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How Mind Mapping helps Dyslexics Survive and Thrive in School (Sydney Webin...

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Discover how Mind Mapping helps dyslexics survive and thrive in School. This is a webinar specially for Sydney. It's an interactive online workshop to gather together parents, children and tutors to help them discover how the use of mind mapping can cut through the stress of Highschool and Exams. It's given by Darius Namdaran, MD and Senior Tutor at Bulletmap™ Studio via video conference with 'zoom'. (Everyone logs in via their phone or computer. Directions/Assistance will be given.) He will share his story about mind mapping and Dyslexia.

Experience a unique presentation:
  • People joining from Australia will introduce themselves
  • Darius will introduce himself with a short story of his Dyslexia
  • Explanation of how dyslexia looks from the outside
  • "A day in the life of a teenage dyslexic at High school"
  • Why a Creative/Dyslexic mind can feel chaotic from the inside
  • How dyslexia is like having a 'Zero Gravity' brain
  • Why doodles, visual notes, and mapping is so helpful to release thoughts
  • Demonstrate the 'Quick release Headphones' (Children love this)
  • What mind mapping is compared to spider diagrams
  • The 5 Principles of mind mapping
  • Explanation of our "BulletMap Method™" for creative or dyslexic children
  • Questions and answers.
At the end, you will be invited to join the second workshop to explore our Study Method and services. (no pressure)
We promise this will be the best talk on mind mapping and dyslexia your child will have ever heard or your money back.

This talk is ideal for:
  • Parents
  • Tutors
  • Teachers
  • Dyslexia Assessors

It will help:
  • Deepen your understanding of Dyslexia from an adult dyslexics perspective
  • If you have Dyslexia but aren't identified
  • Parent looking for a visual study strategy for your teen
  • Children transitioning to High School
  • Learn the basics of mind mapping
  • Meet other families in your situation

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