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How to turn your idea into a business: Entrepreneur Training Workshop

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43-45 Newcombe House

Notting Hil Gate


W11 3LQ

United Kingdom

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Learn how to turn your idea into a business: Entrepreneur Training Workshop

Ever dreamt of starting your own business? Do you have an idea but don't know where to start? Do you feel that your skills, talents & experiences are undervalued yet worth more? At Refined Creatives we believe in empowering people with ideas. If you can see a brighter future for yourself we run practical Startup Business workshops that empower you to transform your idea(s) into a business. This workshop is a must: Delivered by a Tech Startup Founder:

To watch client reviews of this workshop use this link - http://simontefula.com/testimonials/

Got any questions, feel free to ring Simon on 07999230127 or email hello@simontefula.com

I run monthly group sessions & 1 on 1 training by Skype, interested? Get in touch to schedule a session.

The Challenge:

Jack is in the middle of having a shower when all of a sudden he has a light bulb moment. He thinks he’s come up with the next great big fantabulous idea that is going to make him a millionaire. However there’s a problem. Jack does not know where to begin because he has no prior business knowledge or experience of owning or running a business. Although Jack might have some experience of working in the corporate world, he needs help understanding the complex world of Startup businesses in a simple and concise way. So Jack can jump straight out of the shower, book himself onto one of our workshops & get himself started on his entrepreneurial journey.

Interactive Entrepreneur Training Workshops:

I believe in simplifying complex things

I believe that the journey of transforming your idea into a viable business should be a simple, empowering and great learning experience. I run interactive workshops that teach you the fundamentals of setting up and running your own business. I simplify and empower budding entrepreneurs to kick-start their journey in an efficient way.I train entrepreneurs and anyone that is thinking about starting their own business what we call enterprise skill sets. I provide participants with crucial information and practical skill sets that empower anyone to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. This means thinking & acting like an entrepreneur. In doing this my aim is to provide participants with the information, resources and hopefully the confidence that they need to translate their idea(s) into a viable and successful business.

At the end of the workshops, participants should have the information, resources, a clear road map of the next steps & hopefully the confidence to start off their entrepreneurial journey.


The objective of these practical workshops is to

1. Foster and encourage an entrepreneurial culture among participants while

2. Offering practical steps that can enable turn their ideas into reality.

3. Engage participants to pitch, explore, analyse, review, test and receive critical feedback from peers or general public on their potential start-up business ideas.

This workshop is aimed at budding entrepreneurs who are thinking about entrepreneurship as a career choice or organisations that what to develop an entrepreneurial mindset in the way they operate.

The most popular workshops:

How to Turn your idea(s) into a Business: Entrepreneur Training (Half Day)

This is a interactive workshop aimed at first time entrepreneurs who are thinking about pursuing Entrepreneurship as a career choice, organisations that encourage entrepreneurship, students and many others.

What you will learn at in my workshop

  • How to pitch and sell an idea in 60, 30 seconds (Elevator pitching) & in 1 sentence.

  • How to Protect your ideas legally using Intellectual Property – Trademarks, Copyrights & Patents, NDA’s and more

  • How to analyse the viability of any business idea in less than 15 minutes without writing a 20 page business plan. (Simple method developed at Stanford University)

  • How to develop and create a strong brand identity that will make you stand out from your competition (hint-it’s not just a logo)

  • How to develop a strong personal brand that will make you stand out from the crowd creating more visibility for yourself & startup/business.

  • How to develop & articulately communicate your Unique Selling Proposition(s) (USP) (8 Frameworks)

  • How to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to test your idea in order to minimise risk.

  • Where & How to find funding options for your new business ideas (hint – it’s not through just Dragons Den or banks)

  • How to handle the accounting & finance planning for your business.

  • How to find and build a strong Start-up Team. The team is key to your success.

  • How to acquire those initial customers/clients – Customer acquisition channels

  • The Legal formats and basics of Registering & running a Company

  • Make new contacts from networking with other entrepreneurs

  • Companies and Organisations that support entrepreneurs with ideas

  • Get A free copy of our ebook, The Startup Ignition Kit (Sik) Material – A summary of all the information from the workshop, contacts, organisations, companies, individuals that will set you off on your entrepreneurial journey.

  • The workshop is delivered by Simon Tefula – with a Legal & Management Consulting background, he’s the Founder & CEO @ Refined Creatives – A Branding Agency focused on improving business performance. If you want to cover individual topics or have a 1 one 1 workshop or have any questions please feel free to get in touch at hello@simontefula.com. I happily welcome participants travelling from any part of the country or the continent. Get in touch so we can help you with making arrangements for your weekend stay while in London.

See what some of my previous workshop attendees have to say about my workshops.

You can also read more testimonials from my attendees here

Previous attendees have gone on to launch their own companies, raise investment, develop prototypes, or rethink their ideas entirely taking into consideration their newly acquired knowledge.

VIP Ticket £199 includes (A personalised private 1 on 1 4 hour workshop plus personalised 2 hour coaching, planning & strategy advisory session) to help you move your idea(s) forward.

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Date and Time


43-45 Newcombe House

Notting Hil Gate


W11 3LQ

United Kingdom

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