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Halloween Flow (Yoga, Ecstatic Dance & Cacao Ceremony)

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Core Clapton

161 Northwold Rd


E5 8RL

United Kingdom

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Join us for an exclusive Halloween Flow, Yoga, Ecstatic Dance & Cacao Ceremony on Sunday 31st Oct at Core Clapton.

About this event

Want some Halloween vibes for your fall yoga flow? Maybe you feel the need to exorcise some demons before winter strikes? Or perhaps you're just feeling a little dark and twisted and want a dark and twisty flow to match your mood?

Halloween is a time where we excitedly huddle through haunted houses, get cozy by the fire . . . and get a little weird in our yoga practice.

This Halloween season, we challenge you to tap into the spirit of Halloween by being playful, imaginative and child-like. If you need some fun inspiration, this Halloween yoga flow sequence is designed to bring out the child in you, so let go and explore!

Our program consist Live DJ and Live Act including sound healing instruments as well as gong bath throughout the event.

Remember – the point is to have fun and capture the Halloween spirit! Halloween costumes highly recommended. 😉

Also please bare in mind that our visual artist is there to help with your ritual make up!

As an organized wellness & fitness class, our events are fully compliant with the latest government rules. Our sessions are covid - secure and respect social distancing measures.


9.45 Arriving

10.00 - 10.15 Meditation (Pranayama)

10.15 - 11.30 Asana

11.30 - 12.30 Ecstatic Dance

12.30 - 13:00 Cacao Ceremony


Yoga is Ecstasy, its a unique style of yoga that been mixed with sound meditation. It is a modern version of Hatha-Raja Yoga, fused with the vinyasa flow and Kundalini breathing techniques presented with high quality headphones by using hypnosis frequencies to take you in a deeper meditative state and strong physical practice to keep your mind connected to your body in the present moment during the event.

This event is more than a yoga class; it’s an experience that has been described as a dance of the spirit between mind and body. Its a journey that it will set you on the ecstasy state by practicing heart openers, as well as inversions combining by hip flexors asanas leading to improved flexibility, strength, balance and concentration.

A complete practice of mind and body to connect you to yourself and others through vibration of sounds and mindful movements. This event takes places over a 3 -hour LIVE DJ set and starts and finishes with a short opening and closing.


Ecstatic dance is a form of dance in which the dancers, sometimes without the need to follow specific steps, abandon themselves to the rhythm and move freely as the music takes them, leading to trance and a feeling of ecstasy. The effects of ecstatic dance begin with ecstasy itself, which may be experienced in differing degrees.

In the ancient and widespread practice of shamanism, ecstatic dance and rhythmic drumming are used to alter consciousness in spiritual practices. Ecstatic sacred dances are known also from religious traditions around the world.

Modern ecstatic dance was revived by Gabrielle Roth in the 1970s and formalised in her 5Rhythms practice; it is now found in variants across the western world.

5Rhythms danced by thousands of people around the world, is a philosophy, a perspective, an art and dynamic practice of movement, rooted in the truth that if you lead your soul to movement, it will heal itself.

Movement is both a cure and a metaphor as it reaches through and above languages, cultures and age groups, transforming: suffering into art, art into awareness and awareness into action. Together means powerful, revolutionary and cosy.


Cacao ceremonies are a centuries-old ritual seen as the ultimate heart-opener. In addition to being packed full of vitamins and minerals, cacao increases blood flow to the brain which helps to strengthen awareness and focus. It helps the body to heal, detoxify and to give your immune system a good boost.

Live Act & Sound Healing

Api is an explorative and vibrant soul whose musical abilities reunite together to create expressive, eclectic and soulful music. Playing music from the age of 5 and receiving full classical training as a pianist, Api’s musical journey has encountered many genres such as Spanish folk, jazz harmonies, African drumming, middle eastern percussion, Hindustani raags, shamanic vibrations and meditative modes. Her fascination for cultures, art, music and rhythm continues influencing her compositions and her genuine improvisation skills will transport you to places out of time and space.

Api also offers music workshops called “Music Under One Moon”. A space to dive into the depths of your silence, find your unique sound and connect to the healing properties of your voice.


Sunita Kaur is a Gong Bath Facilitator and a Personal Freedom Coach, based in London. Her work focuses on the impact sound vibration has on the human body and caters to a holistic experience where sight, sound and smell come together, resulting in a deep mind-body experience.

Ceremonial Cacao Alchemist

Andreea started her journey to expand consciousness inspired and motivated to seek the meanings of awakening and increase her awareness driven by the obstacles and suffering from her own life experience and the lives of loved ones. She is someone in the healing arts from over a decade. She became a facilitator, as she was working in retreats, from a desire to share her knowledge and expertise, she felt a divine internal call to be in service, witnessing the alchemy and transformation of thousands of other fellow humans.

Visual Artist

Sandra Surdu is a spiritual artist, illustrator and a wild visionary wishing through her art to inspire, empower and encourage the artist that lives within us all. She soulfully believes in the magic of creative expression which set us free and allow us to sense all beyond rational and conventional, embracing the strangeness and the singularity of oneself consciousness.

Through painting, Sandra reveals her lucid visions and dreams, recalling and transcending, each of her artwork becoming a healing journey while honouring the endless rhythm of this ecstatic dance called Life.

Sandra is also an enthusiastic Yoga Practitioner, Reiki Healer, Women’s Circle and Moon Ceremonies facilitator.

Guided by a deep sense of awareness and through daily sacred rituals and embodiment practices, Sandra feels like a divine responsibility to share her soul, being of service, with faith, gratitude and love.

We ask you to kindly follow a few guidelines:

1. Arrive early

2. No talking during the class. Yogastasy is a meditative practice

3. No drugs/alcohol. Yogastasy is a conscious practice embracing mindfulness.

4. Phone-free zone. Please keep your phones off/airplane mode as it interferes with our silent disco transmitter.

5. Respect of self and other. We ask participants to take responsibility for themselves, but also to watch out for others and be mindful of their personal space.

6. We respect the current social distancing government rules by placing yoga mats 2m distance to each other.

7. Bring your towel, water and your sense of adventure!


-What are your social distancing and virus prevention measures? Upon arrival, you will be provided with an antibacterial wet wipe to clean your headset. We keep a large bottle of hand sanitiser at your disposal.

-What is the level of the class? Something like vinyasa flow level 2 (Intermediate)

-What kind of music? Yogastasy music is an eclectic and not linked to any specific genre even though expect tribal vibes! We start with ambient sounds to bring you to the meditative state and start our journey with electronica, deep house, world music and ethnic beats before bringing you back down with downtempo tracks and finish with a gentle sound bath.

-This event will challenge you both mentally and physically. Why not strengthen your muscles while improving on posture and flexibility? A huge part of yoga is being aware of your body and reconnecting yourself to the earth. This is a great way to take in the sunshine and enjoy a moment of peace before the day ends.

-These parties are open to everyone so bring your friends and bring on the heat.

-Please use the generosity box below for donation.



£5 Ceremonial Cacao

£10 Early Bird Tickets

£15 First Release Tickets

£20 Second Release Tickets

Please bare in mind that the Ceremonial Cacao is not included, you would need to purchase separate ticket for that.


By attending our event instructed by our qualified teacher, you accept all responsibility for your own health and wellbeing. Your participation is your agreement to this disclaimer.

You acknowledge and represent that:

- To the best of your knowledge, you suffer from no medical or physical condition or disability that will or might increase the normal risks associated with exercise;

- Your doctor has approved your participation in yoga classes.

You must inform the teacher, as soon as possible, if:

- You suffer from any injury, illness or other medical condition;

- You feel any pain or discomfort during a yoga class; or

- You feel that an exercise included in a yoga class would be unsafe or uncomfortable for you

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Date and time


Core Clapton

161 Northwold Rd


E5 8RL

United Kingdom

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Organizer Kash

Organizer of Halloween Flow (Yoga, Ecstatic Dance & Cacao Ceremony)

Yoga is Ecstasy, its a unique style of yoga that been mixed with sound meditation. It is a modern version of Hatha-Raja Yoga, fused with the vinyasa flow and Kundalini breathing technique.

A complete practice of mind and body to connect you to yourself and others through vibration of sounds and mindful movements. This event takes places over a 3 -hour DJ set and starts and finishes with a short opening and closing.

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