Health & Wellness Fair Durham 2017

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Northern Integrative Health Practice

Durham Road



United Kingdom

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Learn how you can improve your health and lifestyle with our schedule of educational talks, activities and information stalls from Northern Integrative Health Practice, local groups and organisations with your health and wellbeing in mind.


Drop off your food donations for FareShare North East and you will be entered into the prize draw to win a FREE treatment worth £35.

The following donations will be gratefully received:
Pasta, Pasta sauces, Bread and Rice, Cereals, Tea, Coffee and Sugar, Tinned foods.

Health & Wellness Fair Durham – Schedule of Activities

Learn how you can improve your health and lifestyle with our schedule of educational talks and activities.

11:00 – 15:00 Aromatherapy Taster Sessions by Lynn Hughes

Aromatherapy is the practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers and plants to enhance psychological and physical wellbeing. The inhaled aroma from these “essential” oils is widely believed to stimulate brain function and have a positive effect on the body.

Limited spaces on a first come, first served basis.

11:00 – 15:00 Bowen Therapy Taster Sessions with Joanne Hewitt

A feature of the Bowen Technique is that nothing is forced to happen – your therapist gently and precisely does the work which triggers the body’s natural healing responses. Improvement is often experienced within a few days, your posture readjusts giving greater range of movement and flexibility throughout the body. You will also have a feeling of general well-being, producing a deep sense of relaxation and providing lasting relief.

Contact Joanne on 07729 806 456 to arrange a time slot at the event, or leave your contact details when registering on EventBrite.

11:00 – 15:00 Quit Smoking: Free CO test, advice and support

Smokefreelife County Durham is the free Stop Smoking Service operating throughout County Durham. They are here to offer you professional support to quit smoking. Get a free Carbon Monoxide test, advice from the Stop Smoking Advisors and sign up to the free support program.

Pop along at any time between 11am and 3pm.

11:15 Can traditional Acupuncture help you?

Jill Marks is our acupuncturist at NIHP Durham and will present a brief introduction to Traditional Acupuncture, a gentle and effective treatment that focuses on helping the whole person, aiming to improve their entire health and wellbeing.

Traditional Acupuncture forms a part of traditional Chinese medicine in which the basis of diagnosis and treatment is that the mind and body should be in perfect balance. Originating in China and other far Eastern cultures, this ancient system of healing has developed over 2,500 years and today is widely used and accepted all over the world.

11:30 – 12:30 School of Mindfulness

A free taster session open to everyone and will involve an introduction to mindfulness meditation, a meditation or two, and opportunity for questions and discussion.

The session will be facilitated by Michael Atkinson, Director of School of Mindfulness. Michael has 17 years of experience in mindfulness meditation as well as ten years experience as a teacher educator in UK universities.

He has taught mindfulness in a range of contexts, from hospitals to conferences and further and higher education institutions. He currently runs weekly mindfulness sessions for staff and students in his university, as well as resilience workshops. He is currently working on a research project looking into the relationship between mindfulness and resilience with postgraduate researchers.

Advance booking required – register online now.

11:45 Move well. Feel great. Look good!

Trevor Rutherford is our soft tissue and rehabilitation specialist at NIHP Durham.

His professional experience working with a diverse clientele includes fitness training and massage therapy for optimal health, injury or post-surgery rehabilitation, injury prevention and athletic performance. He has previously owned his own professional fitness facility for 15 years with great success in helping others achieve their fitness and performance goals, some achieving professional status.

12:15 How Your Body Really Works

Steve Dobb is our movement specialist at NIHP Durham and works with a complete range of clientele from people with chronic pain to athletes competing at international level.

The variety in his training allows him to work effectively with almost everyone to help reduce pain, increase performance or just improve the way an individual moves. By assessing the way someone moves, and the efficiency of their body, Steve is able to identify where problems lie and formulate how to correct them.

12:45 Breathe4Wellbeing – Happier, Healthier Quality of Life

Dawnie Browne is a trained teacher and counsellor. Her aim is to help you live to your potential by overcoming difficulties and harnessing the natural resources within you, through which to preserve your health and support your own resilience and quality of life.

Breath Perception® is her life’s work, the outcome of personal insight and eleven years researching the role of breathing in assisting recovery and optimising health and wellbeing.

13:15 ZenergiZe Pilates – Free Taster Session

Marie Nesbit gives you a brief introduction to Pilates before kicking off a taster session suitable for beginners.

See the difference between a workout that challenges your body and one that changes your life. Each of the classes is specifically designed to fire up your strength, ignite your intent and enhance your body and mind. Physiotherapists, doctors and other health professionals recommend Pilates and we never cease to be in awe of the fabulous results ZenergiZe Pilates makes to our clients and to our own bodies and wellbeing.

14:15 Relax Kids – Skills for Lifelong Wellbeing

Relax Kids Durham introduce you to how they help equip children with skills for life, promote healthy habits and life-long wellbeing.

Their award-winning 7-step technique improves emotional wellbeing and self-confidence and helps children feel calm and focussed. Relax Kids’ strategies mimic clinically-proven anger management and mitigation treatments such as therapeutic exercise and yoga, breathing exercises and mindfulness exercises. These can be used as anger management tools, ways to help at moments of meltdown, or methods to make time-outs constructive rather than punitive.

14:30 Go Forth Fitness – Taster Session for All the Family

Debra Forth (also of Relax Kids) will introduce you to her health and fitness company based in Sacriston that runs Boxercise classes for all the family… bring the kids along, this taster session is for everyone.

The classes are informal and everybody is so friendly and supportive. If you’re worried about not keeping up or showing yourself up don’t be – nobody judges and you set your own goals with Debra’s support. Don’t be afraid to try a class – you’ll receive a very warm welcome and you’ll feel like you’ve been a member of the group for ages!

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Supporting FareShare - dropping off your food donations at this event will enter you into a prize draw to win a free treatment worth £35.

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Date and Time


Northern Integrative Health Practice

Durham Road



United Kingdom

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