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How to write high converting sales quotations & tenders - LONDON

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Woburn House Conference Centre

20-24 Tavistock Square


United Kingdom

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Refund Policy

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Write Highly Persuasive Sales Quotations, Proposals, Bids and Tenders that Convert, even when you have a higher price.

Have you ever lost an order you expected to win, and questioned why?

Masterclass venues: LONDON (Nr. Euston station).and BIRMINGHAM (Solihull)

A half-day, afternoon masterclass with Mike Kingston FInstSMM.

Price £129 + vat (£154.80 inc. vat) See Refund Reassurance below.

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To book BIRMINGHAM on Wednesday 24th January 2018 - CLICK HERE to go to the Birmingham event page

Worried you won't be able to attend nearer the time? We give full refunds up to 24 hours before the event. Alternatively, give your place to a colleague.

When you also book on Mike's morning masterclass 'B2B Cold Call and Email Prospecting' you get 50% off the morning price.(Select the 'Stay for Both' masterclass offer after you click on the TICKETS button above.).

Is this masterclass for you and your business?

  • Do you often lose out to lower price suppliers?

  • Do your proposals struggle to unlock preferred competitors?

  • Do decision makers skip your sales copy and only read your price page?

  • Do your proposals and quotes fail to truly convince and persuade?

  • Do you feel that your proposals and quotes should convert more?

How the masterclass helps you write winning sales quotes and proposals

  • Discover how to write compelling sales copy.

  • Structure your layouts to get your important sales messages read.

  • Make your competitors appear less credible and risky.

  • Dislodge locked-in competitors and encourages supplier change.

  • Build a truly effective customer focus; to encourage purchasing.

  • Communicate persuasive reasons for customers to choose you.

  • Make your higher price appear a safer bet, even for the price conscious.

  • Make quote writing quicker and easier using pre-formed templates.


The majority of sales proposals and quotations simply list what is being supplied. Some include features and benefits. Others may include information about the credibility or reliability of the supplier. But when all the competing suppliers take a similar approach, it’s usually the established provider or lowest price that wins.

What you discover
In this content-rich seminar, you learn how to structure and write a compelling proposition, to position your business as the supplier of first choice. Here’s how…

A truly effective sales quotation or proposal sells on four levels: (Check to see if yours does.)
1.Strategist – You convince senior executives, who want to achieve a key business objective.
2. Financier – You fully justify the purchase cost (a higher price) and the return on the investment.
3. Scrutineer – You tick all of the buyer’s conditions and qualifications, and mitigate their fears.
4. User
– You win over all those with day-to-day responsibility for using your product or service

The vast majority of sales quotations and proposals fail to communicate the first two levels and cover the others poorly. When you include strong strategic and financial influencing in your quotes, bids or tenders, and your competitors don’t, you gain a significant advantage. It is far easier for you to dislodge embedded or preferred competitors. And there are other ways you benefit from this master class.

Stop competitors from stealing your loyal customers
By including strategic and financial justification whenever you re-quote or re-tender, you minimise your risk of losing your important customers or accounts to a competitor. If you’ve lost out in the past, particularly to a lower price, the master class shows you how to reduce the risk of this happening in the future.

Capture your competitors’ high-value accounts
The structuring and writing techniques taught in this training are particularly effective for capturing your competitors’ accounts. Instead of making up the numbers, with little or no hope of winning, you encourage senior decision makers to consider you as a preferred alternative or a complimentary supplier – you get your foot in the door.

Influence senior decision makers you don’t get to meet
If you can’t get a meeting with the senior decision makers, as often happens with higher value sales, then your quotes, proposal or tenders must sell in your absence. Mike shows you how to influence those you never get to meet. It all adds up to a powerfully persuasive proposition that converts far more often.

Make them remember your key selling points
An essential function of any sales quotation or proposal is to remind decision makers of the reasons for choosing you – when they make their final buying decision. This is vital where there is a long lead time to order. Mike shows you how to lock-in your key selling points and influence the final decision in your favour.


How this masterclass helps you to increase your sales conversion rate.

  • Your written quotations and proposals will include three compelling reasons for prospective customers to choose you or change to you from a competitor. (But these reasons are not about you, your company or what you sell.)

  • You will fully justify your price when others quote lower.

  • Your quotations or tenders will convince senior decision makers, those you may never get to meet, that only you will deliver the key personal or business objectives they want to achieve.

Imagine how you can employ these persuasions to increase your conversion rate, immediately and significantly.

“A large contract I hadn’t expected to win”

“I used your quotation writing techniques and secured a large contract I hadn’t expected to win. Great result. Your ‘Strategist and Financier role’ executive summary approach really does get results.”
Peter Grant, CEO, VTUK (Leading software for estate agents and the property market)

“Achieved a 100% conversion”

“After your sales quotation writing seminar,I revised our format, sent out four proposals and achieved a 100% conversion. It’s quite amazing.”
Paul Erricker, BEng CEng MICE MAPM, Erricker & Associates Limited.

“£750,000 tender win from sales quotations seminar”

“Today my company was awarded a contract worth £250,000.00 per year over a 3 year period, our largest order so far. From the invitation to tender and quote writing through to the presentations I used elements of Mike’s training. Your seminars really work.”
Matt Fletcher, Managing Director, Fletcher Moorland Ltd, Service and repair for electronic & electro-mechanical plant and equipment.

“Motivational and inspiring”

“What I found most motivational and inspiring was the common sense way it was presented. It made our engineers (and me) think about the customer’s needs rather than focus on what we sell.”
Jon Moreau, DipM M.C.I.M Jiskoot Autocontrols Ltd

“Powerful techniques to gain competitive advantage”

“Switched on a few lightbulbs… Now I know where I have been going wrong! – very powerful techniques to gain a competitive advantage – highly recommended!”
D. Leyson, BBS Butler Ltd

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Date and Time


Woburn House Conference Centre

20-24 Tavistock Square


United Kingdom

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 1 day before event

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