How To Print, Publish and Market Your Book To Success...
How To Print, Publish and Market Your Book To Success...

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How To Print, Publish and Market Your Book To Success...

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N2 Communications

Communications House

John Tate Road


SG13 7DT

United Kingdom

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Print, Publish, and Market Your Book To Success Workshop

The flagship one-day only Workshop event will show entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, speakers and business owners how to use their book as their number one marketing tool.

Nothing positions you as an expert in your field quite like becoming a published author.

Capturing your expertise in book form adds a type of credibility to you and your business that simply cannot be matched.

My name is Bill Goss and by launching 4 books in as many years I have created a stream of leads for my business

  • generating over £1,500,000 worth of income

  • we have now published over 1,000 titles

  • and printed more than two million books

  • generating £millions of pounds for our customers

So do you want to become part of the Elite...?

Well, first you have to get published.

Any aspiring author will have stories about how challenging this is.

Even the most successful and respected authors will have hidden folders full of rejection letters from early in their careers. But that's not acceptable when it comes to business publishing.

If you've researched your market and know exactly who you want your book to be read by in order to attract a steady stream of new clients then the last thing you need is to waste your precious time waiting for a publisher to decide if it might find a wider audience.

You should self-publish

Many renowned authors, from James Joyce to Tom Clancy, have self-published their works in the past.

It's simply a logical solution for authors who know what they want to get from their work and want to do it with minimal fuss.

Furthermore, the self-publishing industry is a lot more advanced than it used to be, so there's never been a better time to capture your expertise on paper.

That's why you need to book your seat at The Successful Self-Publishing Workshop.

Too many business owners, entrepreneurs and business professionals have a great business book buried inside them, waiting to get out and don't understand how self-publishing could help them make it a reality.

The info-packed seminar will show you why self-publishing is such a powerful business tool and how to make your own business book a resounding success.

The first part of The Successful Self-Publishing Workshop will cover the 21 essential tools to marketing and promoting your book.

The second part is a more in-depth view with helpful guides on how to get your book ready for printing and publishing.

By the time we finish, you'll be ready to print and publish your very own successful book and start enjoying all the profits and prestige that come with it.

So start by booking your seat at The Successful Self-Publishing Workshop.

We help you

  • establish authority

  • credibility

  • your publicity which boosts your sales, profits, and profile.

During this publishing Workshop

  • You'll discover how to use a book as a marketing tool for instant credibility & media exposure so you can boost sales & profits quickly

  • You'll discover how to get your book ready in less than 90 days, get sponsors to cover the cost AND pre-sell copies before it even hits the shelves

  • You'll discover the best practices on how to plan, write and EXECUTE your book so it gets read

  • You'll learn how to get tons of publicity and stand out from your competitors so you can TRIPLE your consulting prices immediately and make MORE sales

  • Learn the mistakes that I made and save yourself over £200,000 worth of trouble.

  • How to start making money with Facebook marketing by doing the complete OPPOSITE of what your competitors are doing - so you stand out & get prospects chasing YOU

  • You'll discover how to finally get paid what you're worth... without having to worry about the price being an issue.

The day will start at 11:00 am prompt:

Lunch will be provided.

WARNING - This is NOT like anything else you've seen in your area before. This promises to be the most valuable, important and life changing business event that YOU would have seen. Spaces are very limited, ONLY 10 available, and WILL fill up fast.

You can reserve your space in just a few seconds by clicking the TICKETS button.

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N2 Communications

Communications House

John Tate Road


SG13 7DT

United Kingdom

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