questioning

Using questioning to elicit dee­p knowledge and understanding across the curriculum to ensure you involve and challenge every learner in your classroom. Questioning that instils curiousity and encourages children to elaborate on their own and others thinking. 

Sessions 3-4: Written Feedback

Strategies to maximise the impact of your feedback on your childrens learning; building in effective opportunities for children to capitalize on the feedback they receive.

Sessions 5-6: Differentiation

Meeting the needs of all learners, deploying the resources available to you to offer appropriate levels of challenge and support.

Sessions 7-8: Assessment

Systematically checking pupils understanding and taking the temperature of a lesson; knowing when and how to intervene to ensure all children make maximum progress.

Sessions 9-10: Collaboration

Driving a collaborative classroom; designing paired and group activities which consolidate and deepen knowledge for children of all abilities.

Sessions 11-12: Participation

Creating a culture of 100% participation; making sure the children in your class thrive on the challenge of learning.

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Date and Time

Kingswood Primary School Upper Site

Leadership Centre

188 Gipsy Road

London, United Kingdom

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