How To Run A Successful Weight Management Hypnotherapy Group

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The Thomas Wall Centre. 52 Benhill Avenue. Sutton, Surrey. SM1 4DP.

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Are you a HYPNOTHERAPIST that wants to BOOST your client list and RAISE your INCOME?

Introducing: A Hypnotherapy MasterClass.

A Unique Training Showing You How To:

Advertise An 8 Week Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Group

Bring Clients In Using Provided Marketing Materials

Use Social Media Such As Facebook & Instagram

Build Rapport & Present To Your Group Magically

Run 8 Specifically Themed Sessions

Help Each Client Lose Weight Without Dieting

Run Follow On Groups And Attract One To One Clients

Boost Your Income To A Level You Can Be Proud Of

The good news is that John Mill created the Weight Management Hypnotherapy Group and IS THOUGHT TO BE THE FIRST HYPNOTHERAPIST to run one and certainly one with such a different, inspiring, unique style. He ran up to 4 separate groups a week, some of which had 24 members paying £10 per session over the 8 week course - YOU DO THE MATH! When we ran this class 2 years ago, our students were blown away by the content, style of training and after-care and they went on to achieve great success!

MasterClass Aims & Approach
The aim of this module is to introduce students to running effective weight management groups using hypnotherapy. How to advertise, position and market themselves as the ‘go to’ expert in their area.

MasterClass Learning Outcomes
On completion of this module students will be able to:
• Run an 8 week weight hypnotherapy group with up to 24 clients with confidence.
• Deliver a different theme each week to help their clients achieve their weight loss goals.
• Present each session with confidence and presence.
• Understand the dynamics of group work and how to manage the well-being of each individual attending.
• Have the knowledge that the client is infinitely resourceful and capable of losing any amount of weight they choose.
• Understand the importance of ethics, confidentiality and boundaries when running groups and how to manage individual client’s needs.
• Run follow on courses, market themselves on various social media platforms and have an understanding how to advertise in their local area.

MasterClass Skills
This module will teach students:
• The capacity to therapise and coach a group of individuals safely and confidently.
• The ability to teach clients how to lose weight without dieting and how to look at food from a different perspective.
• To understand how they will be perceived by their group attendees and to self-evaluate their performance each week.
• How to use conversational hypnosis, tonal and visual anchoring to influence their group attendees to reach their desired goals.
• How to get the most from the provided hypnotherapy scripts for the 8 themed sessions.


Day 1 – The Morning

We begin the morning with introductions and explore the WHY of deciding to run a weight group programme.

We explore the themes and structure of the 8 week course and the order in which it will run and how the weekly themes will match with everything our clients are going to experience on this journey with us.

We present advertising materials and the free templates we offer our students and where to place them locally.

We explore different social media platforms, how to use them effectively. Students will learn how to position themselves as the ‘go to’ expert in the field of weight management and how to attract clients.

Contact – The importance of the perfect phone call.

The Group Arrive – Up to 24 clients are sitting in a circle watching your every move. We understand how they feel and how the therapist feels.

We explore presentation, eye contact, posture and voice tone.

The 3 C’s

  • Conversations

  • Cancellations

  • Confidentiality

We learn the 4 themes of the first session & powerful covert visual anchoring.

We explore the value of the food diary and why our food diary contains a magic bullet.

We bring the morning to a close as we discover the secret to effective weight reduction and the importance of understanding emotional hunger and true physical hunger and how to teach our group to recognise it.

Day 1 – The Afternoon

‘Loving yourself and bringing out the child within.’

Students will learn how to present this sensitive session with the use of props, voice tone and completely tailoring the whole session according to what our clients discuss.

John will perform his own script ‘The Little Caterpillar’ followed by a group discussion.

We explore self-sabotage and look at different scenarios that our clients may come up against while trying to change their pattern. Students will be invited to share their own thoughts on self-sabotage and when it has affected them while reaching for a goal.

We explore exercise and students will learn the simple, effective ways that they can encourage their group attendees to become compelled to indulge in some form of safe, vigorous exercise.

We bring the day to a close with a preparation for deeper work on day 2.

Day 2 – The Morning

We begin day 2 with an exploration of the inner advisor and how powerful a session this can be. John will perform his own inner advisor script and students will experience and learn how to manage each client’s experience and story in a safe productive way.

The inner advisor session will be video recorded for access in the online program that accompanies the course.

After a brief discussion on the various types of ‘play therapy’ that can be used to help clients seeking to reduce their weight, students will learn how to present a session using Play-Doh.

This will be a practical session based on how our students are feeling on day 2.

We bring the morning to a close looking at the online program that accompanies the course. Lifetime access to the step by step process of every session taught by John so that students may refresh their knowledge any time they need to.

Day 2 – The Afternoon

We explore the seven deadly sins of weight loss and students will learn how to present this important session in a fun, engaging way. At this stage our weight group are friendly and connected as are our course attendees so interaction from every member is encouraged.

We discover John’s script ‘The Island of Completion’ as students begin to guide their clients to the end of their 8 week course.

Students will explore and discuss any fears they have here and John will tailor the script according to what has been said, therefore teaching the students in a practical, experiential way.

We close the weekend as we explore John’s unique script ‘The Ericksonian Gastric Band’ and its benefits. Students will learn how to deliver the script in the most influential and suggestive way. We look at recruitment and rollover courses and long term clients.

The weekend ends with a Q & A.

Module Cost £249
14 CPD hours training

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Date and Time


The Thomas Wall Centre. 52 Benhill Avenue. Sutton, Surrey. SM1 4DP.

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Refunds up to 7 days before event

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