How To Master Your Mind To Achieve The Results You Really Want

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The Dome

George Street



United Kingdom

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  • There’s a part of your mind that controls your income, your lifestyle and your results.

  • That you’ve been conditioned to think the way you think, to be living the way you live and to be earning what you’re earning.

  • What REALLY makes successful people successful (and why they can't explain this to their own children to guarantee they also succeed).

  • Why you behave as you do and not as you want to (and how to close the 'knowing:doing' gap).

  • How to dramatically improve your results and accomplish anything you really want.

  • How to multiply your productivity, performance, income and profits.

  • How to live a happy, healthy and wealthy life.


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Arrivals, Tea and Coffee from 12:00pm.

START: 12:30 pm

FINISH 2:00 pm Sharp.


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To multiply income, start or grow your own successful business, super-charge your confidence, become a leader in your field, discover and follow your true passion, set and achieve bigger goals, enjoy thriving relationships, travel the world, buy your dream home, write a best-selling book, play better golf, enjoy genuine time and money FREEDOM.....?

I don’t claim to know what you want but I do know this….

If you can tell me what you want, I can show you how to get it. GUARANTEED.

My name is Rob Begg and when people find out what I do, they almost always ask me the same question:

“How do you know you can show me how to get anything I really want?”

And my answer is always the same…

It’s because the achievement and realisation of a goal is not a complicated process.

In fact, it’s based on proven scientific principles and immutable Universal Laws and is as straightforward, consistent and reliable as 2 + 2 = 4.

The problem most people have is they set and go after their goals in completely the wrong way!

They set the wrong goals or focus on changing behaviours and habits to change their results - a slow and potentially painful approach which often leads to temporary or mediocre improvement, frustration, disappointment or failure.

Or they focus on gathering more knowledge and information...

They attend seminars, go on training courses, read self-help or business books, learn new strategies or hire a coach or consultant only to find their results don't change to reflect their increased knowledge, efforts or investment! (Or at least their results don't change permanently).

In adopting such approaches, people often become (and remain) stuck or settle for being, doing and having so much less than they know they are capable of.

Albert Einstein was right when he said: "we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them" and yet this is exactly what most people attempt to do; day in and day out!

To experience massive and sustainable changes, we must go deeper and learn how to ignite the desired changes at the level where our results are created in the first place – in our thinking.

The plain and undeniable truth is that the results in our lives are the outcome of our habitual patterns and ways of thinking and to significantly and sustainably change your results, you need to change your mind.

You may reject this however the absolute foundation for achieving any worthy goal we may aspire to is in learning how to shift our thinking and to consistently control and align our thoughts with our goals.

This is something ALL highly successful people do either with or without conscious awareness.

When we learn why it is we think as we do and then apply our learning to permanently shift our habitual patterns of thinking; the accomplishment of our goals becomes not merely “possible” or “probable”, it becomes INEVITABLE.

Not convinced this event is for you? Then read on....


A life with no restrictions or limits.

Waking up every morning feeling enthused about how you’re going to spend your day.

Building a thriving business.

Enjoying great relationships with people who are upbeat, enthusiastic and creatively productive.

Never ever ever having to worry or be concerned about money.

Feeling on purpose, happy and fulfilled.

Creating impact and having influence wherever you go.


Having a crystal clear vision of what you want and complete clarity on how to achieve it,

Being able to smash through your FEARS, eliminate PROCRASTINATION and take consistent ACTION

Creating a SUCCESS MINDSET that’s permanent, not one that's fleeting and temporary.

Being able to make DECISIONS quickly and easily.

Having a SELF-IMAGE which allows you to transform your business and personal life in less time with less effort.

Becoming so PRODUCTIVE that you multiply your effectiveness and income and yet still have MORE TIME.

Being able to maintain HIGH SALES and say goodbye (once and for all) to the dreaded and mysterious fluctuations.

Becoming a LEADER to your team who inspires and empowers others to succeed.

Creating a new FINANCIAL THERMOSTAT which you’re in complete control of.


Achieving all of these things and more without working or trying harder.

Imagine achieving more in the next 6 months of your life than you have in the past 6 or 10 years?


Your current thinking may be telling you it's impossible. I understand because until a couple of years ago mine did too however this was also part of my problem!

Despite all of my knowledge, business and life experience, I had never learned about the principles of success in the way I’ve since come to understand and practice them.

Isn’t it time you unleashed the potential you know is within you?

Isn’t it time you for you to break through the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back?

It’s time you learned exactly how your results are created so you can create the ones you really want?

  • Multiply your Sales / Income.

  • Start YOUR own business.

  • GROW your business.

  • GROW your Self-Belief and Confidence.

Register to book your place at this enlightening and empowering event.


The life altering content I’ll be sharing at this event has not been created by me.

The teachings are based on a lineage of success going back more than 150 years. I am just a messenger, passing on what I learned from my personal mentor Bob Proctor (the best teacher in the world on prosperity, success and human potential)....

The information I'll be sharing has enabled me and thousands of others to transform their lives and results and I am now on a mission to pass this on to as many people as I can to enable them to live more prosperous, fulfilling and rewarding lives.

Imagine discovering how to unlock your true potential and finally being able to livie a life with no restrictions or limits!

REGISTER ABOVE NOW to secure your place and get the key to unlock your potential - Guaranteed.


Arrivals, Tea and Coffee from 12:00pm.

START: 12:30 pm

FINISH 2:00 pm Sharp.

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Date and Time


The Dome

George Street



United Kingdom

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