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How To Be Your Most Confident Self - with Chris Murphy

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Century Club

61-63 Shaftesbury Avenue



United Kingdom

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Most people are not being their most confident stuff, having fears which stop them going after what they want and living their full potential.

At this event I will share with you the Biggest Secrets to having unstoppable confidence. To allow you to be yourself around other people, go after what you want in life.

And most importantly break out of your comfort zone!

This for those of you who:

• Struggle getting out of their comfort zone and want to know how to thrive on pushing themselves

• Don’t want to just settle and feel like they want to achieve more

• Want to make an impact in every conversation they have and express their best self

• Want to be successful in life by developing into their best self

• Achieve their life goals and push themselves to new limits and find their life purpose

If you want to create that breakthrough and push yourself past your fears, improving your conversation skills and achieving your life goals then this is the event for you.

Everything stopping you becoming a more confident version of yourself is in your own head, so find out what you have to do to get out of your comfort zone at this workshop. By which we will break it down into the following areas:

I believe you want to make a breakthrough in confidence to excel in the below main areas:


Most of our happiness comes from our relationships. Whether that is developing a social circle, or finding a partner.


We all want greater success in our careers, from having the confidence to voice our own opinions to succeeding in the workplace.

Personal Goals

We all have dreams and personal goals. From living a healthier life to staying in better shape and following your passion and developing yourself to become the best you can be.

The event will be focused on 3 main areas:

1. Mindset - Your Vision and Acceptance of Fears

Being clear on what exactly it is you want, having a clear vision, also a powerful, getting to the root of why you want to make a breakthrough, why which can trigger you into taking action.

Understanding the obstacles in the way: Acceptance of fears of rejection, caring about what others think, self-doubt to name a few, how these beliefs are formed and how we can get past them.

The power of taking action, understanding that 90% is learnt by doing, having clear goals and a desire to achieve them.

2. Getting Out Your Comfort Zone - Forming new Beliefs

Putting the plan into action, what you would want to do if you had no fear

Displaying confidence, Making Decisions, the power of long term Vs short term thinking, standing by your values, and impact you can make in conversations.

Getting a strategy in place that you are going to enjoy, the circle and peer group, mentors, on your quest to discovering the real you.

3. Persistence - Developing a Winning Mindset

How to stay focused on your goals, how to never quit by reinforcing your why, looking for the good in every situation, the importance of focus as there are challenges along the way.

Always remaining Pro-active, so that you take control of your own situation despite the difficulties, handling whatever is thrown at you, and not letting others hold you back.

The pursuit of happiness and how this works in relationship to your goals and development, the importance of keeping everything in balance to live a fulfilled life.

About Me

Before I would always walk around with my head down, I was the shy, introverted guy who would be often in social situations standing at the back of the room, hoping someone would speak to me.

I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone consistently over the last four years. By doing so I have transformed into to the confident person I always wanted to be and where I consistently go after what I want in life.

I went on to improve my confidence by getting out of my comfort zone as I went out speaking to people as I went about my day. I always stuck to my beliefs as I enjoyed meeting people the old fashioned way. I have also done Stand-up Comedy, Acting, Public Speaking and am now a guy who goes after what he wants and is very passionate in life.

My Company started as a Life Strategist and Confidence Coach back in 2014, having helped many people attract their ideal lifestyle by developing themselves. After coaching 100's of people in this area, I believe I am innovating the Self Development area by laying out all the relevant areas and stategy the person will need to have life based on what they want. I am on a journey and look to help as many people as possible find their path to greatness.


Below are what a few people who have made a breakthrough have had to say:

“Chris is an amazing guy who truly understands the essence of self-development. His teachings go far beyond strategy and tactics and deep into what it truly means to self-actualise and achieve your potential in this life. Check Chris out you won't be disappointed. ” - Hafiz M Rahman

“Chris is a passionate speaker and he is delivering an exciting message that everybody can benefit from. By pushing our personal limits and becoming a better and more confident version of ourselves, we can feel always motivated and able to achieve our biggest goals in life. Highly recommended and well-structured talks, a call to action ” - Dimi

“ I've been to several of Chris's events and what can I say - his material is rocket fuel! From giving up coffee to meeting the girl of my dreams, am now training to be a pilot. You can't put a price on this stuff. ” - Allan

Structure of Event

6:30 - 7:00: Welcoming and Networking

7:00 - 8:30 - Interactive Talk

8:30 + - Further Networking and Drinks

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Date and Time


Century Club

61-63 Shaftesbury Avenue



United Kingdom

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