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Huckletree Shoreditch

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United Kingdom

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*How To Scale Your Product Through Experimentation w/ Milena Court, Product Manager at Tails (Ex BlaBlaCar)*

A detrimental mistake many startups do is neglecting product experimentation. They focus mainly on experimentation in marketing - optimising ads, copy, creatives, landing pages - because it's relatively easy to do. But this kind of negligence is extremely damaging for your success!

But why don't more startups do this then?

EARLY-STAGE - Specific challenges

  • No budget: “proper” testing tools quite expensive
  • Little data to play with
  • Not sure what to experiment on / what moves the metrics massively?
  • No time; need to focus on the business

GROWTH STAGE - Specific challenges

  • More budget now, but limited by free tools
  • More data about what's happening but not really sure why it's happening
  • So many ideas and opportunities, how to prioritise?

SCALING STAGE - Specific challenges

  • All tools in place, but now constrained by tech time: experiments need to be “bigger” to have impact + are competing with other projects
  • Harder to experiment with the core product, the company is branching out on other products
  • Experimentation becomes scarier: more users, more to lose, users get used to things being a certain way (“Why did they change the UI again?”)

Oh no, what to do⁉
Chill, because Milena Court, Product Manager in the Growth Squad at, where she leads their product experimentation program in a cross-functional team of engineers and designers, will join us at The Family, share her incredible expertise and explain how you can overcome the above challenges!

Milena's spent the past five years working in Growth at fast-growing tech startups in London in which she developed product experimentation. She spent 3 years at the unicorn BlaBlaCar where she helped the company scale in 20 countries and achieve $450M in funding before moving to City Pantry as Head of Growth to apply her learnings to the world of early-stage startups and set up their first growth strategy. Now Product Manager in the Growth Squad at, she leads their product experimentation program in a cross-functional team of engineers and designers. She's amazinggg. believes every dog deserves to live it’s happiest, healthiest life. That’s why they create a unique recipe for every dog, in the taste they love with the nutrition they need. They combine their experience in nutrition with cutting-edge technology to create exactly the right balance of nutrients that’s just for them. Their vision is to change the world of pet food, for good.

*Prioritising Everything: Making Decisions When Nothing Makes Sense w/ John Sirisuth, Head of Growth at OurPath*

The convention in startupland is that moving fast, putting in the energy, time and work are the guiding principles that yield results - and ultimately growth. While these are key factors in how we prioritise experiments and make decisions, there's one element missing - direction. What's often ignored in the prioritisation process are the vectors of velocity, momentum, and lift as they relate to how we decide what to do next.

Choosing the 'right' thing to experiment on

  • Litmus tests for understanding the health of users

  • Strategies for product scoping, and growth

  • Arriving to the right metrics

Being comfortable with change

  • Knowing team and what brings them energy

  • The evolution of processes over time

  • Growing product, team, culture, and community in flux

Coming to conclusions and the next choice

  • Reflection and retrospectives

  • Learning to say "No" or, "Not right now"

  • Picking the next thing to work/experiment on

John Sirisuth, Head of Growth at OurPath has quickly changed roles at the company where he first began as an intern less than 2 years ago. In that time, he's seen OurPath grow from less than 10 people to nearly 50 today, with more team members on the way. John's committed to growing the company's user base, constantly reengineering the processes of how Growth, experimentation, and prioritisation work internally.

John's sharing his early insights on leading Growth, prioritising experiments, and creating a company culture where Growth is all-hands-on-deck.

OurPath's mission is to help people take control of their health and save our NHS. How? By bringing together behavioural science, technology, and incredible people to tackle the global epidemic of chronic lifestyle diseases once and for all. Providing people with a dedicated health coach, community, and the resources needed to make lasting lifestyle change - OurPath takes a multifaceted approach to health.

You definitely want to join this one!



The Family nurtures ambitious startups in Europe (apply here) and our events are 100% open and free! They are followed by a Q&A to satisfy your curiosity and cookies & drinks to satisfy your hunger and thirst.

Free food, drinks and brainpower! Could it get any better? <3

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Date and Time


Huckletree Shoreditch

18 Finsbury Square



United Kingdom

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