Humanising Transformation

Humanising Transformation

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Turn your biggest challenge into your biggest success - YOUR PEOPLE

About this event

We know the biggest contributor to transformation and digital change failure is associated with the human factor: Fear or lack of courage, resistance to change, limiting beliefs, ego, protectionism, naivety - you name it - it's all there. So how do we start to tackle this so that what begins as a weakness becomes our biggest asset?

Join this exclusive, weekly leadership roundtable designed to support those responsible for transformation, change and digital.

Explore the importance of who you are as a success factor in the wider transformation system. Share challenges and success stories with other transformation leaders. Experiment with some of the most innovative and cutting edge ideas around modern leadership and modern business transformation today.

Each session will ensure you are able to learn about small shifts that are actionable.

What to expect and what we'll cover:

  • How the power of habit can be the single defining success in change
  • What the profile of a modern leadership looks like and how you fit against that
  • How to help leaders shift their mindset towards transformation.
  • When words, strategies and budgets run out - what's left?
  • Where is the trusted role model - someone we can all follow?
  • The habits of how modern leaders think, show up and act.

This is modern leadership. This is the leadership that will drive organisations, sectors and entire countries into a brighter future.

What voice and visibility do you currently have that powers transformation around you?

What kind of trust do you instil in others...executives, peers, teams?

Do you hanker to find a way that deeply engages human shift around you?

What are some of the techniques and habits used by all success transformational leaders and how can you build them into your practice?

What are the 7 Mindsets of modern leadership?

How do you bring others on board - when they are stuck, in fear and blocking progress?

How do you deliver successful transformation when you are starting from a low level of trust?

Do you lack a seat at the decision making table and know that's where you really belong?

Answering yes to one or more of these questions means understanding more about Humanising transformation and the role you place in this success could quite literally change your professional and even personal life.

Join me, Mel Ross - Modern Leadership Mindset Shift Mentor and Coach in this weekly Senior Leadership Roundtable discussing how you can embark on a personal journey to unlock and refine the role model in you.

Share stories,

Gain insights,

Be inspired,

Be stretched...

Each week we'll tackle a different area of modern leadership to explore how this relates to your world, your profile, your mindsets - and what to do about it.

Here is a list of the topics we will be covering:

  • The 4 types of transformation leaders that drive success - are you one? If so, which one?
  • The 7 mistakes we all make that sets up transformation for failure and how to avoid them
  • How as little as 2 mins of your time every day can turnaround some of your biggest transformation challenges
  • 3 Keystone habits every transformation leader should know about
  • Learn how a simple buddhist philosophy can skyrocket your transformation engagement
  • How prioritising your transformation decisions like Steve Jobs helps you innovate more and improve less
  • Calling all veteran transformation gurus - how and what you need to forget to succeed in digital transformation
  • Lesser known hacks for accelerating transformation success

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