Grow Your Practice Workshop Luton
Grow Your Practice Workshop Luton

Grow Your Practice Workshop Luton

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Date and Time

Hilton Garden Inn Luton North

Butterfield, Hitchin Road, Stopsley

Luton, United Kingdom

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Why Not Come and Learn How to Grow Your Practice to Generate a Full-Time Income? Turn Your Ideas, Story and Expertize into Profitable Information Products; Learn to Set It Up and Start Making Sales, even When You are Asleep or On Holiday?

Mind Body Breakthrough is delighted to invite you to our Grow Your Practice workshop on Turning Your Knowledge, Idea, or Expertise Into Profitable Information Products ( ebooks, books, online courses, video/audio programmes, membership sites, etc.) (Quality Checked CPD Course - Accredited by the National Counselling Society).

CPD certificate will be issued on the day.

Can you relate to any of the following statements?...

  • "I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge and expertise. I really want to help others. But I'm not sure what the best way is to get the word out about what I'm doing."

  • "I want to take my expertise to a much wider audience.”

  • "People really need what I have, but I'm not making enough money. I want more passive income."

  • "I'm always giving, giving, giving. It's time for me to start getting some money for what I do.”

  • "I'm completely overwhelmed with everything I should be doing. I'm not sure what to do next.”

  • "I’m not sure how to develop my brand."

  • "I need to get my book, ebook, and website finished once and for all. It’s taking forever!" 


Build an expert career by monetizing what you know. Become a well-paid expert through books, ebooks, online courses, speaking, seminar, and training

Why do some people succeed while others struggle? It comes down to how they manage their personal philosophy, passion, productivity, and persuasion skill. Think about it. If you can’t master your mind, your passion, your ability to get things done, and your ability to influence others to help you get ahead, then you’re stuck forever in nonentity and mediocrity. But master those things, and your life changes forever, and personal success is yours.

Whether you are a student, employee, start-up entrepreneur, stay-at-home parent, business professional or just an individual interested in learning how to share your advice, monetize your experience, and build your online brand,  where people can hire you to speak, coach, train and buy your online products, this course will help turn your goal into physical reality. Your influence in life, productivity and income will be taken to a whole new and exciting level.

Are You an Author, Speaker, Coach, Seminar Leader, or  Trainer? Or Are You Aspiring to Be One?

Have you ever wanted to make a full-time living being an author, speaker, coach, seminar leader, or online trainer? How did the world’s foremost experts, “gurus,” and motivators build multi-million-pounds expert empires? How do they position, promote, and get paid for their advice, experience, knowledge, and wisdom, often starting from scratch? This course is your step-by-step guide to achieving your personal goal to influence others positively by sharing your expertise, advice, and passion with the world.

What Previous Attendees Were Saying:

"What an amazing special person Wale is. I am booked on part two. He has given me such a great boost of confidence to get me to focus on exactly what I want on my website. I highly recommend this course." Belinda C. FCILEx Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist

"A very interesting, engaging and informative day. Helped me identify a niche which I have not been able to do for the last 14 years." -- J.  Greensmith, Hypnotherapist

"Excellent content and delivery. Well structured and relevant." G. Oldfield, Director of SIRPA UK

"This course gave me more clarity in what I want to achieve with my online course." M. Darbyshire, Therapist & Coach

"A very interesting and informative seminar. A lovely teacher and excellent knowledge. I am very glad that I attended and hopefully I am going to take what I gained further." L. Boardman, Business Contractor

"This workshop has made me turn a corner in motivating me to use my passion and also made me realise why I haven't put it to use before. It was too huge - but breaking it down into sub-niches has made a big difference. It's fantastic!"  -- Anonymous, Chiropractor

"Wale is a very likeable and engaging presenter. A very helpful workshop which helps motivate me to the next step of my business."  -- K.G. Psychologist

"A lot of valuable content, Great venue and organisation. Lots of content included and all very relevant to someone starting out." --- T. Wood, Parenting Trainer, Coach and Speaker

"A lot of information with really good basics like what microphone/software to use. The examples look really good and make the teaching credible." T. Mack, Entrepreneur

"Great tutor. The course was informative and very enlightening." Anonymous, young entrepreneur

"I needed some motivation and assurance for and about my chosen niche. Very informative. I learned things other courses I've attended didn't cover. Clear, concise and very informative." J. Whiteley, Photographer

"The course was delivered very well and I have taken away quite a few good tips to use in my career" - Anonymous, I.T consultant

"I enjoyed the workshop. Made me think about my next career plans and brought clarity to some of the questions I have been asking myself.Informative and thought-provoking" - C. Kelsey

"This training helped to develop my business ideas further in order to expand the reach of the products and develop thoughts of new products. Thanks." Kerri Garbutt, forensic psychologist

"A very informative course. Personal attention was given to all participants - taught content backed up with handouts and manual. Given clear steps for you to follow."  J.G, Hypnotherapist 

"This was another excellent course and very clear. Has given me lots of ideas. I will hopefully be able to put into practice soon."Anonymous, Chiropractor

"Very practical tips on how to go about creating online products." T.W, Trainer

"A lot of information with really good basics like what microphone/software to use. The examples look really good and make the teaching credible." T. Mack, entrepreneur

"Excellent and impactful" Anonymous, Student Start-up


Somebody needs what you know...

Everyone knows something that somebody else needs. Your message, experiences and expertise matter. And in this day and age, you have ample opportunities to share what you know with the world and make a difference. A lot of people would love to hear you share your message and expertise and reward you in cash for it.

Perhaps, you are thinking, “I know about one or two things, but I am not an expert in any of them;” or “I feel my message can help someone, but I am not sure if anyone will want to learn from me,” These are some of the limiting beliefs that keep people from taking positive actions that can lead to fulfilling their potential and achieving full life satisfaction.

Here is the truth: You do not need to be the best expert in the world before people can learn and buy from you. You only need to know 1% more than the person buying your product. If you can just provide extra information and care, you’ll be in business.

This is an empowering mindset to embrace if you are to make a difference in your world through information products creation. Eliminate the fear of not being an expert at something. You are already an expert to a lot of people who need what you know. These people can then reward you for your knowledge by paying you for what you know.

What are your benefits for Building an expert career by monetizing what you know through information products creation (ebooks, books, online courses, video/audio programmes, live events, public speaking, etc.)?

The benefits include:

  1. Passive income.
  2. Time leverage. It frees up your time.
  3. Affordable cost of setting up and maintaining.
  4. Easy to manage.
  5. It satisfies the instant gratification of most buyers. More and more people are turning to online orderings and downloads.
  6. It can open up new opportunities, e.g media appearances, speaking engagements, book publication deals, etc
  7. It unlocks your creativity and takes you out of your comfort zone.
  8. You can manage your business anywhere in the world. 
  9. Potential global customers, leading to expanded contributions.

Important Questions to Consider:

  • Have you got dreams and goals that you want to achieve in your lifetime?
  • Do you desire to positively impact more people with your knowledge and passion? 
  • Would you like to create additional sources of income through sharing your stories and messages, doing what you really love to do, and getting paid for it?
  • Do you desire to free up your time so that you can spend more time with the people who are important to your joy and happiness? 

Learn to speak your way into success...

Likewise, when I first started speaking, no one had ever heard of me. I knew very little about the building blocks that exceptional speakers have used to build their speaking career from scratch. As a result, I struggled to get going for many years, leading to seasons of discouragement and frustrations. But once I understood the basic principles for becoming a successful speak, trainer and seminar leader, things started changing for me.  I started to deliver more speeches and seminars that added great value to others and provided what my clients wanted. My reputation began to grow gradually. A track record of competence and credibility was built over several years giving free and low fee talks until I had honed my craft. Now, people are very happy to pay high fees to attend my workshops and seminars. Everyone who has built an enterprise has a similar story to tell. Success is built one step at a time through perseverance and tenacity not to give up until the price has been fully paid.

A track record of competence and credibility was built over several years giving free and low fee talks until I had honed my craft. Now, people are very happy to pay high fees to attend my workshops and seminars. Everyone who has built an enterprise has a similar story to tell. Success is built one step at a time through perseverance and tenacity not to give up until the price has been fully paid. But if you know the key principles to succeed in this area, you can accelerate your breakthrough time. You will not need to spin your wheels and go around the circle without any noticeable progress. You can learn from the painful experiences and wisdom of others. This course will give you what you need to know, what works for others and what does not work.

Course Structure:

This entire course is divided into 2: Day-1 and Day-2

We recommend that you complete day one first and see how far it takes you in reaching your goals. Day two is usually scheduled at least four weeks after you complete the Day-1 course.

Day-2 is optional and will be explained to you at the end of Day-1.

Day-1: This is the day-1 course and is normally £150 (This course is absolutely free (Limited places: We can’t guarantee that you will get a place as it is on a first-come-first-served basis. Please if you do register, ensure that you turn up. We want to make sure that every ticket taken is used on the day. If you register and later find out that you can no longer make it, Please get in touch so that we can release your ticket to somebody else who will be able to use it. Thanks

Day 1 Course Outline:

Below are some of the things you will learn in that Day-1 workshop:

  • How to build an expert career by monetizing what you know. Learn how to turn your passion, message, idea or expertise into income.

  • Understand the “6 building blocks” for turning your passion, message, ideas or expertise into profits and influence.

  • Learn the key principles for becoming an effective speaker that others want to hire and buy from.

  • Discover the “crucial winning philosophies" for your maximum achievement. These philosophies, if mastered will guarantee your success and happiness in life.

  • Find out your true and most powerful “path” where you can make the most impacts and enjoy greater life satisfaction. 

  • Discovery the niche within your passion that you are “Most Genetically Equipped” to share and monetize, and are highly likely to succeed in. Studies have shown that more than 85% of the people in business/practice can double or even triple their turnover by making a few tweaks that focus all their energies on the one thing they do so well.

  • Learn how to “Position Yourself” for maximum influence and profits. This is one of the biggest struggles for a lot of people who have a great message to share but do not quite know how to create a credible platform and track record of credibility that their potential audience will be attracted to. There are 12 major positioning tools you need to start working on immediately. 

  • Learn how to ‘Identify Your Ideal Customer’, uncovering their deepest needs relevant to the product you are creating. 

  • Learn the “Vital Steps to Attract your Perfect Customers/Clients” wherever there are around the world.

  • Learn cost-effective ways to “Optimise your website” so that more paying clients can find you easily.

  • Learn how to “Set-up Sales and Marketing Funnel” to generate steady passive income for your practice/business.

  • Discover the seven ways to present your product (ebook, book, online courses, etc) for maximum impacts and profitability.

  • And more….

 Other focuses for the day:

  • How to overcome the fear of not "qualified" or "good" enough to use your passion to help others get ahead.

  • How to use your existing content as a springboard to launching a lucrative brand.

  • How to avoid common pitfalls to  creating profitable information products.

  • Essential tips for students, start-ups, and newly-qualified professionals, on what to start doing first.

WHEN: 13 November 2016

WHERE:  Hilton Garden Inn Luton North Butterfield, Hitchin Road, Stopsley, Luton, LU2 8DL

TIME:10h00 to 17h00

PARKING: Complimentary

The 4 Big Whys!

  • Why limit your clients, customers or audience to your local area when you can tap into the power of the world wide web and build a global online brand that is expansive and evergreen? 
  • Why not leverage what you know and your unprecedented access to the global market (thanks to the internet) so that you can contribute more, earn more and free up more of your valuable time?
  • Why continue to worry about not being able to get your message out there when you can be taken by the hand into the nitty-gritty of how to package and monetize your message through information product creation?
  • Why not you?

Why not leverage the power of the world wide web to your advantage?

Almost everybody that you talk to will reinforce the obvious reality that the internet is the future. The advent of the internet has revolutionised our world. This is where people now go all the time. We are all browsing the internet, checking emails and dropping in and out of the social media platforms several times a day. 

Therefore, the future of our money-life will depend on whether or not we are able to adapt to this extraordinary change that the internet presents to us. Business is always wherever people are. Simply because it takes people to make business happen. It is possible for someone not to leave his home for a week. But it is now almost impossible for the same person not to go online at some point during a one-week period.

With that in mind, if we know where many people visit regularly, there are ample opportunities to change lives there and earn a living; be it with our stories, special skills, knowledge, ideas or personal life experiences.

But it is not just enough to have a website set up with your phone number displayed, expecting clients to give you a call when they are ready. This method is gradually becoming an ineffective way to earn a full-time income as a professional in a private practice. We are now in an era of information products and instantaneity. 

Nowadays, when people need information, they need it now! Most people no longer fancy the conventional routines of phoning up to book an appointment and travel down to see you one-on-one. Of course, one-to-one consultation has its crucial and essential value and will continue to occupy its important place. 

However, relying only on one-on-one sessions for a service that can be delivered on the internet may eventually become insufficient to sustain a well-trained professional or passionate individual who has worked really hard and spent hard to hone his skills.

Therefore, creating digital products that anyone can access anywhere in the world should be a priority for everyone offering any kind of services to the general public. You can then provide online supports as needed by your clients wherever they are in the world.


All you need to do is to register your free ticket to attend this one-day event now.  The event is expected to be oversubscribed as there are very limited spaces. So book your seat now to avoid disappointment. 


The first reason is networking. Relationships are very important. In a live event like this, there is ample opportunity to connect with like-minded people, share experiences, get motivated and discover what is working for others.

The second reason why this is a free event is the feedback that we get from our attendees. This is extremely useful. It helps us improve our courses and get better in serving others.

The third reason is that this free one-day workshop is the first part of our 2-full day Information Product Creation Blueprint. So, if you find the free full-day workshop very informative and helpful, you may choose to register to attend the second part of the workshop at a later date.

We offer a number of accredited CPD workshops, recovery materials, online courses and coaching programmes that are priced from £10. There is no obligation to buy or sign up for anything. Just come along to enjoy great tips and ideas that may be helpful in turning your personal goals into realities.


We practise authenticity because that is one of our highest values. MindBody Breakthrough does not use hard selling tactics because manipulation eventually leads to failures and stress at some point down the line. 

If you enjoy the day and think that any of our materials, online courses or future workshops can be beneficial to you personally or to your work, then we can discuss options once you have completed this full day. We just want you to come and enjoy the day, acquire additional helpful skills and make new friends.

Spot allocation is on a first-come-served basis due to limited places. 

A certificate of attendance will be issued.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Best Regards,

Wale Oladipo

Lead Coach,

Mind Body Breakthrough

How I Manage to Turn Things Around (My Story)

Up until six years ago, I was working a day job in a full-time position. At the same time, I was working part-time in my private counselling practice. At that time, my entire counselling practice was built solely on sourcing for clients locally and seeing them on a one-to-one basis. 

As much as I loved spending time with clients on a one-on-one basis, I soon realised that there was no way I would be able to realise my long-time goal of earning a full-time income in private counselling unless I was willing to get creative and come up with a suitable marketing plan that would make my dream come true.

After hundreds of hours of brainstorming and research, I finally found a suitable model of practice that would not only enable me to reach global clients, but also free up my time to spend with my young family and also do other things I really love to do.

Having gone through various rough patches of ignorance, costly mistakes, and stagnations, I eventually created my first online product that people could buy anywhere in the world. I figured out the low-cost way of marketing it. Then sales started to come in. 

I began helping to change people’s lives all around the world without being there in person and still getting paid for it. This was an incredible feeling. My goal of earning a full-time income in private counselling while still in control of my time was beginning to come to fruition. 

Ever since I have gone on to create several other information products which are fully automated and bringing in money even when I am asleep or on holiday. This progress finally afforded me the luxury of achieving my full-time income dream. 

Three years ago, I quit my day job as my online information products were beginning to generate enough money to live on. Many of my professional colleagues and friends who had witnessed my transformation started to ask me to share with them my information product creation and marketing strategies. But my problem was time. I wanted to help other practitioners achieve their financial goals but I had no time to effectively coach every single person. This was when I decided to create this course.

Regardless of what your area of passion, expertise, knowledge or interest may lie, this course will help you reach more people, earn more and achieve more. In this course, I reveal for the first time in a step-by-step approach how I created profitable information products. The course also reveals in detail the exact steps I took to make some of my most profitable online courses.

It is, therefore, my hope that this entire course will provide to the participants the key tools to turning their passions into profitable information products that will enable them to impart more people globally with their skills and in the process achieve their professional, financial and personal goals.

Turn Your Passion into Profit Event

Information Production Creation Blueprint

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Date and Time

Hilton Garden Inn Luton North

Butterfield, Hitchin Road, Stopsley

Luton, United Kingdom

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