Glasgow Does: Workshop 3
Glasgow Does: Workshop 3

Glasgow Does: Workshop 3

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North of Central Glasgow

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Glasgow Does: Aemilia Floggers, Dragon Tails and other Impact


We are proud to announce that the next GlasgowDoes workshop will carry on with the theme of impact, this time flogging and dragon tails. Aemilia Hawk is very accomplished and experienced in Poi style of flogging, which for those who are unacquainted with this style or method is like a flowing river, majestic in the way that the falls of the flogger fall, almost as if they are dancing as they strike there target.  This workshop focuses on the dynamics of flogging and covers an interactive section where you will have the chance to practice what you have learnt under the guidance of Aemilia herself. This may need to be done by splitting the class into two sections to allow everybody space but that will be decided based on numbers.

 Along with her flogging skills Amelia is also very skilled in the use of dragon tails. This is something that she will be offering a master class. Dragon tails can also be welded using the poi technique, it is something that needs to be worked on once you have the correct technique but it is something that is sure to turn heads and is great skill to possess. 


What is the point of Poi???


Well there are several advantages to being able to poi flog. Firstly it allows you to create a great unique sensation that can’t be replicated with normal flogging, or other impact toys for that matter. It truly is unique. There is also an element of style, poi flogging takes a great deal of skill and looks incredible when done well. It is a skill that can add a great deal of flare and style to any kinkster’s skillset


What the workshop covers


There will be an introductory session which will run through the basics of anatomy and a little bit of health and safety. This insures that everyone is up to speed on where to hit before we move onto the actual step of hitting people and making sure we avoid causing any unintended injury. There will also be the opportunity to have a play with some single tails under the guidance of Aemilia.

The workshop itself will be very fluid and is very much driven by what people want to learn, there will be an interactive element and you will have the opportunity to get up and practice your technique, initially it will be a case of flogging the air in front of you however if you have a partner then you will be able to practice on them assuming that you can hit where you are wanting to. This will be a fun and informative and everyone should leave with a much improved flogging technique.

Aemillia also has a [youtube][] channel which gives an idea of what she is capable of and what to expect from a Aelmelia Hawk workshop. I would encourage everyone to have a look, it will give you a good idea of what you can expect from the workshop. Aemilia is an incredible personality and leads a fantastic workshop. Both of our previous presenters Coral Mallow and Daisy have sang her praises and we are really proud to be bringing her to Glasgow!


Who is Aemilia ?


Aemilia herself is very well respected all over Europe, she has taught at events such as kinkfest, LAM and regularly teaches at events up and down the country. Here is a link to AemiliaHawk’s fetlife profile ( and her blog (  

She also has a youtube channel (


Floggers for sale you say ...?


Yes there will also be an opportunity to purchase the floggers that Amelia makes which are of the highest quality, there will also be the opportunity to purchase other goods which can be seen at [here][] or on their [fetlife][] which shows off what the company has to offer.

Amelia doesn’t make ball handled floggers for poi because over time they can damage the cartilage in your hands. She specialises in Finger floggers and straight-handle floggers. We can personally attest to the quality of her crafts, they are beautifully made!



Saturday 15th of October

12 till 5pm allowing everybody to get plenty of hands on practice in!

How much ?

£25 a ticket plus eventbrite fees!


Venue is just north of Glasgow city centre, exact address will be delivered to you upon purchasing a ticket!

Limited tickets available due to smaller class size!

As always we will have a steady supply of tea, biscuits and a small buffet! But if you are wanting something more substantial at the lunch break feel free to bring something along.

Questions drop us an email





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Date and Time
North of Central Glasgow

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