GZL x GAMIS Local Shorts - at the Bat. Lab. for GIFC

GZL x GAMIS Local Shorts - at the Bat. Lab. for GIFC

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Bat. Lab.

49 Bankhall Street


G42 8SW

United Kingdom

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Join GZL and GAMIS for a night of short films by local DIY filmmakers.

About this event

Tiugainn Dachaidh

Fraser MacBeath



The Outer Hebrides are among rural communities throughout the world that are experiencing population decline. Out of any Scottish local authority region, The Outer Hebrides is where this is most significant. From 1901 to 2001 the population has fallen by 40% . More recent figures show that population is predicted to decline by a further 16% between 2018 and 2046 while the rest of Scotland is set to increase by 2.4%. The Outer Hebrides comprise more than 70 islands but only 15 remain inhabited today.

The work uses footage recorded in abandoned houses, field recordings from the Isle of lewis and Scottish archival audio in order to give an immersive experience of the loss currently being experienced there.

Magic Carpet

Daniel Archibald


A bored young woman gets nostalgic for her youth with the help of an old dance mat.

Terminal Hair

Sukhy Parhar



Who sets the standards of femininity? Normative femininity paints the paragon of the thin, pale-skinned, long haired woman, with a hairless body. It is not reductionist to suggest that this is the epitome of the white male gaze, which women around the world are conditioned from birth to internalise and perform. I wish I could share Audre Lorde’s sentiment in Sister Outsider, that “nothing I accept about myself can be used against me to diminish me.” This may be true of my own sense of wellbeing and self-worth, but as Foucault demonstrates, we are all subjects to the structures of power in which we live, with limited loci of control. The growing influence of the evangelical right, and the increasing vitriol from gender critical lobbyists mean it is increasingly unsafe to even be perceived as trans. This has profound ramifications for all women who do not meet the standard. As a trans woman of colour, I will never conform to this standard of femininity, no matter how I try. My facial hair forms a significant part of my dysphoria, and making this video forced me to reassess my identity and confront some of my internalised shame.

Access: This film is not suitable for viewers with photosensitive epilepsy.

Content warning: Mentions of dysphoria, racism, and transphobia

Go Home

Razan Madhoon (Director), David Jack (Producer)


When a young Palestinian woman tries to claim asylum in the UK, she faces the indifference of British bureaucracy and the disillusionment of a Polish asylum officer on the verge of leaving the country for good.

Content warning: Themes of racism, xenophobia and the hostile environment.


Shanine Gallagher


‘Hisland’ is a short portrait documentary of a 66-year-old man living in a remote village in the Scottish Highlands. Shown through the perspective of a father-daughter relationship, it highlights the social and physical distance that he faces every day and focuses on the shift of vulnerability that occurs as time passes.

Content warning: Brief mention of heart attack.


Stephen Fraser


Prosopagnosia is a story of identity, communication and memory that uses expressive animation to investigate a personal memory box in intimate and experimental ways.

Content warning: Brief graphic depiction of genitals.

First Step Swim

Caitlin McMullan


Delving into deep water, a disabled woman finds a sense of wholeness.

The End

John Tinneny


Historians come together to study the history, and ultimate destruction, of an ancient civilization on a distant planet, known as Earth.

Breath, Love, Butterfly, Tear

Rosa Park


The 'Breath, Love, Butterfly, Tear' is hand-drawn stop-motion animation. It's about how the artist feels and thinks about life and the experience that she has had in the process of being an adult. She expresses a deep and dark side of her thoughts with anonymous characters in a humorous way. In the animation, by using vivid colors and entertaining songs, she wants to give the audience paradoxical views of life.


Mara Chavez & Nasim Luczaj


Isthmus (a narrowing of land) explores the indigenous struggle against a new form of extractive colonialism in the south of Mexico.

Between the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico lies the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Latin America's windiest region. It is largely inhabited by Zapotec and Ikoots people who draw their subsistence from the land and sea, which they view as both sacred and communal. Recently, this narrow strip of land has become a lucrative and dangerous battleground, as foreign investment pours into the region and thousands of wind turbines are constructed. The experimental film weaves together indigenous wisdom and storytelling, interacts with different voices in the landscape and attempts to escape human-centrism.

The Suburban Surrealist

Jess Docherty


The Suburban Surrealist is a short documentary about the artist Ally Thompson. Insights into Ally’s life are given through interviews with his brother Douglas Thompson and his friend and contemporary Peter Howson, as well as in Ally's own words through his letters and poetry.

You Can Run

MJ Brocklebank


In Glasgow's Southside, someone realises that they can run, but they can't hide.

CW: This film opens with a scene that some viewers may find triggering. A person breathes heavily while walking in the street at night, looking around as if they feel unsafe. We see this from their point of view. It lasts for 39 seconds. Please note, the film does not include any references to or representations of violence or assault. If you would like further information about this please contact us/speak to a member of staff.


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Glasgow Zine Library is an archive and library based in the Southside of Glasgow. It acts as a growing archive of self-published works, with an inviting and accessible area of reading in the space, as well as running a year-long programme of events to celebrate the ethos of Do It Yourself (DIY) culture.

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About GAMIS:

Glasgow Artists’ Moving Image Studios (GAMIS) is a charitable organisation committed to supporting experimental arts and community-focused film programming in Govanhill.


Programmed as part of Govanhill International Festival and Carnival 2022

Supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland and by Scotland Loves Local


What is the Bat. Lab.? The Batson Street Laboratory or Bat. Lab. is a new experimental open-air screening space adjacent to the historic Govanhill Picture House, 49 Bankhall St, Glasgow G42 8SW built from a shipping container and recycled planters supported by Glasgow City Council’s Animating Spaces Fund and built by the Govanhill Baths Up Hub.

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