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Healing Endometriosis Naturally 4 Months Program

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In-spire Galerie Dublin

56 Gardiner Street Lower



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Welcome to 4 months holistic endometriosis healing program!

This program is a collaboration of a gynecologist Dr. Aneta Sempka, nutritionist Zuzana Sladeckova and a bellydancer Ola Wawrzyniak

The program consists of:

- 2 gynecological visits, one before the start of the program, one after the end of the program to track progress

- 5 monthly 2 hour workshops: 19/11/17, 10/12/17, 14/01/18, 11/02/18, 11/03/18

- step by step healing journey workbook for each participant

- exercises video

- 2 Essential oils and 3 supplements (multivitamin, essential fats and antiinflammatory) for the first month- additional 150 Euro/month 2-4 investment into supplementation recommended for months 2-4 to get optimum benefits

- practices to help with rest and reducing stress

- dietary guidelines

- reducing toxic load guidelines

- affirmations and working on beliefs system

- social Media support group

Starting date is 19/11/17.

Price for the whole program 660 Euro paid before 19/11/17 or on the day at latest.

Installments payments are possible: 3 installments of 220 Euro. First installment to be paid before program starts, second before 31/12/17 and third one before 11/02/18.

For more information and booking contact Ola: 0857379345

or Zuzana 0876979815 or book through the eventbrite event.

About us:

Zuzana Sladeckova, dipNT, doterra Wellness Advocate, Tameana energy healing facilitator

Zuzana got into studying nutrition because of her own chronic digestive and other health problems. Half way through her nutrition studies she realized there is more to health than just healthy diet and she started to explore the role emotions play in our health and realized that physical ailments are just manifestations of unresolve emotions and generational patterns. At that time she came across DoTerra essential oils, which turned to play an important role in her healing journey as they were one of the most important tools that helped her body heal on all the levels of health: physical, emotional and spiritual and have become a part of her daily wellness routine to maintain great health. Zuzana is passionate about combining her knowledge of nutrition, essential oils, stress&emotions management, reducing toxic load (from diet, skin care and cleaning products) and energy healing to create a holistic approach to health. Last year she changed her specialization from digestive and mental health to women’s health to dedicate her work to inspire and empower women to learn how to be happy, healthy, connected to their bodies, themselves and their purpose.

Zuzana offers individual consultations as well as classes and workshops on doTerra essential oils, women’s health and Tameana energy healings and practitioners training.

Ola Wawrzyniak, chemist, bellydancer and Pilates instructor, passionate about empowering women.

Ola has background in chemistry, she spend 10 years working as an analytical chemist in pharmaceutical industry only to completely quit this career path in March 2016. Instead Ola has committed herself to work with women on a full time basis. Being also a professional oriental dancer, Pilates instructor and a vegetarian since 1999, she has been passionate about healthy lifestyle for more than last 15 years, doing a lot of research on her own. Ola believes that our bodies have incredible self healing mechanism and the only thing we need to do is to unblock it - in a holistic way: on physical, emotional and spiritual level. For last few years Ola has been working with women helping them reconnect with their bodies and feminine energy, fully accepting everything that being a woman means. Having herself history of endometriosis and painful periods she has been working on self healing through re-examination of her beliefs systems, use of affirmations, body work, diet and essential oils. Her health has improved significantly through this approach and this has been noted and accknowledged by gynaecologist dr Aneta Sempka. Now Ola is on the mission to help other women suffering with endometriosis and other feminine problems as conventional western medicine in many cases has no reasonable treatment to offer.

dr Aneta Sempka

Dr Aneta has graduated from most prestigious Polish Medical University: Collegium Medicum of Jagiellonian University. She has been professionally working as a gynaecologist and accoucheur for last 25 years. Dr Aneta is running highly equipped health clinic AMA in Dublin.

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Date and Time


In-spire Galerie Dublin

56 Gardiner Street Lower



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