Healing Relational Trauma with The Intention Method - Online Group Sessions

Healing Relational Trauma with The Intention Method - Online Group Sessions

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The Intention Method - the process of reconnecting with the lost parts of yourself

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Life is about relationships.

Having a good life is about stable and balanced relationship with our own self and everything around us. Throughout our life we develop and form a personal and unique relationships to people, food, sexuality, authority, work, our own body, our emotions, needs, wants, etc.

If the relational process is not supported in a healthy manner from early childhood and instead we experience traumatic events that causes pain, fear, terror, loneliness, rejection, rage, etc. then we have no choice but to split in order to survive and to protect from the traumatic feelings.

Such deep wounding results in a distorted image and relationship with the self and the world that we develop throughout life based on the unresolved traumas. We may develop various survival strategies, self-hate, self-rejection and we may feel the loss of safety, connection, authenticity and trust and eventually it may affect our physical and psychological health, as the traumatised parts still exist frozen in the past experience.

IoPT - Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy & Theory developed by Prof Dr Franz Ruppert offers a practice: the Intention Method - also called the Self-encounter Method - which is a safe and effective way of exploring one's psyche in relation to a particular issue. In this therapy the central focus is on a personal life and the existential questions: WHO AM I? and WHAT DO I WANT?

What is identity?

Identity from IoPT perspective is everything that a person experienced from the moment of conception and the impact of all the experiences on a person's life.

“Healthy identity is the unconditional ‘Yes’ to our own existence” - Franz Ruppert

What is trauma?

Trauma is an experience that we do not have the emotional, physical or psychological resources to manage and resolve, and it causes a feeling of utter overwhelm and a fear that we may die. We are completely helpless in the face of unstoppable forces, and the only option is to dissociate, freeze and fragment in order to survive.

What is relational trauma?

Relational trauma is a result of a harm to the point of traumatisation within human to human relationships, where one person - the perpetrator - holds all the power and the other person - the victim - has no power. This cause the person to dissociate and the only survival resource is resignation and splitting. Relational trauma very often has its origins in early childhood and even pre-birth when there is a lack of safety, connection, attunement, love and protection.

Relational trauma is rarely about horrific accidents but rather it is about very subtle and often invisible but deeply felt events. Healing relational trauma is about exploring in depth the victim-perpetrator dynamics that impact our current relationship with oneself and relationships with others around us. It is about touching to the very core the suppressed, forgotten and rejected emotions and feelings of fear, shame, grief, complete powerlessness, helplessness, anger, disconnection, etc. The intention process allows all the parts to be seen, heard and validated thus bringing them step by step to the state of understanding, peace and connection. In other words by exploring what is still unresolved the internal parts come to a resolution, from disconnection, anxiety, fear, anger to calm, stability, safety, trust and connection.

The Intention Method is a process that helps to identify the parts that have been disconnected from your true identity and which the core self wants to retrieve over and over again. The disconnection of the inner parts may be reflected in many survival strategies that are commonly seen in our society, such as: depression, addictions, anxiety, suicidal attempts, loneliness and various physical, emotional and psychological symptoms.

This process has been developed by Prof Dr Franz Rupert and it has been evolving over the years and it is now formed under name of IoPT, Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy. Also known as Trauma Constellations, the Intention Method addresses deep wounding and psychological trauma.

What happens in a workshop?

The group is small and will consists of maximum 8 -10 people. This is a group workshop where the person working will come up with an intention around her/his personal issue, for example:

" I want to have family/money/loving relationship, etc."


"I want to heal/ know why / explore my headaches/pains in the chest/allergies./etc."

The intention holder will invite some members of the group who they feel resonate with different elements of their intention. Once the process starts the intention holder is totally in charge of the direction of his/her own 'self-encounter' process with the guidance of the leading facilitator and will be invited to interact with their inner parts and gently start reconnecting with the disconnected ones.

Please note that this process is not solution-based, but it is an exploration to gain a deeper understanding, clarity and insight around your intention.

“Everything you need to know for your own trauma healing is within you. You can access it when you are ready to take the risk.”

— Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert

Upcoming dates:

- Thursday 21st July - at 5pm London time

- Thursday 4th August - at 5pm London time

- Thursday 25th August - at 5pm London time

- Thursday 22nd September - at 5pm London time

- Thursday 6th October - at 5pm London time

- Thursday 27th October - at 5pm London time

Start time: 5:00 pm London UK time

Finish time: approximately 8:30pm - 9pm

BEFORE JOINING THE WORKSHOP PLEASE COMPLETE the Online Event Agreement Form You need to complete it only once.

Working Place: £70 - Guarantees you a personal exploration of your own intention and other participants take part in your process. This includes pre/post 1 on 1 consultation of approximately 30mins before your process, if you need assistance with forming your intention, or/and after your process to help you integrate the experience. Please contact me in advance if you would like to book it.

Participant Place: £10 - You may attend and observe, and also act as a resonator in others' explorations.

Participant place - special offer - attend 3 workshops for £15 per person

*** Above prices exclude Eventbrite fees. Please email me if you prefer to make a direct payment via bank transfer or Paypal. If there are financial circumstances that prevent you from joining the sessions please get in touch for a discounted cost.

Please feel free to contact me beforehand and send a message for any questions or if you prefer 1 on 1 private session.

Email address: premthelovingfield@gmail.com

Feel free to connect via social media Befriending Trauma

***** IMPORTANT *******

By signing up for this event you are agreeing to the following conditions:

*NO RECORDING OR CAPTURING of any kind is permitted during the event

*Confidentiality during and after the workshop

*Please ensure you have Zoom app downloaded, a quiet and private space, where you won't be disturbed, good Internet connection, working audio & video.

*Your registration at this event is for you only and you cannot share your computer with anyone else or have anyone in the room with you.

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***** Some additional information about IoPT *****



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Ref: Vivian Broughton Book 'Trauma & Identity', 2021

Healing Relational Trauma with The Intention Method - Online Group Sessions image
Healing Relational Trauma with The Intention Method - Online Group Sessions image
Healing Relational Trauma with The Intention Method - Online Group Sessions image
Healing Relational Trauma with The Intention Method - Online Group Sessions image

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