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Integrative Wellness

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United Kingdom

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“If you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” Nikola Tesla

TIME TO REST -At Gong Siestas we prescribe Sleep-

Jarvia Foxter is an Osteopath and a Public Health campaigner, who offers daily Gong Siesta events to provide Londoners with greater access to therapeutic rest. Jarvia campaigns to raise awareness about the important role sleep and posture have on health, illness and pain.

30 Minutes Lunchtime Gong Siesta

-Twice every lunchtime-

Mondays to Fridays

12:30 - 1pm

1:15 - 1:45pm

60 Minutes Evening Gong Siesta

-Twice every week-

Mondays 7-8pm

Wednesdays 7-8pm

Bookings individual / group / 1:1 / couple / gift vouchers

office / corporate / events

Tickets : pre-book your place via our eventbrite page: Gong Siesta

What is a Gong Siesta?

During a gong siesta, people lie comfortably on yoga mats and pillows, tucked under blankets. Then you simply close your eyes, listen to the live hypnotic Gong sounds and enjoy a therapeutic level of rest.

There's no need to change your clothing for this event. We provide everything for you: yoga mats / blankets / pillows, to help you enjoy a more comfortable rest. We recommend you wear warm clothing during the winter months, as we tend to feel the cold more during rest. It’s also a very great way to switch-off from mobile phones and social media addiction for a while.

Integrative Wellness is a health practice in the heart of Clerkenwell and is run by Osteopath and Public Health campaigner, Jarvia Foxter. Jarvia's campaigns raise awareness about the role of sleep & posture and how fundamentally important their role is in health, illness and pain. We shine an Osteopathic lens and persepctive on the UK's current health crisis. We offer solution lead intiatives, designed to reduce pain, disability and illness, through consultations, treatments, posture correction education & rehabilitation, health screening, rehab training, events, talks and Public Health campaigns.

"Sleep and Posture seldom get the proper attention they deserve, despite being the most treatable precursors to depression, pain and disability. There is a great opportunity now to put contemporary sleep and posture research findings to work for the public good. I'm sure many would agree on the importance of adding more sleep and better posture to the nation's health agenda. " J Foxter

The evidence is unambiguous, there is a direct and significant causal association with sleep & postural insufficiency in: injury, pain, disability, cardiovascular disease, low energy levels, depression, memory problems, dementia, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and many more conditions, as well as in earlier mortality and suicide.

  • Gong Siesta is a campaign & event to raise public awareness about the importance of sleep for health, whilst creating a new culture around rest, by introducing a health practice of daily Gong Siestas for people to get access to therapeutic rest, naturally.
  • Our events provide Londoners with a great way to catch up on some rest during their lunch break or after work.
  • Gong Siestas are open classes and are held in our beautiful loft sanctuary in the heart of Clerkenwell. We have space and accessories for 10 people at every session. Gong Siestas are also a mobile event.
  • Everybody is welcome.

How will I feel afterwards?

Relaxed and at peace. A good rest at our Gong Siestas will help relieve tensions and stress. This gives a sense of improved well being, mood, memory and energy levels.

If you feel tired a lot, yawn a lot or maybe you know already that you need more sleep, then you are warmly invited to join with us every lunchtime or Monday & Wednesday evenings from 7-8pm, for a therapeutic nap.

Who is this suitable for?

The answer is simple, Gong Siestas are suitable for everybody, we all benefit from deep, natural, rest. The effects of a good nap are immediately obvious and instantaneous. 20-minutes of Gong Siesta Rest can be enough to reset your nervous system and reboot energy levels, naturally. A Gong Siesta Rest can actually provide you with similar health benefits as an 8 hour sleep.

Gong Siesta Rest could be especially beneficial for:

  1. Shift or night workers
  2. Anyone who feels they need more sleep
  3. Anyone preparing for examinations, performance, competition or sport.
  4. Sleep deprived parents and carers.
  5. Anyone struggling with sleep / anxiety / depression
  6. Anybody experiencing problems with pain.
  7. Anyone struggling with memory difficulties.
  8. Anyone experiencing grief or loss.
  9. Anyone struggling with Social Media/ Mobile Phone addiction.
  10. Chronic pain & autoimmune patients. We have a special event for children, so this event is suitable for over 15s.


1. We’re getting even less sleep than in 2013.

2. Almost three-quarters (74%) of Brits sleep less than seven hours per night.

3. The number of people who said they get less than five hours a night has grown from 7% to 12%

4. For many people (61% of those questioned in 2017), between five to seven hours a night is the norm.

5. It’s led to almost a third of us (30%) getting a poor sleep most nights.

Sleep, Rest, Gongs and Health

Gong sounds & frequencies produce an amazing sense of relaxation on the mind and body and afterwards leave a deep sense of wellbeing. Healing and repair require energy and evolution has dedicated one third of our lives to sleeping. In sleep we repair, regenerate and store memories. Through the vibration of the water within the body (we are 65-75% water) and by the direct effects of gong frequencies on the brain, Gong Siesta Rest relaxes the amount of (electrical) activity in your brain and nervous system (or in other words, how busy or stressed your mind feels) and this helps you drift into a peaceful state of rest.

The sound vibrations emitted by gongs send signals that are interpreted at the biological, energetic and emotional levels, directing cells to return to a more homeostatic balance.

Homeostasis is the tendency of a system, especially the physiological system, to maintain internal stability, owing to the coordinated response of its parts to any situation or stimulus that would tend to disturb its normal condition or function, such as stress, pain or sleep deficiency.

What are the benefits of a Gong Siesta Rest?

A Gong Siesta Rest relaxes your nervous system through a process known as neural entrainment. The gongs relaxing effects relieve tension and reduces stress in the mind and body. It's also a great way to have a temporary break from the effects digital device addiction has on the brain. Reducing your stress levels helps reduce inflammation and this is in turn is important in disease prevention.

While you’ll feel deeply relaxed during the class, some people will also find it helps them to relax outside of the session, sleep better and deal with stress more easily. A Gong Siesta Rest brings a beautiful sense of wellbeing and help re-stabilize the balance of energies.

A Gong Siesta Rest plays an important role as a regular practice in the early intervention and prevention of illnesses aggravated by sleep deficiency. Accessing a deep state of rest naturally, with a practice of regular Gong Siestas, will reduce stress levels and can help reset your body’s circadian (day-night) cycles naturally.

Gong sound healer Dr. Michelle Hebert says “It’s a cleansing process for the subconscious mind.”

“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today”

Malcolm X

Jarvia Foxter

Osteopath / Acupuncturist / Posturologist / Postural Ergonomist / Diagnostic Radiographer / Sound Therapist

e: jarviafoxter@gmail.com m: +447903830743

Integrative Wellness -2018 ACTIVE COLD AND FLU POLICY-

** We kindly ask all our lovely clients who have active colds and flu to please refrain from booking your place until you are virus free, meaning your symptoms have completely gone. 2018 Flu strains have been particularly aggressive. We are commited to helping keep cross-infections to a minimum this year. We thank you for your ongoing support.**

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Date and Time


Integrative Wellness

(3rd Floor) 194 Goswell Rd




United Kingdom

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