Homeopathy Physical, Emotional, Spiritual – Basic

Homeopathy Physical, Emotional, Spiritual – Basic

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Practical knowledge for treating yourself and your family

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Homoeopathy works with our innate immunity and healing processes, stimulating the energy our children need to move up their developmental steps and rebalance excesses – emotional, physical and spiritual. Homoeopathic remedies help to enter babies, children and adults, giving them a core of inner calm and stability which helps to keep them grounded in the increasingly hectic modern world.

NB This is a LEVEL TWO lecture and is entirely about homeopathic approaches. It presupposes that you have attended the lecture 'Nursing Children Supportively through acute illness' or already have a full understanding of the Germ Theory of Disease vs the holistic model and how to manage fevers plus the latest NICE guidelines (CG160, 2013) regarding the same.

Dr Jayne Donegan, Specialist Homeopath and health writer with extensive experience in child health, introduces you a range of homeopathic concepts and approaches to health aimed at empowering you to begin treating yourself and your family supportively using homeopathy.

Part One

Homoeopathy the Vital Force - Duality - Holistic concept of Dis-ease

What is in a homoeopathic Remedy? - How is it made? - What Potency (strength) to use? - What constitutes a dose? - Solid vs Liquid doses/ Rescue Remedy - How often to use? - Food, drink and timing of remedies - Touching remedies - Storing remedies/ X-ray machines

Part Two

Fever: Aconite, Belladonna and Pulsatilla

Teething: Pulsatilla and Chamomila

Colic: Colocynthus and Magnesia Phosphorica

Nosodes – What are they? - Use of Nosodes for prevention and treatment

Dr Schuessler's Twelve Tissue Salts [of Salvation]

Plenary/ Questions

You will be able to access this lecture from 7.15 PM

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