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Harness The Power of Purpose (6-week online programme)

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Did you start 2018 with great intentions and plans but now find other priorities taking up your time and attention?

Maybe you are frustrated with your progress or are procrastinating on taking action on the things that matter most to you?

Or, perhaps, you are at a cross-roads in your life, seeking something different, wondering what next?

Do you want 2018 to be your best year yet?

If you want 2018 to be your best year yet and be one of the 23% of people who see their resolutions through to completion, join us for The Power of Purpose which starts on Monday 5th March.

This online programme is very practical yet has been life-changing for many. It is ideal for anyone who wants to live a more purposeful and fulfilling life and become more effective at making things happen.

Apply what you’re learning to create results

It takes place one evening a week over six weeks so that you can apply what you’re learning to create the results you want in your life.

It’s an online programme which means you can participate from the comfort of your own home - or wherever in the world you happen to be. And, as it is a CPD-accredited course, it can count towards your ongoing professional development.

The course is led by two very experienced trainers. Caroline Holt and Letitia Blake will use their wisdom and own experience with the Power of Purpose tools and techniques to help you each step of the way in order to give you an experience of a fundamental aspect of being human: living a life that is on purpose.

Explore and learn in a supportive group

You will also have the support and encouragement of a group of no more than eleven other people, all individuals who are committed to making changes and living a life that is on purpose. Together, we will explore and learn from each other how to harness the power of purpose and live life as an exciting adventure.

During our time together, we will help you to:

  • explore and clarify your key priorities and how to progress them
  • uncover and let go of the – often unconscious – attitudes and behaviours that may be holding you back
  • learn how to use purpose rather than pressure to motivate yourself and how to achieve results without stress
  • discover how to overturn the procrastination habit so you can stay focused, whatever the distractions and difficulties
  • establish meaning and purpose for yourself in all areas of your life so you bounce out of bed each day excited about the day ahead
  • uncover your life purpose which will direct and inspire all of your efforts so you can live life as an exciting adventure

Only twelve places so register now to secure your place

There is a lot of demand for this online programme and there are only twelve places available so, if you want 2018 to be your best year yet, register now to secure your place.

When: from 18.30 to 21.30 (UK time) over six Monday evenings - 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th March and 9th, 16th April. There will be no session on Easter Monday, which is 2nd April.

Investment: Full price - £595 per person; discounted to £495 for Early Birds. Retake price for those who have taken the course before - £395; discounted to £295 for Early Birds.

What others have said about The Power of Purpose programme:

“I found the experience amazing. It has made me stop and breathe, reassess my life, my journey and given me strength. I really appreciated the group work, working with great people and a great coach. Caroline is excellent - compassionate, loving and kind. The course gives you strength and focus to just be you and to live life. If you are afraid, don’t be - go on The Power of Purpose course.” Natasha M.

“Life is now more enjoyable and I am getting clearer about what I want job-wise and how I want to be and live my life. It gave me great clarity and provoked thought, curiosity and insight.” Judith M.

“Great course. It has given me the chance to explore my real wants and passions, and what is important to me. Great pace and exercises and good to have exercises in between each session and to use them as an opportunity to reflect on matters. I have really seen a shift and change in how I approach certain things. Excellently led and very nurturing and supporting.” Rachel S.

“The course was led very professionally and with a lot of humanity, understanding and caring. You managed to make the place safe for us to feel secure. Thank you!” Herve G.

“The Power of Purpose was helpful at this particular time in my career. It surprised me, as I recognised areas of importance that I was able to take action on that were really meaningful e.g. nurturing my relationships with my partner and my family. I have already taken action on some of the things I’ve learned - I continue to nurture my relationships and keep them at the forefront, even if I’m very busy. I am keeping my health as a priority, eating cleanly, which I am finding very beneficial. And, I am working my way towards my ultimate purpose which is to teach as many people as I can how to dance. I found the trainers to be very upholding and honest. Both Letitia and Caroline supported the participants so that we weren’t able to get away with unhelpful thoughts that emerged through some of the processes. Thank you for creating a warm and nurturing environment for curiosity and adventure.” Rachel P.

“I’ve achieved more in the last six weeks of this course than I have in ages!” Fiona M.

“It was a very interesting and useful course, which made me look at things in my life very differently. I really found the exercises and tools useful - the framework of these is a game-changer. It’s a great way to look at your life through a different lens! It makes it clearer to navigate life. I have used the tools to help me get results and make decisions - very useful. Also, the course was led in a very down-to-earth and authentic way, which was nice! I’m really glad I did the course. Everyone could benefit from this course!” Jane P.

Presented with clarity, passion and, of course, purpose! Good use of examples from both of the trainers to illustrate points and bring it to life.” Richard R.

“The course supported me to discern what goals are most important to me, as well as strengthening my reasons for achieving them and my will to actualise them. I enjoyed the ease and lightness of the trainers’ partnership, which empowered me to feel comfortable and confident in asking any question, be myself and fully participate.” Ellie H.

“The course illuminated a changing path of priorities for me, and I can support myself further by using the processes. It was ‘fluent’ - the trainers alternated beautifully and their listening and questioning was useful and enriching. Thank you!” Sarah C.

“Well run, well-paced, sensitively facilitated. It’s a well-constructed course. Nice balance of doing, reflecting, sharing. I liked the incremental building of knowledge and insight. Found it helpful in uncovering my driven-ness and the unconscious conditions that were blocking me. I also liked the techniques and the emphasis on feelings as much as thoughts and process - plus the requirement to do self-preparation each week.” Sarah D.

"I really enjoyed it and did, indeed, get in touch with my purpose and purposes. I thought you were all very accepting of what came up for us during the course and I liked how you shared your own stories with us. Thank you!" Jo M.

“Superbly presented. I found it very challenging - but still enjoyable! You led the course with a lightness of touch and let your personalities come across, making it a very pleasant experience. Very supportive and encouraging environment.” Jeremy W.

It’s been like turning the pieces of a jigsaw over - and, whilst the picture isn’t yet complete, it’s now a lot clearer! Appreciated the structured bottom-up approach. Overall, delivered with care and love and that shone through. Thank you.” Jane N.

Very good, valuable, really pleased I attended." Simone P.

“Methods that help you. Helpful in figuring out important issues. Very good. Very empathetic. I found it very helpful and look forward to seeing you again.” Gillian L.

“This course helps you to take positive actions and work around fears that create inaction. Caroline has been very open, positive and supportive. She encourages sharing without imposing pressure on those who do not want to.” Claire T.

“Excellent toolkit to help uncover my purpose in life. Some insights into what’s important to me and a possible choice for my life purpose Mark I. It was a terrific opportunity to explore what matters to you and what prevents you from achieving it, in a structured way.” Nick W.

“I really enjoyed the course and think the tools, frameworks and group discussion were excellent. The points about habitual flight/fight/freeze responses to difficult situations helped me to understand why uncovering much of this is hard. Makes unconscious processes conscious in very helpful and practical ways. I was also very happy with the way the trainers led this course. Good balance between holding silence and feeding back, and teaching.” Debbie S.

“This course is about letting go of unhelpful emotions, old habits and being more intuitive about things. Thinking from the heart; not just the head! Learning new tools and skills for dealing with procrastination and being taken through these in the session was really helpful. I’ve been given great tools which I can continue to use to help me develop my purpose in life and live more purposefully.” Yasmin M.

“The course has helped me identify and clarify my life purpose.” Steven W.

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