How to avoid and manage complications in facial aesthetics

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Forum Banqueting and Conference Centre(Next to Ibis - Stevenage Centre)




United Kingdom

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During the day you will discover:

What’s the future in facial aesthetics

- what you can say and not say when advertising so not falling foul of the regulators

- do you need to be VAT registered

- how to be ready for the new regulations in 2018

- new licensing updates

- MHRA and ASA to become more proactive - how to stay under their radar

- complaints policy

- voluntary registration - good or bad

- post graduate qualification - yes or no

How to avoid complications:

- how to spot body dysmorphic patients

- how young is too young

- contraindications to Botox - numerous medications, including cough/cold medications

- handling patients expectations versus anticipated results

- new consent templates that are goal orientated

- Montgomery consent process versus Bolam consent process

- brotox - how to treat men differently

- dozens of factors that will predispose to the patient to bruise, including green tea the night before

- new medical history template with warning alerts

- the 4P’s to avoid complications

- what are and what are the differences between relative and absolute contraindications

- latest protocol on aseptic techniques, skin preparations and biofilm prevention

- what it is and why you must have a ‘code of patient safety’

- needle versus cannula

- to aspirate or not to aspirate

- speed of injection

- volume of filler deposited

- full face assessment mandatory to determine cause of patients complaint

- the danger areas for fillers - glabellar, temples, tear troughs

- detailed verbal and written post op instructions

- what is essential to have in your medical emergency bag and how to use these drugs

- lip fillers and patients on Roaccutane

- ptosis - how to stack the odds in your favour

- avoiding Diplopia when treating crows feet

- ‘essential kit’ contents for non medical emergency situations

- risk factors - patient, practitioner and product

- prophylaxis for Herpes

- avoiding the ‘Joker smile’ when botoxing for Gummy smile

- why you need to be wary of those with hooding of eyes and short eyebrows/eyelid distance

How to manage complications:

- diagnosing and management of allergic response

- diagnosing and management of eye lid ptosis versus eye brow ptosis

- bruising - latest protocol to manage

- resistance to toxin

- droopy mouth after botox for crows feet

- boxers nose after botox for procerus

- puffy and dry eyes after botox for crows feet

- hematoma

- acute skin infections

- delayed onset nodules - non inflammatory

- delayed onset nodules - inflammatory

- dealing with someone else treatment - what to do and what not to do

- lip oedema

- post op pain

- swelling

- early onset nodules

- granuloma

- skin discoluration

- abscess

- vascular compromise - necrosis and compression

- blindness

- elective protocol for Hyalase

- emergency protocol for Hyalase

- hypersensitivity and adverse reactions to Hyalase

- Dublin protocol

- sharps injury

- herpes

- how to reduce chances of patients taking further action

- how to keep those patients where complications have arisen

Refreshments and lunch will be included.

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Date and Time


Forum Banqueting and Conference Centre(Next to Ibis - Stevenage Centre)




United Kingdom

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