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Get Your Worries Out Part 1 & 2 (Children's Life Coaching Workshop)

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The Mayford Centre

Mayford Green


GU22 0PP

United Kingdom

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PART 1 - Sunday 24th June (10am - 12pm)

PART 2 - Sunday 1st July (10am - 12pm)


We pride ourselves on 5 years of sharing, understanding, processing and letting go of emotions in a safe group setting. Some children have come back to the same workshops year after year. As they grow up, they take something new away with them each time and that depends largely on what is going on for them at that time in their life or how they are feeling.

Smiley for Life workshops are packed with........

  • wisdom and insight

  • love and laughter

  • fun and magic

  • practical tools and strategies cleverly disguised as fun

Your child will be learning through...

  • interactive games

  • role play

  • creative crafts

  • exercises

  • discussion

  • relaxation / mindfulness

...........all designed to help your child feel great from the inside out.

Each workshop is delivered in two parts – 2 Sundays, 2 hours each with time in between for processing.

There is a good reason for this:

  • Continuity and familiarity provide a safe and secure place where your child feels comfortable

  • The material is delivered in manageable bite-sized chunks to prevent overwhelm

  • The content is fun and engaging ensuring your child has a good time

  • The time between the workshops allows your child the space to process and digest what they have learnt

  • Crafts, games and creative activities relax and engage your child so they can listen and share

  • A warm friendly group means never being alone with your stuff which is hugely validating (and a huge relief for some children)

  • Smiley’s toolkit is vast and varied as we recognise that not one size fits all

  • The workshops are very much child led which means your child gets what they need at that time

In my coaching work, I meet lots of children who worry. They don’t just worry a little bit about something new or troublesome, they worry a lot. Being a worry wart is not fun. It’s like living on red alert all the time and feeling like sometimes bad things are about to happen.

What if your child worries to the point where their behaviour changes. They may:-

  • Not be able to sleep at night or take a long time to get to sleep

  • Can't eat or develop tummy aches because of their worries

  • Avoid meeting new people or taking part in new activities

  • Stop enjoying school or wanting to go there

  • Withdraw and over think / analyse what has happened to them

  • Live more in the past or the future

  • Ask lots of questions or need lots of reassurance about their worries

  • Stop enjoying their usual routine /activities because of the worries

This workshop will teach your child:-

  • to live in the moment and feel relaxed

  • to find a place for the worries that doesn’t harm them

  • that they are in control of their thoughts and worries

  • that worrying doesn’t change anything and how to let go

  • to recognise the part they play in making the worries worse

Bursting with positive communication skills, body language, role play, crafts and creativity, this workshop will help your child to feel in control of their worries and empowered with coping strategies.

“Lisa I have been meaning to say how everyone has noticed a big change in Poppy since the course. I don’t know what you did in there but she has settled into her new school like a dream!! Totally beyond our expectations! She is usually so nervous and clingy and yet she skips in every day and has joined lots of clubs!! She started Brownies on Monday and again there was none of the usual clinging and shyness! Thank you!!! You have worked wonders!” Oorla Morgan, Cobham

Age Group: 7 – 10 years old

Course length: 4hrs (2 x 2 hour workshop)

Cost: £70 EARLY BIRD TICKET or £80 per child after 27th May 2018 (excluding booking fee)

Places are restricted to 10 children per workshop so book early to avoid disappointment. This is so that children are able to feel comfortable in a small group exploring and expressing their thoughts / feelings around this topic.

Smiley workshops are delivered by my capable and amazing team of Smileyettes. They are trained by me, know everything I know and have strong backgrounds in working with children.

If you have any questions, please email smileyette@smileyforlife.com

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Date and Time


The Mayford Centre

Mayford Green


GU22 0PP

United Kingdom

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