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Glenmoriston Townhouse Hotel Inverness

20 Ness Bank



United Kingdom

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How to Wreck Your Business...

It's perhaps not the event you're used to, and whilst many books have been written on the subject of growing your business, few have illustrated How to WRECK Your Business.

This is my story of how I started, and grew, a multi-million pound, multi outlet, award winning, print business and lost that business on its 20th Birthday. How? The "how" may surprise you. EIGHT errors were all it took to start a chain reaction that led to receivers rather than birthday celebrations. 80% of businesses today are making most of those errors. Perhaps you're shaking your head? Perhaps your shaking all over?

I am delighted that once again, The Royal Bank of Scotland have asked me to present this seminar. I'll share with you the AVOIDABLE mistakes I made. What they were, and how to avoid them.

The seminars are free to attend, we'll also provide breakfast rolls, teas and coffees. I'll also provide a variety of tools to help your business - unless of course you do want to wreck your business. Knowing and not doing is worse than not knowing.

Come along to the Glenmoriston Hotel in Inverness. The event runs from 8am until 10am and I'll remain afterwards to answer any questions. The dates are: 23rd August, 27th September, 25th October, 29th November, 24th January, 28th February, 28th March and the 25th April. The content for each event will be different and will focus on those EIGHT avoidable errors.

Book now, as these events sell out quickly.

Each seminar will share "the story", then focus on each of the EIGHTerrors in more detail - feel free to attend one or more of the events - eight bacon rolls never killed anyone.

#1 – Thou shalt not plan…23rd August

If you want to wreck your business, then do NOT plan. 90 Day Planning, Business Plan, 5-3-1 Vision Planner, Marketing Plan – Do NOT do any of that. I know, it's all in your head. What did you have for lunch two weeks passed Tuesday? Can't remember? Yet, your entire Business Plan is in your head. I'll share with you some of the simplest planning tools you have ever seen. If you don't want to wreck your business, come along.

We’ll also cover targeted marketing at this point as well – what I refer to “bandwith” in the book.

#2 – Thou shalt not learn…27th September

If you want to wreck your business do not continue to learn. We leave school and stop learning, we start a business without any knowledge at all. The vast majority of businesses fail (80%) not because the owner is not good at the "job" - it's because they don't know business... Learn before you earn, read a book a week for the rest of your life. We know our craft, our trade, do we know business, do we know marketing, do we know social media, do we know finances, do we know, do we know......... ? In this seminar we'll cover all the elements of business allowing YOU to score yourself. Be honest now.

#3 – Thou shalt not test and measure... 25th October

If you want to wreck your business do not Test and Measure. Everything the business does must be tested and measured. We’ll explore testing, measuring, split testing and KPI’s dashboards. You can only improve what you accurately measure. How can you make a decision about your newspaper advert, social media campaign, website SEO etc if you don't know EXACTLY how they perform? Many businesses deem a high number of enquiries as a successful campaign - it's not if they aren't converting to sales!

#4 Thou shalt not manage time effectively... 29th November

Too busy, delegation, eat that frog, to do lists, prioritise, top tasks, this topic will focus on getting more time free in everyone’s diary. Some very simple hints and tips to avoid the age-old excuse, "I don't have time for that" - you do of course HAVE THE TIME, it's never a time problem, it's a delegation or prioritising problem.

#5 Thou shalt not be a SWOT... 24th January

If you want to wreck your business DO NOT do a SWOT analysis, (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). However, don’t become fixated with it, know your competitors, know your market. Threats and weaknesses, you identify today are opportunities for tomorrow’s strengths. What threats are facing your business? What are your weaknesses, list four?

#6 Thou shalt not know thyself... 28th February

DISC profiles are one of the most powerful tools you can have in business. DISC allows you to understand why people behave the way they do... it's a LOT of fun too. Some people want lots of detail and information, for others it's bullet points. Some people have empathy for others, some really don't see it. Some people are fast paced, go getters, others prefer a slower, methodical thought process. Knowing your DISC profile is good, knowing your team's and customer's is invaluable. We'll also look at VAK - visual people against auditory people. This is exactly the same as trying to talk in a different language. When you know behaviour and learning styles, communication and effective working EXPLODES.

#7 Thou shalt not know your finances...28th March

Cash flow, turnover, profit, margin, five ways, 10% improvements, marginal gains. We'll do an illustration here that shows how powerful small changes in 5 elements of the business WILL deliver massive results. You must KNOW the numbers though. It was one of the biggest errors I made.

#8 Thou shalt NOT delegate... 25th April

The importance of building a team, delegating tasks, only you should do what only you can do. This is all about building a scalable business, a business that is not reliant on YOU. We'll show you the difference between the Technician / Manager / Entrepreneur and how important getting the right balance is. Having a small business will, without doubt, mean you wear multiple hats. It's wearing the right hat at the right time that matters.


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Date and Time


Glenmoriston Townhouse Hotel Inverness

20 Ness Bank



United Kingdom

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