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How to build a £1Million Practice on a 3 day week

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    • The 7 Stage AVN Roadmap

    • Your Strategy Session

  • Our money-back guarantee to you

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Why we're running this event.

At Accountex earlier this year Shane Lukas - Managing Director of AVN - delivered 3 brief presentations called 'How to build a £1Million Practice on a 3 day week', and that meant £1Million per partner.

The photograph was taken at the event and represents the interest and impact that the presentation had.

Each presentation was just 35 minutes long and shared a case study example of the journey one practitioner took to achieve his dream practice which, in fact, by far exceeded the original target of a £1Million Practice on a 3 day week.

Shane shared step-by-step the process he went through. This is a sole practitioner. An accountant - just like you.

He was working 70 - 80 hours per week, at the beck and call of his clients, he was frustrated that his employees weren’t stepping up. Everything relied on him.

Shane shared with the audience how he’d taken very specific steps to turn his practice around beginning with some easy quick wins that gave instant relief to his nightmare life right through to incrementally changing his practice into what is now described as a passive income generating business. In other words, a business in the true sense in that it doesn’t rely on the business/practice owner for the day-to-day running in order for it to be successful.

The presentation was received so well by the audience that AVN have decided to put on a full day event that goes into much more detail on the steps needed to transform your practice - at your pace - into a practice that gives you all the time you want because it will work for you.

Being an accountant is a profession that can make a profound difference to its clients and one that should give you great financial and emotional rewards at the level you rightly deserve. Sadly, there are too many accountants working too hard, working long hours and getting little fulfilment from what they do.

This event is exclusive to an audience of just 20 accountants - accountants who recognise that something needs to change in their practice for them to see better results. Who recognise that something magical isn’t going to happen that will make things better. Who recognise that taking 1 day out of their practice to learn a strategy that will get them the financial and emotional rewards, as well as freedom from working long hours, will be the best decision they ever made.

What you can expect on the day.

We’re determined that this day will deliver outstanding value to you and so we’ll be sharing our best content during the day and giving you real takeaway strategies, actions and learning on best practice.

After refreshments on arrival and introductions we’ll share why now is the best time to begin to adapt your practice and make it much more future-proof. Just using cloud-based software isn’t enough. We’ll briefly explore how the threats we keep hearing about with technology and artificial intelligence will really impact on you and your practice and what you can do about it.

The 7 Stage AVN Roadmap

We’ll then dive straight in to the 7 stage roadmap. The journey that’s helped hundreds of accountants achieve the practice of their dreams. The practice that earns them a great income.

That journey begins with CLARITY

When you’re doing the same thing day in, day out, it’s not always possible to see the wood for the trees. In this session we help you think through the possibilities, show you what others have done and help you think about how you’d really like your practice to be. By getting this first stage in place our brains are much more responsive to learning about the things that will help us achieve our objectives.

During this session we’ll share with you how to better price your products and services so that you’re earning much more and still getting winning work from prospects.


Are you perceived as ‘Just an Accountant’ by your clients and prospects? If so, then you’re not valued by them, they won’t want to pay you very much nor be receptive to any higher value services that you could offer to them.

How you’re positioned dictates your value and the services people will buy from you and pay for.

Here, we’ll show you how to better showcase your practice in a way that sets you apart from the competition and helps you get more of the right sales enquiries.

Stage 3 is VALUE

Once you’ve better positioned yourself in your clients’ and prospective clients’ eyes you can begin to deliver much greater value to your clients and earn more rewarding fees as a result.

We’ll show you how you can add better value in a low-effort way.

We’ll show you the type of value that you can deliver easily with your experience in numbers and provide services that your clients will happily pay a premium for. On average, these services can increase your income by £2,000 per year for every business client you have.

Stage 4 is GEARING

How to put the foundations in place for a truly scalable accountancy practice.

One that means you work significantly less and earn significantly more because you’ve leveraged your time through building a team of people as dedicated to growing your practice as you are.

Many people struggle to build a truly committed team of employees. In this section we’ll share the secrets of how to do it.

Gearing also covers how to leverage your time, your income and the value of your accountancy practice beyond the typical 1 x GRF.


Automation isn’t just about putting systems in place and expecting people to follow them blindly, it’s about identifying the most important processes in your practice, mapping them out and identifying the inefficiencies, the waste and adding customer value throughout that process at every opportunity.

We share techniques for doing this with your employees so that they buy into the process and follow them.

This creates a practice that truly reflects your personality and high standards and that consistently delivers outstanding service.

Stage 6 is PROFILE

How to get noticed by your target market, the people you’d really like to work with.

Here we share with you different ways that you can raise your profile. There are many ways to achieve this and because of this, it’s confusing to know what’s best. Social Media, Video Marketing, BNI events, public speaking, webinars. The list goes on.

We’ll share specific, actionable ways to really begin boosting your profile.


How to truly make a profound difference to the businesses you work with which will affect the lives of the people behind those businesses too, and how you can reach out beyond those lives and make a difference in the world.

Your Strategy Session

During the day, we’ll take a break from the roadmaps and break the group into groups of 5 non-competing peers.

Each group will have an AVN Practice Growth Expert present who will facilitate a Strategy Session. We’ll seek to understand the problems you’re currently facing in your practice, the problems you might foresee going forward, we’ll bring our experience of working with 1000s of accountancy practices over 19 years to the table, our experience in helping those practice achieve best practice standards and overcoming issues similar to the ones you’re facing right now.

You’ll come away from that Strategy Session with crystal clarity on what you need to do to overcome those challenges and take your practice forward.

This Strategy Session will be 1 hour during the day.

Our money-back guarantee to you.

We’re so confident that you’ll receive incredible value from attending this seminar that if you tell us you haven’t, we’ll give you every penny back, no quibble.

We’re happy to make this step easy and painless too so that there’s no discomfort involved. This guarantee trigger will simply be on the feedback form at the end of the day.

Having worked with accountants for 19 years we know that they’re ethical, honest and genuine, we’re happy to refund anyone who doesn’t feel they’ve had value and do so knowing that this offer hasn’t been unfairly exploited.

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