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When your data leaks, how will you respond?

'How to respond to a cyber security breach online course' is a brand new online course from the portfolio of Business Reporter, the organiser of The European Information Security Summit (TEISS).

Organisations of any size can expect to suffer a cyber security breach at some stage. And the consequences can be severe, not just in terms of monetary loss but also in terms of reduced operational efficiency and reputational damage.

With the right planning though, the damage from a cyber security breach can be greatly reduced. This course takes you through a structured process from identifying a breach in the first place, through to improving your security once you have dealt with the breach.

Join this online course for an introductory price of just £249 + VAT and learn how to manage your organisation’s response to a cyber security breach or an information leak.

This course which should take around a day to complete and includes a number of exercises and quizzes to test knowledge and understanding.

What will be learned:

  • Basic preparations for a breach
  • Basics of risk management
  • What to put in a scenario playbook
  • Who should be in the Incident Response Team
  • How to triage an incident
  • How to detect an incident
  • How to contain an incident
  • How to communicate during an incident
  • How to learn from an incident

Who should attend?

Information security and cyber security managers, Risk managers and Business continuity managers and Marketing and PR managers.

Find out knowing how to respond to a breach is just as important as reducing the risk of a breach. Contact Lace on 020 8349 6458 or email lace.b@business-reporter.co.uk to find out more information about this.

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