How to cope with anxiety using simple body-based practices.

How to cope with anxiety using simple body-based practices.

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A 30-minute workshop to help you learn simple, effective practices for managing anxiety that focus on the body, not the mind.

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Do you find yourself feeling anxious, stressed, worried , more than you’d like to? Have you tried talk therapies or rationally telling yourself why you shouldn’t feel anxious.

Whilst these practices do have merit, sometimes focusing on the most accessible tool we have can bring about powerful change to our overall wellbeing. Which tool is that? Our body.

Our body can tell us so much about how we are feeling, but it can also change how we feel. Have you ever noticed how much calmer you feel after a long, hot bath. Or how much more energised you feel after the gym. The beauty of the body is that we can practice simple exercises to change our psychological state and, in turn, our mental state - even for anxiety.

This workshop will help you to:

  • develop a stronger connection to your bodily sensations;
  • become more aware of your emotions and triggers;
  • be more authentic in your relationships;
  • feel more at ease at dealing with difficult or strong emotions.

Once you get familiar with your own emotions and behaviour patterns.

Invest 30 minutes in yourself to improve your compassion, relationships, energy levels, time management, and overall happiness & wellbeing.

Why is embodiment important to our emotions?

You can’t understand what’s happening in your mind if you don’t feel what’s happening in your body. We feel our bodies by paying attention to the sensations happening there, and being able to recognise and respond to them. Being aware of the body, we can notice how certain emotional triggers translate into our thoughts, feelings and mental narrative. Embodiment support the awareness of the body and by practicing simple, body-based exercises, we can better feel the sensations in our body and develop stronger mental and emotional health.

Keep learning with us

Every first and third Sunday of the month, Centrd Life host a free workshop to help you cultivate a stronger connection to your bodily sensations and as a result, improve your emotional awareness.

As we go through this journey together, we help you strip away layers of habitual behaviour that once helped you cope and develop better habits in line with who you can be.

With these new habits, we learn to set boundaries without building walls, create better relationships with ourselves and others and become better & compassionate leaders.

Find out more about Centrd Life and the School of Emotions here:

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