Heart to Heart – Bhakti Yoga Day for Beginners

Heart to Heart – Bhakti Yoga Day for Beginners

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Green Yoga

Sredzkistraße 59

10405 Berlin


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We warmly invite you to our upcoming bhakti yoga day for beginners on Saturday, the 6th of August at Green Yoga Berlin (Prenzlaugerberg).

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We warmly invite you to our upcoming bhakti yoga day for beginners on Saturday, the 6th of August at Green Yoga Berlin (Prenzlaugerberg) – a beautiful opportunity to dive (or just dip a toe) into the world of bhakti yoga.

Bhakti simply means love and devotion. Immerse yourself in the Bhakti experience for an afternoon at the beautiful Green Yoga Studio together with other curious minds & loving souls.

Let us guide you through a magical afternoon filled with yoga asana, heart-opening meditations, a bhakti philosophy workshop with Q&A, and joyful kirtans.

Discover the beauty of bhakti yoga which provides a platform for you to live a fulfilling life of love and compassion in service to others. In giving we receive. All you need is an open heart.

What’s included

Yoga Asana

Heart opening meditation

Bhakti Yoga Philosophy Workshop & Q&A

Kirtan / Mantra Chanting


About the facilitators

Radhika Das

In 2007 Radhika Das first discovered the practice of Bhakti Yoga, the path of love and devotion. He decided to dedicate more time to absorb himself in the ancient practice of Kirtan and discovered the beauty of mantra.

Radhika is committed to helping people, whether it be from an existing yoga or spiritual background or to those with limited or no exposure to the practices. His aim is to help you through accessible and relevant chants to feel more fulfilled, connected and joyful in the mind, body and soul. He has shared in a variety of spaces including major Yoga festivals: Wanderlust, World Yoga Festival and The British Museum.

"Every human being has a beautiful light within that is just waiting to shine, but our false ego can often block us from unlocking our full potential. As a Bhakti practitioner, I want to serve you to dive deep and explore, unleashing your true vibrancy and joy."

Radhika Das also helps to run ‘Kirtan London’, a project which aims to make sacred mantra music accessible to a wider audience, including schools, mental health institutions and outdoor events.

Instagram: @radhikadas I https://www.radhikadas.com/

Lisa-Marie Seiter

Lisa found yoga almost 10 years ago and has been on the path ever since. What started with a purely asana-based yoga practice, has evolved into so much more and has now fully become her life.

Over the years, Lisa was fortunate enough to travel and study from various great teachers all over Europe and India which allowed her to explore various aspects of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, embodiment practices as well as ayurveda – but it's especially bhakti yoga, the path of love & devotion that has transformed her heart deeply.

Lisa is driven by the desire for more humanity, more vulnerability and connectedness. She's committed to co-create a world that is more sustainable – for us and the planet. A world in which people can express and develop themselves freely and can connect to their innate qualities of joy and contentment. By doing this they feel nourished and whole and it comes naturally to spread love and share their gifts with others. She believes that everyone deserves a life that is not dominated by productivity and "success", but by how much our hearts are filled.

As a part of Cocoon Collective (a Berlin-based collective), Lisa facilitates transformative women retreats, shares her love for kirtan / mantra and offers a holistic empowerment mentoring program blending yoga, ayurveda & coaching for people to "unbecome".

Instagram: @boldandboundlessyoga / @cocoon__collective I www.cocooncollective.de

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